On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Busy day today... went to CPR class with mom and Chad and 3 other people lol! The EMT Instructor had never heard of Alex's story or who Alex Ross was... HOW DARE HE....hahahahahaha.... everyone knows who Alex Ross is right?!  And I thought we were kinda a big deal now... Thank you Lord for keeping me grounded lol!!!  Basically for all of us who took it in high school or like 10 years ago... scratch what you learned.  It is now 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths for all adult, children and infants!  I think I remember when I last took it .... it was different for all 3 and confusing as heck!  Soooo now all of you followers can save lives too with that knowledge!  I truly could have watched a video here at the rehab center and learned as much without paying the $90.00 but I do have my very own CPR certified card now, ha!
When I got back to the rehab center at about 12, I learned that Alex had been really ugly to Randi.... to the point of putting his hand in her face and telling her to get out of his face.  Also, he was being lazy on his way back from therapy and didn't want to hold his water when she told him to so he threatened to dump his water on the floor and Randi said.. "go ahead you will have to explain to the nurses".... HE DUMPED IT... ALL OVER THE FLOOR,  JUST POURED IT OUT.... IN THE HALL!  Ooooh yeah... and not to mention... while I am at CPR today of ALL days... he coughs and his WHOLE TRACH came out!  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST????  Holy cow!  You would know it would happen while I was gone and AT CPR CLASS, lol!  Needless to say.... he got a NEW trach replaced today!

Gabi is scheduled to leave tomorrow\, thanks to insurance and their wonderful ways that they have...NOT..... and we have grown quite close to Karen, Todd and Gabi.  I have a special prayer request for them.  You see, Gabi has certain needs that they cannot get in their county in Panama City with her blindness.  Karen met with the Duval County School Board today regarding Gabi to see if they have any programs or schools here that can accommodate what they are looking for.  She was very very impressed with what they had to say... IMAGINE THAT... way to go Duval,lol!  She is really hoping that they can sell their house in Panama City, FL move here... get situated, get Gabi in a better school AND get a job with Duval County teaching... as she is a teacher.  She and I truly believe that God put us in this rehab together...this was not by chance and God wanted us here... right now..... Alex loves Gabi and I truly believe that this is where they need to be.  Please pray that they are able to sell their home in a timely manner and come back here where Gabi can get what she needs.  WE have added on to our family with these 3 and I know that Alex and Gabi can be great inspirations for each other... as well as Karen and I.
We had an awesome sit down dinner tonight in the day room with our new family as we still aren't sure if they will be discharged tomorrow or not.  Lord we hope they give Gabi atleast another week so that she can continue to receive the therapy that she needs to be walking out of here as well!  Thank you to Sherri Jo, Miss Bonnie, Melanie and Marisa for not only feeding us but their family as well.  That was surely a blessing not only to us....but for them too being that they are out of town and do not have the resources that I do.  Thank you for making enough to feed them as well... VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!  Lord, thank you for a great dinner with Alex!  He was awesome tonight and back to his old self apart from today's activities.  He had us laughing and he was smiling and joking... I think Gabi brings out the best in him and that he was on his best behavior for her :0)

Tonight I got him in bed about 8:30 and I actually got in the bed with him with all the lights out.  He even asked for the mask I got him yesterday that he insisted I get but wouldn't wear to sleep last night, lol!  At  9:35 he had juuuuuuust closed his eyes and BAM some respiratory therapist I have never seen before in my life... pushes the door open LOUDLY... wakes my boy up and we have to start over from scratch!  What the french toast??? OMG.... you think I was mad?  Ummmm... just a tad!  Soooo, back to square one... we are chatting about various things:

"Alex... just relax and try to think of Hawaii.... you really have to go to bed"
" I am.... I can't wait to stick my feet in the warm sand"
I'm going to close my eyes now, I'm tired
You want to know what the psychologist said today?
Do you want to tell me what she said?
Ask me what you want to know.
What are some of the topics you talked about>
She asked me if I was angry.... I said yes.... .frustrated, I said yes.... when I am mean to you and Aunt Randi I don't realize I am doing it and I am sorry
What can I do or say to you when you do it, so that you realize it?
I don't know
What if I say.... Alex you hurt my feelings by saying that
He said.. ok that will work,that sounds good

He said that he is fearful for his life!  He is scared that he will not wake up tomorrow.  He is worried about money and bills.  He is worried about people he doesn't want up here ... getting in!  Poor little guy has all these  emotions and anxieties... no wonder he can't sleep!!  His brain is just spinning and spinning!!  My eye lids are getting heavy.... I feel as if I could keep writing forever but my body is shutting down on it's own after lack of sleep and emotional drainage!

Quick special thanks for successful BBQ fundraiser that I forgot to mention the other day .....go to:  CALLAHAN BBQ, IGA in Baldwin, Doug Vlacos and CHUCK HAWKINS of Team Mates for getting those shirts ready in time at the drop of a hat!  Sorry I missed your names the other day .... that was one of my bad days here but it wasn't intentional...I promise!  YOU GUYS ROCK!

Alex will be seeing the psychologist 3-4 times a week now as she truly believes he needs to see her and maybe this will help with his anxiety, anger, frustration and the way he treats us as well as lack of sleep.  Please continue to pray for him.... HE IS GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY... but there are sooooo many other issues involved in this recovery process that we just can't even begin to fathom!  He is definitely a strong little guy and I admire his courage and his will to get outta this place!  Tomorrow I meet with the doctor and she will decide if Alex can go meet Tebow on the sidelines.... PLEASE PRAY BIG FOR THAT!  He soooo deserves it!