On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Alexander apparently has been disruptive during group cognitive therapies and seemingly faking stomach aches, headaches etc to get out of such therapies.  From what I get out of Alex... he says that yesterday he REALLY had to go to the bathroom and was told to wait.... well... we all know that Alex has NO CONCEPT of time and 2 minutes seems like 5 hours to him soooooo what does he do?  He tells her to go find someone else... she replies...No, you will have to wait a minute.... Alexander tells her he is going to find someone else then.... and goes strolling down the hall yelling "Miss Mooooona, I have to go to the bathroom" Miss Mona....where are you?"  MONAAAAAAAAA.....Now let me paint you a picture of this... there are rooms on each side of the hallway and OTHER patients are in therapy sessions while my child is acting a fool up and down the hallway yelling for Mona to take him to the bathroom, lol!  At some point in their conversation he tells her " If I poop or pee in my pants ya'll ain't gettin another dime of my money!".....   just what every mother dreams of hearing their child carry on a conversation of this sort with another ADULT!  It's funny because I can just see him saying that ...but it's not acceptable and they came up with a behavior plan he has to follow. 

First of all... he isn't allowed to just leave and go strolling
Second of all...  he has no concept of time
Third... in his defense with the bathroom situation... he does have an appt with the urologist on the 8th of June because the brain may be misfiring with being able to hold it or there may be triggering something making him think he has to go??? I don't know but he is getting checked nonetheless as the bathroom visits are more frequent than not and he is still waking up in the middle of the night to pee.  I was also told that he places cups of water at the edge of the table to where they will fall off.... causing disruption in class and they say he is doing it purposefully... Alex says.. Half the time he can't tell whether its fully on the table or on the edge because of his eye sight and depth perception... this is what he said to me...."Why would I do that on purpose when both times it happened the damn water fell on ME... if I wanted water in my lap I would just pour it on me". I had no answer for that!

All I know to say is that... you will get farther with Alex doing positive reinforcement and so I mentioned this to some of his therapists and we will see about giving him some goals to reach and then maybe he can move up to another therapy group.
I  got a phone call from there today around 1:15pm, while I was meeting my girlfriends Tina and Lorraine for lunch at the Avenues Mall.  I saw the call come across as Dr. Vasquez and my stomach cringed... especially after our conversation from earlier this morning.  So I answer the phone thinking the worst and already on the defense, lol.  It's Dr. Vasquez:
"Hi Lisa, It's Dr. Vasquez.  Alex wanted me to call you and tell you he is having a BAD day."  There it was...THE BOMBSHELL!  OMG.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  She continues....
"But he's really not, he is actually having a great day!"... ALEX MICHAEL ROSS... you little prankster!  Such a sigh of relief over me, hahahahaha.  "He has had a major accomplishment today and he wanted me to call you so he could tell you about it.....Here he is".....
"Hey Mom"...." I stood up to pee twice today"..... you guys have no idea how big this is!  Normally we have the urinal.... standing up to pee is good and getting back to normal in the routine of things.
I respond.... "Alex... that is awesome...I am so proud of you!!!"  "Was it hard?"  "Did you pee on yourself?"... don't you just love the questions, lol!  I feel like a mom of a 2 year old little boy learning to use the potty for the first time! 
Soooo... all in all... he had a much better day and really tried to focus today.  We talked about putting him back on his ADHD meds...thinking maybe this will help take away all the distractions... peeing, water...etc and maybe help him focus more....Alex seems to think he can do this without it and says that he will show us he can focus without it. Soooo, we made an agreement that we would see how well he focuses this week and see if he really can.... and I really do hope that he can....the brain is a quirky thing and who knows... if he believes it... maybe it will be!
TOMORROW THE TRACH COMES OUT AT 2PM!  HALLELUJAH!  OOooooooh how I have looked forward to this day!  I WILL NOT MISS IT, LOL! One step closer to being fully recovered!
Exhausted today... I haven't been falling asleep easily and have only been getting like 4 hours of sleep with Alex waking up so I am going to jump in the tub, see if I can relax and go NITE NITE.
See you all tomorrow with the great report of the trach being gone.... FOOOORRRREEEEVVVEEERRR, lol!