On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26th (8:15 pm)

DAY 20... WOW!  Thank you GOD... THANK YOU!  I will take 360 days here at Shands Hospital rather than going home 1 day without my handsome boy!  

We are still on the roller coaster .... will it ever end?  Normally I love riding roller coasters with Alex but I think we both are ready to get off of  this one!  THE SWELLING IS BACK...  Please pray for the swelling to go down and the HEALING to begin!  "Alright Lord.... people are once again watching and you know that when they see it... they will believe it!  DO YOUR THANG AND SHOW THEM WHO'S BOSS!!"  

Alex had a good day...all his vital signs are great, it's just that silly head wants to swell and put us back on watch.  He did some tricks earlier today and he winked at me tonight and even gave me the I love you sign without me asking for it when I got Nurse Alisa to fix his trach collar that was bugging him!  He yawns big.... still wiggles eyebrows, showed us his teeth and I could swear he even "smizes" with his eyes!  If you ever watch America's Next Top Model... and yes, Alex would watch it with me, lol.... Tyra taught her models how to smile with their eyes, smize, and I swear he does it, lol!  As long as vitals continue to stay the same and he shows no signs of regressing.... Doctor says this is to be expected and we basically watch and wait.  Soooo, while we watch and wait... LET'S PRAY!  

While asking for prayer for Alex, I must also ask you to lift up in prayer... the 2-year old that was transported here from Mayport.  He is in critical condition as well and it breaks my heart!  God my baby didn't do anything to deserve this and neither did that baby.... show the world who is Boss and show them your healing powers.... show them the great miracles you are capable of... heal them both from the top of their heads to the bottom of their toes.  Wrap your arms around both of YOUR children and comfort them!  I know Alex has great things in store for you Lord... LIFT HIM UP AND HEAL HIM!  You are an awesome God and I have ALL my faith that you are in TOTAL CONTROL.  It is a little scary to see and yes I worry but I really really have a peace about it and know that HE is in control!  It's unexplainable... just take my word!  Follow me my little prayer warriors and walk in my Faith with me!   You will be amazed and blessed all at the same time!

A TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMENDOUS  THANK YOU to Treemendous BBQ!  The calls I have been getting tonight put me in tears! Thank you to the 100's of people that went tonight to support Alex!!  I simply cannot believe it!  A MILLION THANK YOU'S TO JACKSONVILLE FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT OF MY LIL GUY!  I can't wait till he is able to comprehend just how many lives he has touched and how much our community is pulling together FOR HIM!  For my little Alex!

OMGGGGGGGGGGG...Randi just called me over to the bed as I was typing this and  Alex just took his hand (by himself) brought it to his lips, puckered them and BLEW ME A KISS.... ALL BY HIMSELF!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!   HOW AMAZING IS THAT???  That's you God... guiding him and working thru him to get back all of his functionality.... we will be in and out of Brooks Rehab before you know it!  Maybe even out before your 17th birthday on March 30th!  I really feel like God just did that to show me that "Hey... I know you're scared but watch this.... watch what I can do with Alex "!  I have been working with him for two days trying to get him to blow me kisses or pucker his lips... he tries... but gets frustrated and closes his eyes at me and we move on to the next trick I can get him to do.  GOD JUST PULLED ME OVER THERE TO SHOW ME HE IS IN CONTROL...... BELIEVE ME!!!

Tonight has been amazing!  Sell out at Treemendous BBQ.... Alex blowing me kisses on his own.... WOW!
Nick comes home Thursday and he just simply won't believe his brother's progress!  This swelling thing... WE GOT THIS.... Me, Alex and J.C.!!  WE HAVE DEFINITELY GOT THIS!  He just showed me what I already knew!


Until tomorrow my precious friends and followers..... FAITH IN HIM... ALWAYS... THANK HIM DAILY....Kiss and hug your sweet children, take time out for them, don't sweat the small stuff..... You can never get back what is lost and you will never realize just how much those little things mean until it is taken from you!

God Bless You and Keep you in HIS care....