On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A TRIBUTE TO RANDI....earlier than expected...I WILL MISS YOU!

So our day has finally come that my sweet savior little sister Randi must travel back home earlier than expected!  Her gma is not doing so well and she is needed back home.   She is graduating college and walking on May 13th, getting a degree in teaching and specializing in special ed.  Sooooo I have known that she would be leaving before May 13th.... but unexpected circumstances have called her away sooner.  I have dreaded this day for awhile now....knowing it was going to come knowing I would not be ready to let her go. Not only for the extra hand, morale support and selfless acts..... but because we have been together 24-7 for almost 4 mos now... inseperable... together thru the good times and the bad times with Alex's recovery journey.  We have shared the brunt of the blow together.... weathered the storm together..... thick and thin.... a part of me will be lost when she leaves.  All of you have grown to love her as our own family does and I'm sure a little sad yourselves.  Randi... what you have given of yourself is one of the most selfless things a sister could ever wish for.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate all you have done, encountered, suffered thru and endured on this journey with me.  You have become like a twin to me, in the womb side by side.... you will truly be missed.  Thank you so very very much for staying and helping me out in every single step of the way!  Even though Alex has been the evil Alexander at times... you know that this is not "our" real Alex and alot of it... part of the brain injury itself.  He loves you heart and soul and you know there will be one day when he understands and appreciates all that you have done for him.  It has been a thankless job and you are truly a special someone to take on the challenge with me.  You put your entire life on hold for me and my family and I can never give you that back!  There is no way to ever repay you for what you have sacrificed for me and Alex. There is a special place in heaven for you and if there is ever anything you need or in some way down the line when you have children of your own... i am hoping that I can repay the favor.  You deserve the very best that life has to offer and I can't tell you how proud of you I am!  You have had to grow up so much in the past 4 mos and are such a beautiful young lady inside and out!  I am so very lucky to have had the time with you that I have been blessed with.... God has worked miracles in Alex's life.... but mine as well.  He has provided everything we have needed thus far as well as making it to possible where you were able to be here for me and Alex.  Please thank your boss for me.... what an awesome blessing she has been as well.  I know you are stressing about going home, bills, student loans, grandma... but please don't.  If I have taught you anything.... it is to have FAITH!  You have seen what "Letting go and Let God" can do!  You will be blessed in more ways than you can possibly imagine.... things will fall into place and God will provide for you.  HAVE FAITH.... don't worry... I know.. easier said than done... but if you do it.... this too shall pass and He will be there to carry your load!  I LOVE YOU LITTLE SISTER....NEVER DOUBT HOW VERY SPECIAL YOU ARE....NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ...... YOU CAN ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND OUT TO DO... DEMAND THE VERY BEST..... SET YOUR GOALS HIGH....PUT GOD FIRST AND TRUST....TRUST HIM WITH EVERY OUNCE OF YOUR BEING....YOU ARE LOVED!!!  NOT ONLY BY ME....BUT MANY MANY HERE IN JACKSONVILLE AND BELIEVE HOW VERY MUCH YOU WILL BE MISSED BY ME AND ESPECIALLY ALEX!  I can't wait to call you and say... he's already asking for you and wants you to come back, ha ha!  NEVER DOUBT WHAT A BIG PART YOU HAVE PLAYED IN THE SUCCESS OF HIS RECOVERY....WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!

Prayer warriors... please pray for Randi as she travels home to what she put on hold for me.  Pray for her gma....pray for safe travels.... pray for the family to have strength to get thru this difficult time with gma..... pray for finances to fall into place.... pray for peace and comfort for Randi as leaving us will be difficult as well.  Pray for me that I have the strength to get thru each day without my sidekick...knowing the load is now ALL ON ME....pretty overwhelming and scarey all together rolled in one.

Alex is in some pain tonight as I sit and write this.... he has been very docile and quiet.... not the Alex I have been writing about lately, lol.  He is on morphine and percoset today.... hoping he rests good tonight.  Doc says we are outta here tomorrow, however both Alex and I would feel better staying and being observed for 24 hours making sure everything is as it should be before we venture home and then have to come back for some unknown reason!  I will keep you all posted tomorrow of the progress and when we are going home.

Randi.... I love you...thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Congratulations on graduating... those students and parents have no idea just how lucky they will be to have you as their teacher!  I wish me and the family could be there....you know if it was possible we would be!  Please know we are there in spirit and rooting you on every step of the way.  You will always have a home here in Jacksonville... your bedroom will always be waiting for you to come visit...long or short stays!  We will see you again soon... for Alex's homecoming party... waiting until he is a little further along in recovery.... hoping he will be walking for it... hoping for end of June!  God Bless you little sister.... whether you realize it or not... you too are one of my many MIRACLES!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH....in fact... I love you more than band music and cookie making!! :0)  xoxo



ps.  If anyone would like to bless Randi with words of encouragment or send a card.... you may send to the PO Box on the website or email the alexrosstrust@gmail.com website and I will forward to her.  So many of you have already written awesome things about her and I forward them.... she sure could use it now!  Thank you!