On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, February 1, 2010

January 31 (11:30 pm)

Well, Well, Well.... Mr. Alex of course had another awesome day!  He played basketball and was shooting hoops today with us for about 10 minutes which probably seemed like 4 hours to him, lol.  He started off slow but by the end of our session was dunking (basically making his hand go to the small Nerf basketball net and releasing the ball) and also shooting hoops (bringing his arm and hand back and actually aiming and shooting/releasing ball and flinging it at nick and hoop)!  Michael Jordan you can't touch this!!!    He wore himself slap out and fell asleep right afterwards, lol!  He slept most of the afternoon after that!

I actually ventured out today to a movie today!!  Shelley, Theresa, Heidi, Randi, Leslie, Shannon, Kinlin and Carly.....THANK YOU!    It's Complicated was just what I needed to see with lots of laughter...again.. THANK YOU!!!!  I can't believe you got me outta here, lol... even if it was only 3.2 miles away... you guys accomplished a big feat!!

Feeling like a superstar... amazingly I had 32 friend requests on facebook today, lol!  WOW!  Glad to know I am getting the message out about God creating Miracles up in this joint!  TEAM ALEX IS IN DA HOUSE!!  

Kinlin and Brandon stuck around after everyone left tonight to gather up some laundry for me and take back things to wash.  I started my day off by spilling my first cup of coffee all OVER MY BED!  ugh!  However... I did not let that get me down... I just cleaned it up and turned the mattresses over hahahahaha!  Don't sweat the small stuff right?!!!  Sooo, Alex told Kinlin and Brandon each that he loved them, even mimicked Brandon and his favorite gesture that Brandon did one night at our house, performed math problems such as: 24 /6 = (4 fingers), 18/6 = (3 fingers), 10/2 = (5 fingers) and the usual ones that we ask him on regular basis....WOW!  WE play this game where with his trach he has flem in his throat and the way it sounds is like a tiger.  So we play this game where I say... I am a bigger tiger than you and he tries to make the sound growl more from his throat... well, today I did it and decides he is going to show his teeth and scowl while making the noise in his throat when I said I was the bigger tiger, lol!  The louder I got mimicking him... the louder he got, lol! He wanted me to know he is the bigger tiger, ha ha!   Kinlin and Brandon were cracking up!  My little old Alex is still in there, he just can't speak with words just yet but it's coming!  SUPERMAN SPEED RECOVERY... that's what I'm talking about!  I gave him a straw to chew on today as that used to be one of his favorite things to do at night around the house.... HE LOVED IT!  I had to reiterate how to chew ...... open and close, open and close...... but he finally got it and then put his hand on the straw and it was just like he was laying in his bed, holding his straw, while he was chewing on it.  CRAZY!  It's the little things... little things that come back slowly.  I love when it CLICKS in his brain and his eyes meet mine.... and we have just discovered another memory!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!

He is soooo eager to learn and try new things... He has the determination and will to get thru this and I have NO DOUBT that he will be back up and running around sooner than we all think!!  SUPERMAN SPEED!!

I have ALOT ALOT of emails from website and facebook to get to from this weekend.... so if you don't hear from me right away... don't get discouraged... I just haven't gotten to yours yet!!  Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words about my radio interview and my Times Union interview... it was actually therapeutic for me to talk about it.  I tried not to cry.... ummmmm, not possible, lol!  Most of you that wrote me say that you cried more than I did..... Alex has that effect on people! :0)~  

Closing for now... TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY.... My precious angel is sleeping like a baby so I am going to sign off and do that myself while he is!