On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, April 30, 2010


We woke up, Doctor Vitarbo's PA,  Amanda had a look at the shunt....drainage area....  all looked great with the new setting, fluid seems to be draining as it should.....so we were discharged.  Crazy but Alex wanted to stay!  Too bad... sorry boo... we are outta here, lol!  So got him dressed, outta bed, in the wheelchair..... annnnnnnnnnd picture time, lol.

Alex with Nurse Melissa who has been with us since the very beginning!!  I think this is why Alex didn't want to leave lol! 

Doesn't he look great!  He was a bit sore today and has been... his stomach seems to be really really tender.... I guess where the drain / stitch area is..... is just painful.  We loaded up in the car and headed home!  Once we got here, Alex's new toy was awaiting him!  Two very precious followers of our blog, contacted me, Linda and Dick Walker,  they wanted to donate Alex a Hover Round electric wheelchair....HOW AWESOME is that???  Two snow birds from VA, travelling back from Florida on their way home!  Again... people we do not know that have once again blessed us!  God is AWESOME how he touches peoples hearts!  I cannot tell you what a blessing this is and has been today!  Besides the fact that he has run into every wall and moved the sofa and loveseat with it.... it is very very handy and nifty for Alex to get around the house in!  He also took a stroll with me down the street which was awesome for him as he hasn't really been able to go outside much or even have the desire to do so!  Once he gets the hang of it.... we will be in business!  It is a huge blessing to me as now I do not have to constantly load and unload his wheelchair out of my car!  Now I can leave in my trunk and just use when he goes to day treatment or wherever else we have to go.... no more unloading and loading 4-6 times a day!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  THANK YOU LINDA AND DICK WALKER..... you have given Alex a bit of joy back in his life and he thinks it is WAY COOL!!!  SO THANK YOU!

We went for a stroll in the neighborhood and he couldn't wait to come back in and tell my mom that he smoked me..... yes...he left me in the dust, lol!

Thanks to Mom.... she came home with me today and helped me clean out Randi's room :0(.... it had a lot of boxes and stuff still needing to be sorted out from when we moved in, back in November that I never finished unpacking.  Well... Alex is having a hospital bed delivered tomorrow, YAY... no more worrying about him falling out of his bed!  This room will now become Alex's room as this is where we have to put the bed because he can't get in his room with the new chair, plus Builder's Care will be coming in the near future to make some adjustments for Alex so that he can maneuver better in his wheelchair and be more independant with showering....toilet.... sink all of his own, built right into this room!  Soooo we got all that taken care of today and the room is ready for Alex to move in!

He will be taking next week off from day treatment so he can recover and be ready to rock n roll next Monday where he can focus on getting that left side back to normal and WALKING!  Looking forward to a lazy weekend and maybe sleeping in a little :0)

Alex and I are missing Randi and know she will be back for a visit hopefully sooner than later, ha ha.  It's really weird not having her here.... a part of me is missing.... she was the closest thing to a clone as I'm ever going to get, lol.  Prayer warriors, please pray for her, gma and the family.... there is alot going on right now and they all need to be lifted up in prayer! 

THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY....for the many miracles you have performed in our lives over the past 4 months and for all that you continue to do in our daily lives now.  Alex has one heck of a story to tell and I can't wait until he is fully recovered and your light can shine thru him for all to see and BELIEVE exactly what you are capable of!  SEEING IS BELIEVING!

Hoping you all have an awesome weekend..... hug and kiss those babies...even the grown ones! :0)



ps.  Special thanks to Sher and Dar.... you two are awesome and I can't thank  you enough for all you have done for Randi, Alex and I!  I LOVE YOU and please know that nothing you do goes unnoticed or unappreciated!  Thank you for always thinking of others and giving so much of yourselves for our entire family!  Alex sure loves his Aunti Kami Cakes and Aunti MeMe... lol!  Kristen... I suppose you will get your nickname next time you visit!!  Randi has many nicknames... some she is not so fond of lol!! (smile Randi)... LOVE YOU SISTERS! xoxo