On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Met with Dr. Chen this morning and he was confident that we were going to get that sodium down and back to normal by tomorrow so that we could get outta here.  He was going to change some fluids around so we were all gung ho and thinking tomorrow we would be going home. HOLD UP... NOT SO FAST...  nurse took blood this afternoon and guess what... the sodium went up...by two numbers..... IMAGINE THAT!  Like you all thought it was that easy huh> hahahaha... WOW!  It's kinda funny...not really but you know me.... all I can pretty much do is shrug my shoulders and look forward to tomorrow!  I mean really.... what else did we have to do right?  We went from 2 hours in the ER to now going on 5 days, lol!

Julie Moore Pickett, our nurse asst.... whom we know from way back in Eagles View days and have been blessed to have with us on our Wolfson's journey.... showed up this am with home made chocolate chip cookies for the boy!  THANK YOU MISS JULIE... how sweet are you!  I love Alex... he told her he had a crush on her when he was little lol.  Truth be known... I think he still does Julie... especially after you show up with cookies.... you know food is the way to a mans heart, lol!  I really feel like God crossed our paths for a reason.... it has been forever since we were sitting in the bleachers watching Nick and her brother Sam playing baseball for EV.  This is all part of his plan... whatever that may be.... what a crazy journey it has been but I can proudly say... I HAVE NOT NOR WILL I ... LOSE THE FAITH!

We have had some adventures around here today... you know we always get stuck on the "CRAZY" floors... we have a new nickname for another young resident here two doors down... KARATE KID, lol.  I tell you what... Alex is a mess.  All of a sudden we hear this screaming and hollering... "Get me outta here... get these f'n restraints off of me"... "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh"... "I'm a good person... get these f'n things off of me"... "F&*%"..  mind you we are in a pediatric hospital with all these small children and "Karate Kid" as we call him is shaking his bed... screaming and hollering at all the nurses... cursing up a storm ... all the while Alex is going.. "I want to take a field trip"... " I want to go see"... then he says.. "Close my door some more... just a crack... I don't want my room to be the first open door he see's if he gets out". HAHAHAAAHAHA!  It was crazy around here today!  I'm not sure if he was tripping on some drugs or crazy or what.  Alex was scared to death that he was going to get out and come in our room, ha!  Never a dull moment!  They got him calmed down and then this afternoon he flipped out again so they ended up taking him off of our floor.  He was probably scaring ALL the patients not just Alex!  I can't write everything he was saying but if you ever get Alex one on one... be sure to ask him cause he impersonates him and all!

That was the entertaining part of our day.... for the most part we have just been lounging around.  Alex actually seems a little blah today and more lathargic than yesterday :0/  Thank you momma for bringing us Chic Fil A... even though Alex didn't want any of which I am very surprised!

Not sure when we will be getting outta here...hopefully some light will be shed on the situation tomorrow and we will know more.

Thanks for all the continued prayers.... don't stop.... they are working! xoxo