On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My normal wake up time consistant throughout our entire vacation was between 5-5:30am EVERY DAY, lol.  Soooo, I would sneak out to my quiet peace of heaven... the balcony and just sit and take in every bit of God's AWESOME wonders in the paradise I was blessed to enjoy.  It amazed me that the surfers were out at the first bit of light and how far out they would go. CRAZY!  Lots and lots of them.  I thought of you guys back home and took a little video below of our view from our balcony..... here is a little "peace" of heaven I wanted to share with you :0)

Alex and Nick slept in while Brooks, Chad and I got dressed and went exploring for breakfast.  We headed out the hotel not knowing which way to go but I knew what I was looking for.
YUP!  STARBUCKS.... right around the corner and yes even on vaca I frequented my favorite mojo spot!   We sat and enjoyed our coffee and got breakfast for the others.  I did find a special treat that they sell at the corner store and thought I would surprise the boys with this tasty treat.

YES.... THEY ARE EDIBLE!!  The boys wanted nothing to do with that part of their breakfast but you know Chad just had to try them.  He said they really didn't have a taste... whatever... it's still ewwwweeee, lol!

Once they ate, showered and got dressed wedecided to walk around the shops a little bit as our bus wasn't picking us up until 12:15pm.  Alex soon made a new friend in the Volcom store, Kekoa and insisted that he go with him and Nick to the strip club on Wednesday night as he would be turning 18 .... NICE! For the record, they never went, it was just one of Alex's RANDOM ideas that he had in his head.  You turn 18 and you go to the strip club..... NOT SO MUCH, lol!  He gave them a good laugh for sure and we did everything we could to convince him that there was much more to do in Hawaii than that!  So we bought him a swimsuit and headed back to the hotel, lol.  We waited at the Aloha Landing where would be heading on a bus to the Polynesian Culture Center for the day and dinner and luau around 5pm.  While we sat there you know I had my camera out and captured some true giggles out of the boys.... I LOVE WATCHING THEM and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing them all laugh at each other!
What an awesome day we had!  The Polynesian Center is what I would call the EPCOT center of the islands.  It was a HUGE walking garden of different sections depicting culture of places such as Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii and those sorts of islands etc.  It was really really cool to experience how each of the villages used to live... houses...canoes ... utensils... art etc.  Here are some pictures from the day... enjoy:


The day started with a parade on this little canal with many different countries featuring their dances.
To see more of these pics you can go to my share site: http://dreamsdocometruehawaii.shutterfly.com/
Below Alex is having a go at whirling the poi balls... Brooks wa sure to move out of his way, lol
This guy taught us how to start a fire with two sticks... he later became a fan of Alex and gave him his head piece after Alex shared his story.... he gave Alex a kiss on the forehead.. angels everywhere I tell ya!
we headed to the dinner... just in time to get a glimpse of the pig
We were seated and had a buffet feast that Alex raved about and LOVED the food... naturally, lol
We saw sooo many people drinking these cool drinks out of pineapples we had to have a couple to taste.... some kind of tropical juices and very refreshing
These little Tiki men were everywhere... this one reminded us of Alex... his meaning I later found out was "LUCK".  You could say Alex  has some of that aura around him, hee hee.
While we waited for the luau to begin.... we shopped around a little... Alex bought a Ukelele, imagine that... and Nick bought some poi balls and a nose flute ha!  With the images below... you can imagine that we can maybe have our own entertainment here Hawaii style:

And then Alex had his go of which I videod ha ha:
This was the end of the luau and what I didn't realize is that it was going to tell a whole story.  We werent allowed to take pictures or videos so I shot this at the very end hee hee.
Alex's new friend... he was awesome!
We were extremely exhausted by the end of the night haven been picked up at 12:15 pm and not arriving back at hotel from bus until 11:00 pm... certainly a very very long day for Mr. Alex and he did SO GOOD!  An amazing experience for anyone... if you ever get the chance to go to Hawaii, make your way to the Polynesian Center... we certainly enjoyed the day experiencing a little "island culture".
I gave you the link in an earlier blog to see ALL of my pictures... way too many to put on here and explain each one but as you go day by day with me you can always go back and see the rest of the pics from that day and maybe understand a little of our adventures each day.  Thankful I am able to share a little of our DREAM COME TRUE and hoping you can experience just a little of paradise, laughter and excitement that we soooo much needed together as a family!