On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today was a good day considering our night!!  Alex didn't sleep at all today.... thinking at some point he would zonk out but did NOT!  Randi and I left around 1:30 to go and pick up some things for his party and got back around 3:30 and he was outside playing games with some of the other patients!  Everything was hunky dory we were hanging out watching him have fun and play some other gentlemen in a wheel chair and all of a sudden he calls our name and flicks us off!  And then keeps doing it.... and smirking about it behind the therapist's back... until I BUSTED him and told her.... then he pops out with the "C" word in front of everyone and I had enough... scooped him up.... ended the fun and headed upstairs!  In our meeting today with Dr. P.... we see his behavior has been regressing with the cursing and hatefulness so we are going to try some behavior modification to try and fix it!  I feel almost as if he does it because I have Rocky and Old Yeller doing it and he is thinking... well, if they can do it then so can I type of thing???  Very hard to discipline him under the current circumstances because at the same point that I am so angry and fed up with his attitude and want to punish him.... in the same instance I feel sorry for him and don't want to be mean!  Fine line.... stuck between a rock and a hard place but with the therapist and doc's recommendations... they seem to think that behavior modification is needed and some consequences need to be made when he continues to disobey and be disrespectful.  LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH to jump this hurdle, lol!  You just want to choke him and smother him with kisses at the same time!!  And again... having Rocky and Old Yeller in here acting out doesn't help my battle!

Sunday we get to take Alex home for the day ... sorta like a trial run!  To see how he gets around in the wheelchair.... how much assistance he will need.... if the wheelchair fits in the bathroom lol.... etc.  We just need to figure out what he might need once we go home!  I can't believe the end of our stay is almost near....  this should be verrrrrrrrrrry interesting lol!  We discussed out patient rehab and something that they call the "day program"..... out patient is a couple hours a week, a couple days a week.  The day program is like 9am-3pm of which I feel would be the best most extensive rehab for Alex... naturally insurance does NOT cover any of that.... not even a portion!  Best news is... it's only the small price of $ 300 a day..... basically $6,000 a month.... WOAHHHHH!  Hoping that the Traumatic Brain Injury group can maybe pick some of that up or there are grants or something so that I can get Alex the best possible rehab care that he needs to be back on track to his normal state!!  Please pray that all goes smoothly with the transition from here to Shands and then home.  Hoping that Dr. Vitarbo can schedule the surgery on the 1st or 2nd of April so that we can just move from here to Shands.  Trying to avoid the move from here, to home, to Shands, to home!  Pray that all the pieces to the puzzle fit together and that our transition goes well.  I ask that all my prayer warriors get together and pray for Chad as well as there is some restructuring going on at UPS and WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS to ensure he will still have a position.... a position here in jacksonville!  Alot of changes once again are headed our way and I am giving it to God ... he hasn't let me down this far so I'm thinking Chad will get a promotion.... Alex will be walking outta here....surgery will go great and we will be at Shand's the minimum stay.... and life will soon be back to what we once called NORMAL!  WOW!

Lord I pray that you give Alex some peace and comfort with that tone in his left side and that you hold his tongue and heal that part of his brain that doesn't filter what he says.  I ask that you ease his anger and frustration so that these last days here we can concentrate on walking and using that left arm and hand before we go home.  I ask that you heal him from the inside out from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.  Wrap your arms tightly tightly around him as we come to a close at this rehab facility because I am afraid that he won't get the intense rehab at outpatient that he gets here.  Give him the strength to push himself even harder than he has been so that we are walking side by side out of this place!  I ask this in Jesus Name... AMEN!!

They have increased his meds again to control the tone so maybe that will help this last week here!  We got the OK to take him out to dinner on Tuesday, his actual birthday so he has that to look forward to also! YAY!

Anxious for what is to come.... trusting in my Father that his plan is in effect.... looking for that RAINBOW in my sky!!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!



ps.... I got the call from Karen, Gabi's mom, the other day and they are MOVING TO JAX!  Pray for them too.... big changes in store for them as well!