On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6th (5:00 pm)

I am blogging early for my nightly blog as I have been invited to attend the John Mayer concert with my sweet friend Shelley!  LUCKY ME!  Chad, Brooks and Randi say they have it covered here at Brooks Rehab while I get out for a little bit.  YAY!

I forgot to tell you all a funny story from yesterday when his Nurse Arminda took him to weigh in.  She took him in his wheel chair and placed it on the scale.  The numbers quickly rose to 165 and Alex's face and eyebrows lifted up  as if to say " WHAT THE HECK" LOL!!  He was thinking he weighed that, hahahahahaha... too cute!  She brought him back to the room and then took the wheelchair to weigh. His weight is now 98.4.  He weighed about 110 when he first weighed at Shands so he has lost about 12 pounds.  Once he can eat real food... those double quarter pounders with cheese will put that back on in no time!! :0)~  Don't sweat the small stuff!!

We went for recreational therapy today however it was basically an evaluation and just answering questions so that next time they will know what HE likes to do for some fun.  Alex did get to go outside today and LOVED it!  He even got to hold a basketball in his hand and threw it on the ground for a bounce!  Three times of doing that and he was over it and ready to venture back to his room... tuckered out!  He was complaining of head ache today which I believe to be from yesterdays rigorous activities.  He seems a little more swollen in the right eye area today.... again.. probably from all the shifting and having to wear helmet and hold his head up so much at yesterday's therapies.

We had visits today from Kinlin, Carly, Heidi, Skylar, Bachir, his mom and sister and Tom and Viki.   Kimmie, Kristen and Vanessa came by later to get Brooks to go to mall.  Before they left they asked Alex if they could bring him anything back and this is what he wrote:  


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!  How crazy is that!!  He is too funny!  For those of you who don't know Alex his favorite thing in the whole world is a plain old HERSHEY bar! :0)

Alex Michael you never cease to amaze me kiddo!  YOU ARE MY HERO.....TODAY, TOMORROW & ALWAYS!

He just got a little pain med for his headache so he is snoozing like a baby!  Hope you all have a great night... we will probably be up all night since he is sleeping now, lol!

KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING.... our journey is just beginning!  God... thank you for all you have given Alex and I with this 2nd chance at life.  Thank you  for putting us in the best hands possible from the beginning to the end of this rolle rcoaster ride.  Thank you for letting your light shine thru me so others can see what you are totally capable of!  MY MIRACLE BOY LIVES AND BREATHES... and spells chocolate after suffering a gun shot wound to the head ....31 days ago!  AMEN!!!