On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, February 8, 2010


The swallow test was a success today!!  The tech said he did PERFECT!  It was really awesome to see how the test is completed.  Alex sat in his wheel chair between two xray thing a ma bobs... lol and the lady fed him by spoon different consistencies of liquids and on the screen I could see where he swallowed and how and where it went down in his throat.  NEATOOOOO!  Of course by what Dr. Lisa saw... it looked fabulous and like everything was going down to the correct place as it should.  As we were leaving she showed me the paper and there was a HUGE check mark..... he passed with flying colors and her words..." he did perfect".  THANK YOU GOD!!  How could he not do perfect right?  Day 33 and we are EATING FOOD PEOPLE!!!  Crazy thought..significant ... maybe...maybe not..... but those of you who know Alex... his number is 3.   Ummm day 33.....double 3..... I'm just sayin!  lol!

Lunch came and he had a date with his speech therapist and they had lunch together!  He had turkey, mash potatoes, green beans and some mixed berry jello creation.  YUUUUMMMMYYY ... well yummy to him anyways and he loved it!  See how much he ate! He tore that junk UP!

He had speech therapy and occupational therapy today.  In speech therapy Alex told Nicole his speech therapist that he played the guitar! hahahhaha... really... I didn't know that... and I'm the mom!  I said... "you do Alex?" he said "yes".  She said... " do you have a guitar?" he said... "yes"... I said... "you do?"  he said "yes".  She said.. "a real guitar or like guitar hero guitar?" he said..." a real guitar"... again... I'm the mom and I didn't know that... hahahaha. She asked him what he played on his guitar...he said.." RAP" hahahahaha!  He cracks me up with some of the things he comes up with.  He has this burgundy straw thing a ma bob... like a rubber tube thing that he uses to practice chewing on both sides with so he can make those jaw muscles stronger... well I told him he looks like he is smoking a cigar... like a little black and mild... he told me that he as been smoking them since he was 4... hahahaha... and then when asked who got him started on it.. he pointed to Dax!  Poor Dax... he was like... "miss Lisa.. I didn't even know him when he was 4"!!  He has had us cracking up all day with different things!  My little jokester is still there! Dax began to play music from Alex's favorite rapper, Lil Boosie, and Alex began to mouth the words to the song! How crazy is that?  TEAM ALEX IS IN DA HOUSE!

Occupational therapy went great today and he did AWESOME!   He sat up straight with the help of the therapist for a good bit with his head held up... he reached forward for Randi's knees and my jacket when told to.  It's one thing to write about it but it's an awesome experience to WATCH it and see him progress in just two days with occupational therapy!  LEAPS AND BOUNDS.. superman speed!!  ALEX MICHAEL... YOU ARE MY HERO and I am soooo terribly proud of you and your determination in getting better!  


Tomorrow is intense physical therapy... PRAY FOR US, lol!  He has been signing a few choice words and calling names when he gets mad... who knows what tomorrow will bring!  My little ray of sunshine... God Bless him!  :0)