On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Surgery was a success and Alex has still NOT slept since he came out of surgery!  His brain has been working double time and the questions still keep coming lol!  He is in alot of pain but is hanging in there like a trooper!    He did throw up today once up here in the room... I guess from all the meds and feeling like he was dizzy... however tonight he seems to be doing better and even had 2 chicken nuggets, ha!  I bet if we had brownies up in this joint he would be eating them, lol.  

He has had his sponge bath, meds and we are watching the NFL draft as I look over and see his eyes shut....WOW!  Finally!  With that note... I am going to close and get some shut eye myself as I am tuckered out emotionally from today's adventures.  I just wanted everyone to know that he seems to be doing great... talking, cognitively intact just in alot of pain and praying that he does get some much needed rest tonight.  He just got a dose of morphine so that must be what is kicking in and taking over for the shut eye.  Say some prayers for comfort and ease of pain for him.... I hate to see my handsome boy in any kind of pain.

GOD.... YOU ARE AWESOME AND I TRULY THANK YOU AGAIN TODAY FOR MY MANY BLESSINGS WHERE ALEX IS CONCERNED!  You continue to WOW me with how far we have come thru this and how close we are to finishing the story!  Dr. Vitarbo....THANK YOU!  You have an awesome bedside manner and a way about you that puts parents like me at ease.  I am thankful for your expertise and we couldn't have asked for a better surgeon!  Thank you for making it easy to trust you with our precious boy..... I love ya!  Nurse Alisa... THANK YOU.... you are truly one of the best and you know how to handle Alex... no filter and all.... I have loved you since day one and am so lucky that you are working the next 3 days with Alex...you gave me those words I so longed to hear.. "I love you" from Alex  and we share a special bond.....we have surely missed you!!!  Nurse Tracey.... THANK YOU for your tender heart, patience and SPONGE BATH, lol!  He has taken to you as well and I'm so glad you get to meet somewhat of my Alex since he wasn't himself at all when we last saw you!  I am so blessed in so many ways.... God has a way of taking care of us in the smallest ways!  We have gotten the best care.... Shands and Brooks... hands down.. no doubt!  Thank you to all who have taken a part in Alex's recovery....an email, a card, a donation, a fundraiser, a meal, a phone call... family, friends and the medical field.....  we couldn't have done it without all of you!  To my immediate family.... Chad, Randi, Nicholas and Brooks......THANK YOU..... thank you for your patience, understanding, love, selflessness but most of all... thank you for your love for Alex.  We have proven that we can do all things thru Christ and we are a family that sticks together!  We are on our way to a FULL recovery... TODAY IS THE BEGINNING OF A WHOLE NEW JOURNEY!