On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Saturday morning Chad and I started out our day 10am with a couples massage at http://www.taylorlanedayspa.net/page/page/2613118.htm
compliments of Meghan Roberson Haywood and George Haywood. WOW WE WOWOWOWOWOW!! My massage therapist said..."Boy you really needed that huh?"....
I said... "you have NO idea!!", lol. What a way to start out our day! It was amazing and we can't wait to go back ,lol!
THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! From there...... we headed home to pick up the family to head to St. Augustine for a special lunch celebrating our first anniversary at the Columbia Restaurant http://www.columbiarestaurant.com/, if you have never been... go check it out and eat their infamous 1905 salad... well worth the trip! We met up with my friend Amber Garvey, whom I used to work with at Wachovia Settlement Services and miss dearly! She was my work BFF and I truly miss working with her and all the laughs we used to have!! Alex always manages to make a spectacle and I will always have an embarrasing story to share when we are out and about, lol! So he has to go to the bathroom and here we go... the stall was occupied and yes you guessed it... nnot a handicapped lady..... and yes he made some comments but she came right out and we slid right in! So here is our conversation once we get in the stall.....

"Hurry mom, get the jug, I'm about to piss all over myself and then you will have to take me out there with piss on my pants".

"ok, Alex, I'm going as fast as I can go"

"Mom, look at all this hair down here... damn, I need to shave it"

"Alex... please lower your voice...there are other people in here"

IN A MUCH LOUDER VOICE NOW....."MOM... I SAID did you see all this hair... I have to shave it or NO you have to shave it... but you can't cut me"



omg... are you kidding meeeeeeeeeeeeeee... can we get out of the bathroom any faster??  Hahahahaha I can only imagine what the ladies in the bathroom are thinking! I really wish every place had a FAMILY bathroom that he and I could just use ALONE! NO FILTER and anytime he is over stimulated.... A HUNDRED TIMES WORSE!

Alex and Brooks' and their prankster purchases in St Augustine! 

He told us a story on the way home from the Landsharks game Friday night about this one time when he was in 8th grade at Stillwell, he had a substitute teacher and naturally when the teacher asked his name ... he gave... ANDY MILONAKIS ..(if u don't know who this is google him... we were cracking up! ONLY ALEX! Alex trips me out because since all this has happened.... he is sooo honest, he tells on himself constantly, lol! Brooks helps out too not realizing that he probably shouldn't be sharing some of the stuff he shares.... for instance.... this one time on Chaffee Rd, by this neighborhood (I can't remember the name of it)...... There was a huge mud puddle ditch looking area and they decided to go mudding or thought they would drive thru it and it would be way cool... ummmm not so much... Alex finishes the story with..."Some scary dude showed up and offered to pull us out..... Lil Brian had the bat ready to swing in case he tried some crazy S%$# on us.... but he ended up being nice and got the KICK (this is what he named his suzuki sidekick) out!" Funny story... yeah... NOW... wouldn't have been then being right before all this happened we noticed his car muddy and asked him if he had been mudding in the car... "NO MOM.... the road where Ronnie and Angie live had a mud puddle and I went thru it". Brooks then chimed in and shared with us  that they had been jumping ramps in the car... I said what kind of ramps... as he explained further in detail... I realized he was talking about SEPTIC TANK hills..... you know what I'm talking about? Like in the country... people have them in their yard....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Alex is in the backseat going.. "Brooks... we probably shouldn't be telling mom that", lol! These are the kinds of things that I would have thought would have put Alex in the hospital.... these are the crazy antics that I know my son is capable of .... daredevil that he is... running up a tree and doing a backflip...(most who know him.. have seen this trick, lol).... doing backflips off of walls... OH ALEX.... I would give anything to see you do that now!

Today we took a shot at taking him to see IRONMAN 2.... NOT!! OMG... we got in there, he had to sit in 2nd row in his wheelchair with screen up his nose, lol.. you know the seats I'm talking about.... the ones that none of us EVER want to sit in... only as a kid when we were like 4 or so, lol.... but he was ok... for about 3 minutes, lol. Then it was.."MOM... put me in the regular seat, I want to try it"... SOOOOOO, I transferred him to the regular chair, I get him situated with popcorn, drink, candy etc. ....go sit down back in my seat.... he lasted all of 5 minutes in the chair. He said he felt like he was slipping and sliding out of it... OK... BACK TO WHEELCHAIR, get him situated....popcorn, candy, drink...I go back and sit in my seat... Brooks is sitting with him..... the rest of us are a couple rows up higher. Here he goes... waving his hands and arms... OMG... I know people are getting irritated... Chad goes to see what he wants... MORE CANDY...No, here is "our" popcorn...watch the movie Alex...... 3 minutes later his hands and arms go up again.. "MOOOOOM... waving....OK I'M DONE... I unlock the wheelchair...swoop him up, he's outta here, lol.... I go to customer service desk, ask for refund for me and Alex... THANK YOU.... we got it.... we are out to the mall while the fam enjoys the movie without us :0( "Mom, I'm sorry... my stomach hurt, it was too loud, I just didn't want you to be mad at me... swear you are not mad at me"... "No Alex, I'm not mad at you, just aggravated there is a difference"..."MOM, swear that you are NOT MAD at me".. "Alex, I pinky promise I am not mad at you, I was just hoping to see the movie but you and I will go and enjoy the mall, let's go see if we can find you some new shoes for physical therapy"...(sometimes it helps to change the subject and divert from the current conversation or else RAINMAN sets in) It worked... we headed to FootLocker and he actually found some new tennis shoes that work GREAT with his brace... some Chad Johnson shoes.... and he WALKS GREAT WITH THE BRACE AND SHOES!!!! He is so excited and has had to show everyone how good he can walk (with my assistance of course) but nonetheless... HE DOES GREAT! He will be getting the hang of it in no time!!!

Overall it's been a great great weekend with lots and lots of great family time and lots of laughs with Alex!  We had a great time at the Landsharks game and look forward to going to that again!  Alex really really enjoyed himself there!!


Meeting D Webb for the second time in his life.  First time was at D WEBB football camp at Ed White years ago when he first met Reggie Nelson as well!

Amanda Mullis.... All grown up... Alex used to chase her around the ballpark at Lakeshore, lol!  He looks so young compared to her!!

Alex's childhood bud... Skylar Lee... we couldn't get Alex to take a serious picture for nothing!  This was like the 5th picture I had snapped and the closest to normal , lol!

THE ALEX MICHAEL ROSS we all know and love with a die hard Landsharks fan...CRAZY KID!

Alex gives her a kiss and then asks for one in return
we missed the shot, but SLY DOG ROSS... turned his head when she kissed him on the cheek and he planted one on her lips!  This is her reaction, lol!  Look at his sly dog grin!  YOU LITTLE RASCAL!

Tomorrow day therapy ... hoping to have great reports with the new shoes and walking!!!
It's back to the grind for all of us.... I'm going to think positive and say that tomorrow morning is going to go smooooth sailing, lol!



Oh yeah... before I forget... pick up your copy of SPORTING NEWS ...NFL DRAFT... PAGE 33... #4 ALEX, BROOKS AND BRANDON SPIKES!! YES... how bout that!! Spikes talks about meeting Alex at Pro Day... WOW!  WE ARE BIG TIME NOW!  I bought the last two at Books A Million today, lol!

Also check out Tim Tebow's foundation page...  http://www.timtebowfoundation.org/