On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Our nights have been MUCH better to say the least since they took him off of that one medication...THANK GOD!

Mr. Alex is still up to his shenanigans.... throwing food at Randi... slapping me on the back of the head while I am putting on his pull ups and tying his shoes in the bathroom... WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!??  I didn't sign up for any of this and I know Randi didn't lol!  No matter how nice we are... and how much we bite our tongue... he still goes for the throat!  Let's focus on some of the positives for the day, ha!  He starts his day out with the same breakfast everyday.... 7:00 am Double French Toast, double bacon and ensure vanilla shake... then at 7:30am he has occupational therapy where he is learning to dress himself with one hand (not such an easy task for any of us without a brain injury or limited use of our left side)... nonetheless... he tries his best and accomplishes the task with some minor assistance from Ms. Lynn!  8:00am is his psychologist.... are any of us ready for a psychologist at 8:00am lol?  He actually does pretty well with her and I try to make myself scarce when she comes in so I go shower, brush my teeth etc.  So I am in the bathroom and I hear him call my name so I rinse out the paste, go in there and he is saying "what took you so long?... I have been calling you...?"...of course I am like... "ummmm, u just called me two seconds ago" and the psychologist is agreeing with me.. anyways.....she tried to explain to him and me that when you have a brain injury you don't necessarily have good analysis of time or any time management.  So he and I both need to be patient with each other... I can hold up my end but I'm not so sure he can on his, lol!  I heard her ask him "how are you doing with managing your anger?"... he said "not so good"... YA THINK? ha?  I could just picture him thinking... "yeah lady, I'm doing fine... when they piss me off in here i just smack them on the back of the head or throw food at em"...." makes me feel better anyways".... hahahahahaaha.  Who knows what that kid is thinking in that noggin of his?!  8:30-9:30 he had physical therapy... the dreaded TREADMILL.... he has alot of increased tone in his left side which is good and bad... bad because it bothers him and he is fighting it... good because it means the sensations are really coming back and it helps him to walk.... soooo they have increased his baclefin (spelling??) which should help with some of the tone and pain... but overall he was REALLY trying today on the treadmill and when asked if he could go another 30 seconds (which was really probably 1-2 minutes)... he would reply yes... GOD BLESS YOU ALEX!  Thank you for trying and not giving up today... Thank you God for giving him the strength to get thru it even when he doesn't want to!!  10:30 speech...11:00 occupational therapy again... 11:30 feeding group.... 12:30 school...1:00 cognitive therapy , 2:00  recreational therapy , 2:30 speech...3:00 done :0)  Overall today was a good day with some minor behavioral issues... to be expected but not welcomed!
Our googles for the day:

cauliflower ear
inch worm
"what to do if you have an annoying mom and aunt?" ( and yes he said to google that, lol!)  You know you all wanna laugh.. go ahead... we did!  And are still smiling about it! :0)

You Tube : Kesha - tik tok
we were watching dancing with the stars... i think Erin Andrews danced to this???  Something set him off and he told us to you tube it!


I wish i could get inside that brain of his for just a day... he comes up with the craziest stuff!

We are planning his birthday party for this weekend, would love to invite everyone of course but being he still has his fears of everything and being introduced to strangers... we are only having a select few join us.  You will all be a part of our homecoming party... can't wait for that!!  If any of you have suggestions on where to get the cheapest helium balloons done.. please write me and tell me as I want to do tons of them in the red, yellow and blue superman colors....however... don't want to spend a fortune on just balloons... His theme.. of course SUPERMAN :0) 
Randi and I got out today for Brooks baseball game at Baldwin... Congrats on a win Boo!  It was nice to get out and big sista Heather babysat so we could go and enjoy!  We don't get out much and it was WINDY and COOL today... I guess I can't complain too much as we pretty much missed winter all together huh?!  Glad about that... winter isn't one of my favorite times of the year being I HATE cold weather.  Anywho, it was still nice to get out!
Carly is in the room with him as Randi and I sit in the waiting room... we have been kicked to the curb and were asked to leave the room so that he could go to sleep with just Carly in the room, lol.  GLADLY we will get out so you can rest your eyes sweet boy of mine who loves his mother and aunt soooo dearly we just know it, lol!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!  I do realize how fortunate I am and I give you all the Glory that I am able to see his precious face every morning whether happy or mad... I am truly thankful!!
Here's to brighter days with rainbows.... I LOVE YOU ALEX MICHAEL ROSS!!