On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 9th (10:00 pm)

What a great day with Alex today!  I got sleep last night so I woke up full of sunshine and happiness today, lol!  Alex had a full plate today with different therapies back to back to back.  WOW!  He still amazes me because he never gives up... always pushing himself giving 150%!  I am in awe at how much control he has sitting up today compared to yesterday!  He is moving his head side to side somewhat... trying anyways.... trying to move his head to where the therapist or object is that he needs to look at.  We are really working on his tracking and getting him to move his eyes to the left side as once his eyes come about midline...they go back to the right.  Today in cognitive therapy he was asked to listen to her say certain numbers then he had to repeat them back to her.  She would start out with 2 numbers such as 7 1 and then he would have to repeat back 7 1.  She got all the way up to like 5 or 6 numbers and he would remember all of them and repeat them back... INCREDIBLE.  Heck, Randi and I were having trouble remembering and repeating them, lol!  Funny he could do that... but then look at a picture of a tree and didn't know what that was.  THE MIND IS A QUIRKY THING HUH?  He doesn't usually know what day it is or the time of day when we are in therapy so Miss Laura, our cognitive therapist, recommended we get him a watch... sooo I contacted my personal shopper Viki and she came with 2 for him to choose from..(she's nice like that... Alex is her favorite, lol) ....only he couldn't read either one so it is back to the drawing board for a bigger watch...THANK YOU VIKI... we really appreciate you and all you do for us!!

In occupational therapy he did amazing at sitting up today more so than yesterday and every day he just seems to have more control and get stronger and stronger!  Miss Lynn is awesome with him and she seems to get alot out of him and he pushes himself and never gives up... I AM SO PROUD!  Small world... Miss Lynn has a daughter, Sarah, who goes to USF with Nick and they know each other... HOW COOL!  So Miss Lynn is pretty much family in our book, lol!  Randi asked him today "what are you going to think of when the therapy gets tough"  his response ..."GOING HOME"!  ATTA BABY!  So proud of you Alex Michael!

Alex is paying more attention to what is going on around him and getting in conversations... for example... Brooks called me and was asking questions and when I got off the phone Alex started signing and he said "What does he want"... hahaha... same old Alex!  THANK YOU GOD!  Always up in my phone conversations,lol!  We watched American Idol with him tonight and we told him he was one of the judges and he needed to give thumbs up or thumbs down.  He kept giving thumbs down on everyone tonight.... except the young rock girl, lol.  Randi said that he pulled her face to him to him because he wanted a kiss and then when she was holding his hand he took her hand and kissed it...SOOO SWEET!  He also asked about when he gets his voice back..... How funny he said..."When I get my voice back will I sound like Dusty?"  hahahahahaha I about fell out!  Dusty if you are reading this... OMG!  I said No Alex... I don't think your vocal chords will change ... he said.. "are you sure?" hahahahaha!  For those of you that don't know our dear crazy friend Dusty McDonough.... she has a deep raspy voice... Alex LOVES to raz her about it so I think it's  HILARIOUS that he just came up with that out of the blue!!!  Too funny Alex!!

We are really enjoying our time with Alex at night when it's just us and he comes up with his random conversations.  I can't wait until he can talk...who knows what he will come up with!!

Thanks to all the visitors who have been coming and bringing HERSHEY bars, ha!  He has quite a bit of chocolate to catch up on when he can chew foods and have that.

We go to Shand's on Thursday for a check up with Dr. Vitarbo, the  neurosurgeon who did the second surgery and put drains in.  Please pray for GREAT CHECKUP and for Alex's swelling to continue to go down as he has been having headaches daily and I think it's from his helmet putting a little pressure on the right side where it's still a little swollen above the ear.

I probably won't get on in the morning to blog because I am writing so late now and will sleep as long as possible until we HAVE to get up, get dressed, EAT and head to therapy.  Mornings are really busy now so it will probably be lunch before I can get online and give you guys an update!  His eating is going great... he has been eating like a champ and loving the pudding that Deniece brought him..thank you ma'am!

Nite Nite my friends.... sleep tight!