On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010



We partied "Jersey Shore" style, lol

The Jacksonville crew that made the trip to celebrate with Nick.
Tia, Emily, Me, Nick, Lauren, Katie

Here is one of my proudest moments of Nick..... BOY CAN DANCE!

I thought I would start today's blog off with a little tribute to Nick since he was birthday boy this weekend and is now an ADULT....aaaaaaaaaahhhh.  He grew up in the blink of an eye however will always be forever considered one of my babies, lol!  What an awesome weekend we had with him and I owe a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to my dear friend Rhonda Smith for sacrificing her weekend to come with me so that she could watch Alex while I spent Nick's 21st birthday celebration with him.  THANK YOU MISS RHONDA.... I LOVE YOU DEARLY!

A very special thank you to Nicholas' fraternity PHI DELTA THETA for raising money and presenting Alex with a check this weekend!  WOW.... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME and we couldn't thank you enough for all you did over this past year with raising money and having a blood drive for Alex.   WE LOVE YOU!

The brother's were awesome with Alex this weekend and made him feel like he was one of the gang.....but then they always do when we come for a visit.  Alex is usually the life of the party and him being in a wheelchair didn't change a thing.  What a great group of guys.... thank you for a great welcoming special weekend for all of us!

Today, back in J'Ville it was back to the grind for Alex and our weekend getaway seemed way too short, lol!  I have some video's of today's therapies.... SO PROUD!

Here is one of Alex getting out of the car by himself :0)  OUR LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT... HUGE!!

Below is a video of something I'm sure we ALL take for granted..... being able to roll over or get on our knees.  Here Alex is learning for the first time how to do those very tasks.... not so easy... something that we don't think twice about doing... it just comes natural.

Below is a video of Alex walking today.  Before I began to video the therapist actually let go behind his back and he had NO idea that he was walking by himself lol.  In this video she is barely holding on to the belt ... basically resting her hands.  He has NO idea or he would freak out!  He doesn't give himself the credit nor does he trust that he is strong enough to walk on his own.  GOTTA WORK ON BUILDING THAT CONFIDENCE :0)

Below is a video of Alex doing toe touches on a ball.  This is to get him to trust the left leg more and put more weight on it making him more comfortable with walking and trusting.

All in all I was very happy with Alex's progress today.  He kept joking with me all day telling me to go wait in the car for him and to get the video out of his face, lol. If he does something great he wants me to video... if not... he wants me to get out, hahahaha.  I love watching him and I feel like he is a little bit closer every day to being able to walk on his own.  A light at the end of the tunnel if you will :0)

We got home in time to turn right back around and head out to Baldwins open house for Brooks.  Thank God mom came with me because Alex wanted to go all over the place.  He cracks me up with his chatter box self wanting to talk to anyone and everyone .......... asking if they know him and what happened to him, lol.  He wanted to meet ALL of Brooks' teachers and make sure that they knew he was Brooks' brother!  He even made it a point to RAISE HIS HAND, lol and ask Brooks' English teacher what kind of grades she made at Baldwin after she announced that she had graduated from Baldwin!!!  HE TRIPS ME OUT!

Tomorrow we have the day off... Hospital Homebound teacher Miss Denise Zember is coming out to set up computer and make sure we have everything squared away for when we get his schedule later this week.  Then school begins for us.....not sure whether to be happy or stressed lol.

Heading off to beddy bye land.... long day and I'm completely exhausted.

Have a great day!