On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, April 15, 2011


My heading says it all!  I know you are probably thinking how could Wednesday's events top the miracles you witnessed in the swimming pool on Tuesday????... well hang on to your hat because not only did Alex swim on his birthday... HE SURFED!!!  Dreams Come True had set up what we certainly thought was impossible.... Alex surfing in Hawaii on his 18th birthday just a little over a year after being shot in the head and given only 3 hours to live!  THANK YOU GOD...THANK YOU DREAMS COME TRUE....THANK YOU ACCESSURF!!

We started out our morning bright and early with a limo picking us up at the hotel at 7am sharp.  Chad was a little slower than we so we headed down to the lobby to wait for the limo.  As we were waiting for the limo Alex was having fits because Chad still wasn't down there and he was speaking to the camera as if it were Chad... check it out, ha ha:

Chad was actually looking for us inside the hotel where we told him we would be however.... Being Alex was freaking out and wanted to make sure we didn't miss the limo we headed outside unbeknownst to Chad, lol.  Anywho... the limo pulled up and the excitement began!
I asked him to give me a thumbs up and this is what I got!  I remember a time last year when I was soooo happy to see that, lol.... not so much anymore Mr. Alex the jokester! ( Sorry, I couldn't resist putting this up for those of you who remember the very first sign he game me and I knew that a piece of my old Alex was still in there!)

 The limo ride was fun... blasting the 80's music station and enjoying the laughter of my 3 boys!

So it takes us about an hour to get to the beach we will be surfing at and the AccesSurf group is waiting for us and have a cool beach wheelchair in tow!

 They supplied us all with rash guards so here we are getting Alex's surfing attire on :0)
 Alex wanted to bring this beach wheelchair home lol!
 Mark, owner of AccesSurf and team are explaining what's fixing to go down in the ocean!
Getting ready to take on the deep blue sea!
 They gave us a quick tutorial on the three moves needed to get up on the board before they began their focus on Alex.

 Getting Alex positioned on board making him feel safe and comfortable with the days activities

 Hawaii sign language for "HANG LOOSE"..... he is ready to rock!
 This picture cracks me up, lol..... You can only imagine what he is saying to them
 Here we gooooooooooo

Nick and Brooks head out... look at those waves!

Brooks got up!

 Nick got up!
Alex surfed by himself!!
Chad got up!

And.... most importantly.... I GOT UP!  Actually I rocked that ocean and got up every time! That's what's up!

You know what's funny is that the trainers said that I would do better than the boys..... and I DID ....HAHAHAHAHA!  42 and still got it, ha!

The most amazing part out of all of this..... Alex Michael Ross got to stand up on the surf board, in Hawaii on his 18th birthday.... My proudest moment of the trip.... check it out below!


Once we left the beach, the limo took us back to the hotel we showered and Brooks, Alex and I headed out to do some birthday shopping for Alex for the afternoon :0)  That night we headed out to Hard Rock Cafe for an awesome birthday dinner where Alex got to blow out his candles:

Alex Michael Ross..... I am so proud of you and how you continue to push through your struggles with a positive attitude!  You never let life get you down...... you begin each day with a smile and a joke or two, lol!  I am honored to be your mom and as you say most every day..... You, Me & JC... WE DEFINITELY GOT THIS!  

Nick, Brooks and Chad.... THANK YOU!  Thank you for making this trip an awesome adventure just as memorable with your love, support and laughter.  We sure did have one heck of a time didn't we?!  I love you all and am so happy we got to experience this as a family, take a step out of reality and relax a little!  Ok so when are we going back... I hear the ocean calling me again, lol!! :0)

AccesSurf..... what an amazing program you have and I cannot thank you enough for making this possible for Alex,  Heck for me too, ha ha.  I never thought I could surf... let alone in Hawaii!  YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN!  You brought something to this family that will forever be engraved in our hearts.  Thank you for dedicating your company to helping those of us in less fortunate circumstances and for bringing smiles, joy and laughter into the hearts of many!  I could never repay you for giving us the chance of a lifetime.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU ....THANK YOU from our family to yours.... God Bless You and may He continue to bless you with the opportunities to touch many more families and make what seems the impossible.....POSSIBLE!  Sending you many hugs and gratitude!  YOU GUYS ROCK!!  xoxo

Please check out their website... it's sure to bring a smile to your face to see how they help so many!

Tears falling as I sit here and relive that day by blogging...... happy tears and sooooo wishing I could go back and press pause!  It's unexplainable the feelings and emotions that stem from looking back.  It's been such a crazy roller coaster ride and I never thought any of this would be possible let alone in just over a year.  Alex is improving every day and has really really been working hard at walking with his cane.  He doesn't realize how far he has come and just how much he has OVERCOME in such a short time.  God... I give you all the glory, honor and praise for sure because you have been right there with us every step of the way.  You have placed angels all around us.... mainly the most awesome and patient therapists of all time.  THANK YOU LADIES for pushing him and encouraging him!  Because of you he will walk again one day on his very own! People say to me all the time, " I just don't know how you do it and stay so positive and happy all the time".  My response is always the same.... " I am not doing anything different than I think any mother in my position would do.... go into SURVIVAL MODE".  We cannot change what happens to us in life but we can make the best of it and work thru it.  It's a choice and failure is not an option!  Alex has always been full of piss and vinegar and I thank God for that because I truly believe that is part of the reason he survived and continues to improve at superman speed recovery!  You can't hold him back... I never could.  He was the kid who always jumped in head first....never thinking of consequences.... making the most of every moment in time.  That part of his personality has not changed and maybe even intensified, lol.  I'm not sure if I still have followers out there, heck I might just be writing for my own therapy these days but it helps nonetheless!  I will close with this final video.... ALEX MICHAEL ROSS.... I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!  You will be walking on that stage to get that diploma in June and I'm sure there won't be a dry eye in the house!

GOD IS VERY REAL.... MIRACLES do happen and most of all DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!