On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today was one of THOSE days from the past.... WHO WAS THAT KID WITH ME TODAY?

We had planned to go to hospital before the eye appt, which meant Alex would have to get up early 7:30 in order to leave our house and make a worthwhile visit.  Well, being that Alex couldn't get to sleep before 2am probably had a little to do with the ALEXANDER that was with me today.  We got to the hospital only to find that there is no record of who we wanted to see.... this tells me that the parents probably opted out of visitors which I could have done and when someone asks to see them, there is no record that the patient is there.  Sooooooo, our visit with this family was unsuccessful :0(  If ANYONE out there knows this girl and/or her parents... please contact them and get in touch with me so that we can give emotional support and HOPE to this family.  I wish there was a "ME" when I was going thru this to share similar stories and hopes for miracles.  I had two precious families that shared their stories and it still gave me hope but their stories were very different from ours.... it's rare that you find someone who was shot in the head and survives.  I can relate to everything that this family is going thru and Alex soooo wants to share his story with them, go figure, lol... but he really wants them to see that "this too shall pass" and sometimes there are bigger and greater things out there that the medical world cannot control.  We left the hospital and went to Alex's eye appts.  Our appt was for 10.... we waited till 10:45 and finally got in for the "Humphrey visual field test" something like the Goldman eye test he had before in regards to his peripheral vision.  It was to see if he has gained any of it back and improved at all.  Well well well... Mr. Alexander decides he wants to show up as soon as we get called back into the room.  Touching everything, grabbing an eye patch and putting it on, playing with the machine.... just all over the place... crazy.  The guy sets the machine up and he has to place his forehead and chin against the machine, look at the black dot and push the button when he sees the light.  Alex kept falling ASLEEP and the guy would say... open your eyes ....next thing I realize Alex is just pushing the button to push it!  The guy finally ended up stopping the test and sending us upstairs.  I was livid and took his phone from him.....the one thing I know can get positive results and better behavior!  We go upstairs where we have an 11am appt with Dr. Hill... I'm thinking it is a follow up for the test we just took and she is going to go over it...only we didn't finish the test so what now, right?  sitting in the waiting room, Alexander shines like the sun!  Mad that he can't have his phone back, trying to go down the hall and drink out of the water fountain... water everywhere, speaking loudly to get his phone back, slapping at me, speaking loudly that he is ready to leave after sitting there for 30 mins... by this point I am in tears in the waiting room... he keeps asking me not to cry, he is sorry, he didn't mean to act out, he is just tired and ready to go.... he rolled over wanted a hug and asked if he could have his phone back, lol.  Nice try Alex :0(  I think he meant it... he just hasn't figured out to ease into things.... or rather a strategic way of getting what he wants, lol.  I told him no, he could have it back when we got home if his behavior improved.  Next thing I know... I look over at him.. he is ASLEEP in his chair... chin on hand... snoring, lol.  Long story short... we were at the dr office until 12:30 for an 11am appt.  TOO LONG FOR ALEX AND HIS BRAIN INJURED BRAIN.  Kinda like taking a 4 year old to the mall and it interrupts nap time.... NOT GOOD.  Anywho... today brought back lots of memories from those Alexander days that I DO NOT MISS!!!

HOWEVER... I will tell you that God has a funny way of putting you in the right place at the right time.  I truly believe that today I was placed where I needed to be.  Because we were unsuccessful visiting with Jocelyn, we went to visit our ICU nurses as we usually do when we have dr appts across the street in the towers.  Once there, Alex made his way around and we met a precious family that I feel NEEDED us today!    They are in that rollercoaster ride right now.... living second to second, minute to minute and hour by hour.  Things constantly changing and not knowing what the outcome is going to be.  Because I do not feel led to share the name or the circumstances in the nature of their hospital stay.... please please just pray for this young 14 year old girl and her family as they go thru this unimaginable tragedy they are facing.  They are a military family and not from here so they really do not have a support system even 1/3 of what I have.  Our circumstances are somewhat similar yet very different but I can tell you I hugged that momma and we cried and I just told her to never give up and to trust in HIM.  I feel as if I am right back in that ICU unit.... all feelings come rushing back of the time I was there and the unknown .  I don't think I will EVER forget those feelings and uncertainty of the next hour let alone the next day.  My heart goes out to this family and the long road ahead.... you all can only imagine after going thru this with me.  Alex was a trooper and Mr. No Filter himself... got right on up in there and asked every question imaginable and "momma" as I will call her... was awesome with him.  I would keep apologizing for his questions and she kept saying "no he is fine, really" and would get down to his level ...wheelchair level, and spoke soooo sincerely and answered every question he had.  He asked everything from "WHY?" to "HOW", "WHERE" to "WHO CALLED 911".... you can imagine.  Mr. Sponge soaking it all up wanting every detail... even asking "what did u think when u found out..... yada yada yada.  He made them laugh, he made them smile... he gave inspiration.... THANK YOU GOD.  They were amazed by his progress and couldn't believe that he survived what he has.... he went into every detail about how many operations he has had and showed them how he can walk with his cane.... I feel like it was therapy for ALL OF US.  God put us there today.... no doubt in my mind after visiting with this precious family.  We were exactly where we needed to be today and it was surely a blessing to be able to give someone else.... HOPE!

THANK  YOU GOD FOR BLESSING ME TODAY WITH NEW FRIENDS AND FOR PLACING ME WHERE YOU NEEDED ME TO BE.  Please watch over my new friends and comfort them in this time of need.  Lord, I will pray that they learn to lean on you more and more every day and I trust that if it is your will that you will perform another miracle and heal this precious child of yours.  Today was awesome and I am so glad to be a part of your calling.  Use me... let your light shine for all to see... Alex and I are your vessels ...... we know how awesome YOU are and we will gladly share it with all!


PS... If anyone would like to help out in supporting this family with anything... please email me... I wanna be there for them and help out in any way shape or form!  THANKS MUCHO!