On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sooo I just had to get on here and tell ya'll that since Alex has been on real people food.... he now weighs 100 POUNDS!!!  He has gained 5lbs in one week......Woooohoooooooo!  He asked me before they weighed him how much I thought he gained and I said if not 5lbs ATLEAST 3lbs!!! Eating like there is no tomorrow and drinking 3 milkshakes a day.... THE WEIGHT IS COMING BACK ON!  We might have to roll him outta here when we leave hahahahaha!  Thanks to all who stop by and bring him food from the outside because without you guys... this wouldn't be possible.  The food here is not bad.... but it's just not like POPEYE's or MCDONALDS... if you know what I mean!  Soooo excited for him and glad to see that the weight is coming back!

Back to therapy.... just wanted to share the great news!!