On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Alex hasn't been getting any sleep this past week... He is slap wore out!  We have been playing with different meds and finally figured out the Loratab was making him itch and keeping him up all night with the "Lice" it made him think he had, lol...... but he has not gone to bed before 11:30 every night and tonight not until 12:15.  NO VISITORS TOMORROW..... he is going to have therapy until 3 and then he is going to take a nap until 6-7 and then down for the night at 10.  He needs to get some much needed rest as yes he still has therapy on the weekends... light therapy but therapy none the less.  Maybe Saturday.... but NO VISITORS TOMORROW!  

What a great day today was!  My handsome boy will get his dream....  we get to go to Hawaii for 6 days and 5 nights.....THANK YOU "Dreams Come True" organization!  WOW!  They will be sending us paperwork to fill out but it's pretty much a done deal!  We just have to let them know when we want to go and what we want to do while we are there and they will set it all up!  THANK YOU GOD... I know how you like to dibble dabble in things... hee hee!  I am also excited for Kameron as he will get to go to Disney for the week!  Speaking of Kameron...He is leaving tomorrow please keep him in your prayers as well as the family as he will be facing a whole new life outside of here without the familiarity of his mom and 4 year old brother.  He was living with his mother and brother in KY with his mom's fiance' and baby sister.  Everything he has ever known is now changed and forever will be.  Please pray for his dad as he has to parent Kameron along with his gma Miss Sherry.... they will have to deal with all the recovery that Kameron is going to need.  He is going home with the Halo and an electric wheelchair... not an easy thing to have to adjust to. We will certainly miss him around here as he brightens our days just seeing his beautiful little face and sweet spirit.  Kameron... we love you and will be praying for your speedy recovery so that you are running around again in no time!!

Alex played a game of air hockey today against Randi during Rec. therapy:

 Day 57 who would of thought you would be playing Air Hockey??

Nice block Alex!

Alex is  fantastic... of course, lol!  Started out by brushing teeth in the bathroom and spitting in sink... usually we do this bedside and mom provides water and cup to spit in.  It's the little big steps that we take that will be making all the difference!

For lunch we got to go down in the cafe' here with his feeding group and he sat at the table with the group and ate cheese pizza and tater tots! I'm sure he will gain another 5lbs this week, ha ha!  He actually sat on this toilet wheelchair thing today ... basically a wheelchair with toilet seat hole ... and "went".... hahahahaha.... sorry Alex... it's a big deal and I have to brag about it!  One step closer to being independent and being a 16 year old again!  He is walking better with the walking devices here... did great this afternoon.... and getting stronger every time!! Ummm this is a new machine and naturally I have no clue what the name of it is... soooo we will stick with the good old term "walking thingy" hahahahaha!

Walking on that left leg... YOU GO BOY!

Alex I can't tell you how proud it makes me to watch you push and push all day long!  I am tired just from watching you exert all of your energy and giving it your all!  Thank you for trying so hard even when you don't want to go on anymore!  YOU ARE MY HERO....TODAY, TOMORROW AND ALWAYS!  I love you so very very much and words can't express the pride and honor I have of being your mom!!

I will be giving testimony of my faith at our home church on Sunday morning at Macedonia.  Please pray for me to find the right words....to express what needs to be said and let my light shine so that those that do not know Christ will kneel at that altar and ask Jesus into their hearts!  He is my steady rock.... along with all my pebbles of friends, family and prayer warriors and I want everyone to witness by my words just exactly what God did for me and can absolutely do for you!  I am not going to rehearse, it's just me... just me telling my story.... MY walk with God thru my storm.... and once again I am going to put all my faith in God and pray that he gives me the words that turn non believers into complete trusters!  If you don't have a home church and you are on the fence about trusting him.... please come see me, listen to what I have to say ... you can change your life and find a peace and comfort like no other by giving your heart to God.  You will never fully understand until you are challenged with putting ALL of your faith in him.  But know this.... he is there... he is ALWAYS there.... waiting on you... to ask him in!

Have an awesome Friday and a great weekend!  Praying Alex gets some much needed rest this weekend as he is going to have to work extra hard this next week at the new goals they have placed on him!  He is up for the challenge and knows what he needs to do and is in the right mindset... as always!