On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


What an amazing day!!!  We got the call today that he was going to be visiting and I had to call my personal shopper Miss Viki to get on the ball and get all the items we needed for Mr. Tebow to sign for Alex.   OMG!  I am still on just a natural high right now from seeing Alex interact with him and how awesome it was to be just hanging out like we were all life long friends... it was AMAZING!  I told Alex today that Tim was going to try to come by next week , lol, so you can imagine the light in his eyes when he finally realized just who he was standing in the doorway.  He said to me tonight... "Mom, thank you...... you surprised me, I had no idea"!  I said, "Did you know who he was when he came in the doorway?"... He said "No... I thought he looked familiar but you said he wasn't coming until next week so I didn't think it was him.".... hahahahaha.... He said " Did you know he told me I was an inspiration to him?"  I said "Yes... and he wrote it in your journal too".... He said " He is an inspiration to me... I got his back and he has my back and God has both our backs"!!  CRY MUCH???

I love the fact that he got Tim doing all these poses...hahaha!
Alex Michael you are a Hoot!!

He thinks of little things here and there that stick out in his mind of the conversations he had with Tim.  Almost 2 hours of his time he spent here... sitting with Alex .... giving him undivided attention and that my friends is worth way more than all the money in this world!  MONEY CAN'T BUY what that just did for Alex!  

Alex gave him an autographed picture of himself.... too cute!! He has been telling anyone and everyone who comes into the room that he met Tim Tebow today.   And Tim... if you are reading this.... you are awesome and you have NO IDEA just exactly what you did for my handsome boy today.  If  I could have given him anything in this world... it would have been a visit from you!  He has just been on top of the world since you left today and if I could just borrow you for 2 weeks.. we would have this Brooks Rehab thing licked and we would be running down the halls out of here, ha ha.  Amazing what the smallest of things can do for someone..... Robbie... you are pretty dang awesome yourself!  I see the love you have in your eyes for your brother! It takes a special one to sit in the background while your brother gets all the lime light and glory.... I just want you to know that you are appreciated too and you deserve ALOT of the success of your brother in the way you  support him and love him.  I thank you all for coming today and making this THE BEST DAY EVER for Alex Michael Ross!  You have been his inspiration for so long and to finally have a piece of you for even a second....let alone the amount of time you dedicated to him... well there just arent enough words for me to express my gratitude!  He is looking forward to March 17th... he said he is coming and he doesn't give a DANG what the Doctors say...lol!   So the visit was more than I could have ever dreamed of..... while sitting there hanging out.. Alex tells Tim how much he loves chicken... fried chicken and Tim somehow gets a text or call to someone outside the room?? It all happened so fast... next thing I know, there is someone at the door with a bag from KFC .... he had gotten Alex some chicken strips, mac n cheese , mashed potatoes aaaaaaaaand a biscuit!!!  TIM TEBOW.... again.... I am in awe of you and just how cool and REAL you are!  So here we are, hanging out, Tim Tebow with a plate of all this food in his hand... while Alex is in his feeding frenzy hahahaha... and let me just tell you.. ALEX DOES NOT SHARE HIS FOOD!  Get a load of this:

Yes... Alex shared his chicken fingers WITH and FED Tim Tebow!  Thank you God for making all this possible for my precious boy!  With the faith that Tim has side by side with Alex ...WOW... friends for life... two peas in a pod with great messages for Jesus Christ!  Alex asked him questions and they joked around and they talked some football.... plays, teams, other players, his national championship rings..... for those of you who KNOW Alex.... you can only imagine he even made Tim Tebow blush a couple of times with that witty humor of his! Alex had him laughing....that's for sure!  They talked about The Heisman....  Alex said " How did it feel when you won the Heisman Trophy" and Tim said... "Not as good as it did to win the National Championship"!!! Tim told Alex he could come hang out at his house one day and take a picture with the Heisman....SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Alex's face lit up with a smile.... I LOVE IT!
As an avid LSU Tiger Fan ... I want to be honest for a moment because this is where my ignorance came into play....... I wasn't a big Gator Fan nor a big Tebow fan, go figure. Maybe if Tebow had played with the Tigers I would have been, hahahaha.... maybe it was jealousy........ PROBABLY...HA!   NOW....With that being said...  it honestly had nothing to do with him as a person... it was the way the media portrayed the team as "him"... and we all know it takes more than one person to win that game... it takes a WHOLE team... but I will tell you one thing... I am NOW and FOREVER will be A HUGE HUGE... Tim Tebow fan and will support him and pray for him that his life is blessed in more ways than with just football.  That of course.... is a given after meeting him today and just being in his presence of the awesome Christian that he is!!  Thank you God for opening my eyes to see that there is more to Tim Tebow than just football and showing me that he is REAL.... as REAL as it gets and he is undoubtedly YOUR CHILD and VERY REAL in his walk with YOU!  God....  you have crossed our paths for a reason and I don't doubt that for one second!  I really believe that this is part of your plan!!  Heck... you even got me to wear Gator clothing since January 6th....hahahaha....and I will tell you all now... if you don't already know.... THERE IS NOTHING THAT I WOULDN'T DO FOR MY BOYS!  And if wearing Gator clothing makes Alex happy at this moment.... you betcha momma will be in orange and blue!  Live for today... who cares what colors I bleed underneath that orange and blue.... what matters is what makes him happy... he is the one busting his butt all day having to relearn and rethink all that he was already taught.  It ain't easy... .... He will say..."My leg hurts" and I will say " I know baby... just work thru it" and he will say..."You don't know" and that's when I have to stop and say..." You're right Alex... I don't know HOW it hurts or what it feels like but I do understand you are hurting and we just have to work thru it for 5 more minutes".... somehow that 5 more minutes could be 25 but just him hearing that.... will keep him going.  The pride I have for that kid when I watch him in therapy.... is unexplainable!  I just want to scream at the top of my lungs THROUGHOUT THIS PLACE....."ALEX MICHAEL...GREAT JOB.... YOU ARE AMAZING AND I AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR MOMMA"....but he gets onto me when I clap or say Great Job Alex .... so I can't lol!  A special thank you to Deanna Clement..... you are the bomb.com for making this possible for us!  I can't wait for a photo shoot with you when Alex is back to his old self again....THANK YOU, thank you...thank you!  TIM AND ROBBIE..... YOU BOTH ROCK and it was certainly an honor having you here visiting my handsome boy!!  What an awesome experience to be in and witness with Alex.... INDESCRIBABLE!!

Soooo, Tim leaves and JSO Crime Scene Unit is here and wants to come up they have something special for Alex.... WOW....How exciting is this day?  Karen Smith with JSO Crime Scene Unit had an idea for Alex and has been waiting a month to get all this together and bring it to him.  She had a friend of a friend.... who just so happened to have a connection.... WITH CSI NY show...ummmm... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  She started pulling stuff out of this box... a CSI NY hat... a signed CAST picture...yes signed by the entire cast... another self portrait signed by Stella and one by Mac... all addressed to ALEX on the picture!  An entire Season DVD set....and a SIGNED MANUSCRIPT.... are you kidding me?  HOW AWESOME AWESOME is that?  You see... Alex wants to be CSI after he graduates high school and he and I used to lay in bed every Monday, Wed and Thursday and watch CSI together.  That was one of OUR shows we spent enjoying together....something I looked forward to but have not had the pleasure of doing since January 6th.  Thank you Carly... thank you Karen... it was awesome of you to do that for Alex and again I am in awe of the out pour of love and support that this community continues to give us!

Today has made me very thankful and appreciative for many many reasons.   Alex's dream came true today and there was nothing like it!!  Gator Haters... let me tell you... TIM TEBOW is one of the most AWESOME peeps I have ever met in my entire life.  I am truly blessed to have had the privilege of meeting such an incredible young gentleman.  Such a genuine and caring young man... Tim.....you really really spoke to my heart today and I can't thank you and Robbie enough for giving my boy the time of day!  He can't wait to see you again.... I think it will keep him going and smiling until we do!!  God Bless you and keep you safe under his wings because you are ONE SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL... and my son's HERO!!

I am signing off for now.... TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY since the first night when Alex survived that horrific day.  Thank you Deanna for giving me something ...... something that you will never fully understand all of what that little something was!

I will be giving testimony of my faith at our home church on Sunday morning at Macedonia Baptist Church. www.mbcjax.net  Please pray for me to find the right words....to express what needs to be said and let my light shine so that those that do not know Christ will kneel at that altar and ask Jesus into their hearts!  He is after all... the way...the truth and the light!  I live by FAITH.... you should try it!!  I AM TRULY TRULY BLESSED and I owe it all to GOD!


ps.  I know where you can get some good BBQ Saturday.... :0)