On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Psychological Eval today and visit to the ENT

We woke up bright and early for Hospital Homebound to arrive at 9am and perform a psychological evaluation on Alex so that he can go back to school this year.  He was a trooper and gave her a hour and a half of his undivided attention with only one bathroom break, thank you God.  This is one of the many tests he has had to have in order to get back on track with his schooling so that he can graduate next year with his class.  Tomorrow am we will be travelling to Dr. Rankin so that he can perform a neuropsychological evaluation that consists of 5 hours probing Alex's memory and thought processing.  I can say that I am NOT looking forward to sitting in his office for 5 hours, yuck!

AT 11:45 we had an appt at the ENT to find out the status of the polyp (growth).  Miss Amy was a pleasure as always and numbed Alex's nose so that she could put the scope down his nose and check out what was going on.  As soon as she stuck the scope down and we could see it on the screen... I saw the polyp!  OMG!  Yes, it's still there... smaller... but still there!   Also seen was some swelling and scar tissue... banding as Miss Amy called it.... so the prognosis today was.... 8 MORE WEEKS....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!  On October 4th we go back and if the airway looks like it did today the trach can come out.... BUT...and there's always that BUT.... if the scar tissue has increased... there will be ANOTHER surgery.  THE SCENIC ROUTE once again.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for Alex that his throat continues to heal properly and that the swelling goes down.  We don't need or want any more surgeries..... we want that trach gone and out once and for all!!!

I got an urgent prayer request for my prayer warriors tonight.... GERT TRIMBLE... 22 month old boy got a hold of a nail gun and accidentally shot a nail into his heart.  He is in critical condition and is in desperate need of prayers!  Lord, I know his life is in your hands and you have a plan for him.  He is a sweet angel of yours and I pray that you wrap your arms around him and his family and heal his little body.  Give his parents strength as they endure the WAIT.  If anyone knows what that WAIT can do to you... it's surely me.  Comfort them and give them peace knowing that YOU are in control. I pray they find the courage to trust in you and have FAITH that you are with him right now.  I give you all the Glory ...Honor and Praise... THANK YOU for all of your many blessings and for dying on the cross for us.  In Jesus name I pray!!  AMEN!

Pray for my sanity as I sit in the waiting room for 5 hours as this evaluation takes place tomorrow.... but really pray for me as I am running the TOUR DE PAIN this weekend...4 miles on beach Friday night, 3 miles Saturday morning and 1 Mile downtown Sunday afternoon...... am I CRAZY????    :0)


CONGRATULATIONS TO CHRIS BARTMESS... who placed 6th in the NATION with his sculpture of Alex Michael Ross.  I am honored that you would choose Alex as a subject and I'm sooooo very very proud of what you have accomplished!  ALEX LOVES IT!  He really thinks he's a rock star now, ha!  Thankful to call you and your family our friends... love ya!! xoxo