On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We started off to a GREAT day only to have the DEVIL come in and try to ruin it! So I will start off with the bad part of my day first so we can finish with the good!  THAT'S HOW I ROLL!  Because I am only going to address this issue once, to the person who is starting the rumor that Alex's dad is a millionaire in Paris.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... I WISH!  Obviously it is coming from someone who IS NOT a friend of ours and doesn't know the first thing about our family because if it were true....... OBVIOUSLY we would be living a LAVISH life with a LAVISH lifestyle of which we are not, unfortunately!  To set the record straight.... Alex's father is a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force and stationed in Italy.  You see, some really great friends of mine are trying to do something nice by putting on a big BBQ chicken dinner sale this weekend at Normans to help our family out and naturally here comes the devil to try and tear it down by undermining peoples good intentions.  Why raise money for Alex when his father is a millionaire in Paris.....SERIOUSLY PEOPLE....  get a life and find someone else's parade to rain on because THE DEVIL can knock on our door all he wants but HE WILL NEVER GET IN!  You see... all you are doing is making us stronger.... It doesn't matter if you want to ruin this fundraiser for Alex because in the end HE still comes out on top! HE IS ALIVE!!!!  HE IS A MIRACLE OF GOD!!!   TO THE MANY PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS AWESOME FUNDRAISER..... Thank you... thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to presell tickets and make this the best fundraiser yet for Alex.  Please don't get discouraged.... just focus on the positives and what you have already accomplished.  If you don't sell another ticket because of this ridiculous rumor... no worries... I appreciate everything and anything you have done and I do NOT want this to stress you out because we aren't sweating the small stuff!  Ronnie... I know you have been busting your butt and you get easily discouraged... but listen to me... IT'S NOT WORTH IT.  Alex would not want you or anyone else to worry about tomorrow... or the next day or the next or the day of the BBQ.  Don't let it get you down... we cannot control what people say or do because WHY?  Some people just suck!  END OF DISCUSSION, lol!  Put smiles on your faces... WE LOVE YOU AND WE APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU who are going out of your way for this weekends fundraiser!


NOTICE:  weight is on left leg while right leg takes a step forward!  THANK YOU GOD!

What an incredible morning we had! Alex was getting in his wheelchair at 8:20am this morning and we told HIM to move that left foot and put in the leg rest.  HE FREAKING DID IT!  OMG....  the Physical therapist walked with him this morning in the hall..... supporting him while he held onto the handrail.  He was doing it... with some difficulty but he was doing it.  Well after lunch, LAYING in his bed with his leg propped up on a wedge.... he was moving it and when I was putting him in his wheelchair... he did it again...I moved the leg rest and I am like... KICK ME WITH YOUR FOOT... KICK ME... and what does he do?  KICKS HIS FOOT FORWARD...SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, THE BACK DOOR AAAAAAAAAND THE GARAGE DOOR!!  THANK YOU GOD!! Just out of nowhere he moved his foot!  You can imagine the elation...(my big word for today,lol) in our faces and I was like ..." let's go tell the physical therapist that we want him to use that walking thing again because I really think he will do better today than last week".  So that's what we did!   Alex got on the walker thingy again.... and I forgot to find out the name of it again...OMG!  Anyways... he did FANTASTIC!  I'm telling ya'll... HE WILL BE WALKING WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT IT!  That left leg was coming forward and moving and walking... WOW... what an amazing thing to witness.  He felt so good about it!  What a great accomplishment for today!  THANK YOU GOD...you are awesome!

Alex learned how to take off his shirt today with one hand and put it back on.  A little bit of a challenge but he was a trooper and worked thru it!  We got what I call a BIG BOY'S wheelchair on Friday which is basically a regular wheelchair... not like the LIMO that he has been riding in which... reclines and  has a head rest.  We basically stepped down to a Bo Bo Wheelchair, lol!  No bells and whistles but it makes him have to hold his head up and work those neck muscles.  One step closer to going home!  Well, he learned how to drive it today.  Driving would be ... how to navigate with your feet... FRED FLINSTONE style, lol!  He's not impressed hahahahaha!   It's a big deal but he doesn't see it that way at all.  He just knows that it's more work and he doesn't like it lol! However... one step closer to going home!

He had a great lunch today... turkey breast which he gets double meat portions because he doesn't eat vegetables.  His Granny brought him some home made biscuits and gravy today that he ate an entire plate of right after he ate his lunch, then Ronnie and Angie show up with a McChicken plain and fries about 3, then Chad shows up with a pepperoni pizza and home made sushi about 4, then Dax shows up with steak and onions with rice about 5, and Carly showed up with our dinner about 6:30....Mexican Lasagna ! At about 7:30  Miss Rhonda calls me and Alex knows she is on the phone and he is telling me to tell her to bring him a vanilla milkshake!   YOU THINK HE ATE TODAY OR WHAT?  OMG... he will be 500 pounds when we leave here, hahahahaha!  I am thinking when they weigh him Thursday, because that's the day of the week that they weigh him every week... he should have gained at least 5 pounds!  He has been eating everything in site!  Poor thing... he didn't eat for over a month so he is playing catch up now, hahahaha!

PIZZA & SUSHI.... not so much a combo I would choose..... but then... I'M NOT ALEX!
Thank you Chad for ummmmm spoiling him rotten!  xoxo

He is still in the chatterbox mode and it's so hard to get him to take a nap or go to sleep at night.  He asks a lot of questions... main one is WHY to everything right now... and he is in everyone in the rooms conversations!  He will be talking to someone at his bedside but be ALL UP IN MY CONVERSATION wherever I am at and wants to know EVERYTHING!  He continues to make us laugh at night... His personality has not changed one bit...still my little ham and bringing smiles to everyone who enters the room.  He is still the crazy little Alex that we all knew and loved prior to his brain injury.

We finally go to Dr. Vitarbo tomorrow if  it doesn't get cancelled again... for our follow up. Thinking we will get the rest of the stitches out.  Hopefully she will schedule the cranioplasty surgery for the near near future so we can get the trach surgery squared away soon after and then be on the full road to recovery before his 17th birthday on March 30th!  I am hoping that he is up and around by the end of March so he can actually ENJOY his birthday.... SOMETHING TO PRAY ABOUT FOR ALEX.  We have all seen his superman speed recovery.... and I kind of have a direct link to God right now so I am putting all my faith in him that he will grant Alex this much wanted wish and have him thru the next two procedures before the middle of March so that he can be recovered by the end!  PLEASE GOD! :0)

I thank you again for all of your emails, support, prayers and fundraising.   I'm sorry I had to start out my blog like that tonight but when people say stupid things... yes I too get angry and have to address such silly rumors.  I have bigger fish to fry in here and more precious things to worry about than what people say or want to believe.  If you want to help support Alex there is a BBQ fundraiser for him this Saturday at Normans 8363 Ramona Blvd by Trinity Christian Academy, Marietta area.  Dinners will be ready for pick up at 12:00 pm, you can call 904-614-5131 for more information.  Best part of this... Alex picked the design for his new t-shirt that will also be at the BBQ sale if you want one of those....THEY ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME!