On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Well if you saw my blog earlier this morning you know that Alexander the EVIL twin woke up and not my Alex! I tried to blog from the iphone but my iphone wouldn't cooperate so all I could get in was the title, lol.  I really believe that when any new routine comes into play that his anxiety takes over and the anger and frustration triggers the hatefulness.  He was unbelievably ugly and hateful to me, Randi and Chad this morning.  However... once we got to Brooks..... the EVIL twin slowly subsided and he was at ease with where he was and what was about to happen.  Alot of what his therapy consists of is group therapies.... I think this helped today. I think he was afraid that it was going to be a gruesome therapy lol!  Sitting in the background observing the cognitive group therapy really put things into perspective for me and really brought the true meaning of just what a MIRACLE Alex really and truly is!  Out of the 6 or 7 people there... Alex seems to have had the most trauma to  his brain compared to the others... and I'm not trying to take away from their injuries by any means so please don't take it that way.  I'm not sure if you all realize that again... Alex has little if anything of the right side of the brain left... the left side has stroking in two spots and I'm not sure what or how much  is functional on that side.   Where it comes into perspective for me is listening to each of them introduce themselves and what happened to them.  One lady fell down 17 stairs.... another gentlemen had a stroke.... 2 young gentlemen hit by cars (one of them was at Shands Ped ICU when Alex was brought in.... another older gentlemen working on some sheet metal fell from roof.... all of these people's memory was HIGHLY affected with alot of memory loss and difficulty remembering even the smallest of things...both short and long spans.... ALEX.... mild memory deficit but for the most part... RIGHT ON THE MONEY!  THANK YOU GOD!  I can't really explain it.... you would have to be in the room to understand the magnitude of what MIRACLE God has performed with Alex.  Some of them have been going to this day treatment since May of last year... October of last year.... You have now all seen Alex on the news... talking... comprehending.... IT IS A MIRACLE and at superman speed.... INCREDIBLE!  Alex doesn't have HALF the brain of what these people have inside yet his memory and comprehension are awesome compared to them.  PERSPECTIVE!
Let me show you pictures... day 2 to now day 89.... PERSPECTIVE.... MIRACLE.... YOU BETTA BELIEVE IT!


Cranioplasty scheduled for APRIL 22nd  to repair the skull

DAY 88, Easter Sunday with Conner and Claire


Today was basically an orientation/evaluation day...tomorrow begins the test and true workout!  I am very excited about the program and really feel like he will benefit tremendously and be walking in no time!  I want to thank you all again for the fundraisers and donations because this would not be possible if it hadn't been for them!  I have been contacted by several in the community for more fundraisers to come ..... a softball tournament.... a stunt show..... WOW.... THANK YOU...as we are not sure how many months he will need to be there.  $ 9,000 a month goes fast so I can't thank you enough for your continued support and wanting to help even after we are now at home.  BUILDERS CARE.... WOW.... I am in awe of you and your organization.  Thank you to those of you who contacted them to see if they would help Alex out here at our home.... OMG... my house is soooo not accessible for Alex... especially his bathroom..CAN YOU SAY NIGHTMARE.... we meet with them again on Wednesday afternoon to assess the situation and see how we can make this house so that Alex can learn to be more independent and get around on his own... YAY!  I'm thinking of changing my name to FRED instead of MOM, lol.... I need a little variety with my name being called every 5 seconds :o)... HOWEVER... I take myself back to day one and I LOVE HEARING THE WORD "MOM" every 5 seconds.

Randi and I are actually getting some free time tomorrow... dropping off the kid at 9 and we are OFF TO THE BEACH...HAAAAAAAAAAALELUIAH!!  THANK YOU JESUS FOR REAL!!  We cannot wait... OMG... we are not going to know how to act, lol!  Brooks Rehab said we need to just drop and go.... ummm, you ain't gotta tell us twice... WE ARE OUTTA THERE!  This will be great for Alex to see just how much mom and Randi do, lol!  A nice little wake up call for Alexander the Evil twin, ha!

Signing off.... gotta get everything ready for tomorrow for Alex and myself... will keep you posted on how his day goes... hopefully we don't get any calls, lol.  I feel like I am dropping my 5 year old off at daycare!!

LIVE FOR TODAY.... hopefully my pictures put things into perspective for you.... it's a true wake up call and tomorrow is not promised... my son is very fortunate as am I!  I serve an awesome God and he continues to bless me daily.... speaking of which... George? ( My new BFF LSU FAN, lol)...I believe this is his name at Hanger (prosthetics in San Marco).... well he blessed Alex with a brand spanking new pair of tennis shoes to wear with his new leg /foot brace that we got today so that his brace would fit in his shoe!  SEEEEE... Daily God blesses me with things that he knows need to be provided.... HE IS CONSISTENT.... believe it, trust him, thank him daily.... he is for real!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY.... WE GOT THIS!!