On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So we had a lazy Saturday..... attempted to go to Brooks game and lasted all of 30 minutes because it was soooo stinking hot!  Alex's hospital bed arrived yesterday of which he was not impressed because it wasn't the one he had at the hospital, lol!  Not bad but rather the blue light special from KMart.... not the one from the Ritz Carlton, top of the line!  However... today I put two pieces of memory foam on it so we will see how it goes tonight and if this somehow tricks the brain that this is an awesome bed, ha!  Alex has really been enjoying being home and is somewhat over the electric wheelchair already being he kinda crashed his left foot, of which is VERY sensitive to touch so you can imagine wrecking the wheelchair into the door jam just how much that hurt!  He has had me back to the old wheelchair today.... this will only last a bit until he feels comfortable driving the electric one again.  WE did use it tonight to take a walk down the street.... we were attempting the whole neighborhood... again...he only lasted about 30 minutes. 

We had an awesome day today... started out at the Jaguar Stadium for their mini camp and actually got more than we bargained for.  Alex's new BFF Ryan... once again hooked up his boy Alex and got him a front row spot to sit and watch and then he got to walk out with Reggie and the rest of the boys!  He was sporting his jersey that Reggie gave him the last time we visited, which was Reggie's actual game jersey that he signed!  HOW CUTE IS THIS PIC!!!  MY HANDSOME BOY!

He had such a great time today... and knock on wood... Alexander has not been around since our last two surgerys!  THANK YOU GOD!  Alex got to meet a couple of players that he hadn't had a chance to meet and greet before... and was giving them the firm " Hi, I'm Alex Ross... Alex Michael Ross" handshake!  HE CRACKS ME UP!  He was even looking for Mr. Weaver so he could apologize for blowing him off last time to meet a couple more players that walked up as Mr. Weaver was telling him a story, lol.  But I don't think he was there......Here's some pics from our day today.... enjoy!

Thank You Jaguars for once again giving Alex the time of day and making him feel special if only for 5 minutes of your time!  It is such a blessing to me to witness the smiles and laughter that you bring to his heart and to see him actually enjoy a day out!  Some sort of normalcy if you will.... a regular, normal kid!  You give him a piece of him back.... and for that ....being his mom... I can't ever thank you enough!  You guys are awesome and Reggie.... well you have his heart, he can't stop talking about you and are in his eyes..... one of his BFF's along with Ryan, Maurice and Rich.  He really really enjoyed meeting Maurice and Gerard's boys....better known as THE FUTURE, lol.  Alex always has a special knack for loving the kids!!

A special thanks to Miss Rhonda, Alex's PP (personal photographer)... I can always count on her to capture the Kodak moments so that I can enjoy watching Alex and soak it all in.  MY MIRACLE BOY.... still soooo surreal of it all.... amazing amazing story and I'm so thankful to you God.... that Alex will one day be able to tell it and understand it all!  Brooks is going to be baptized this Sunday....Mother's Day... how awesome is that... One of the best presents I could ever ask for!  He gave his heart to God years ago we just never got to seal the deal.  The best part of it all... Alex will be there.... and Nick home from school....the whole family.... BEST MOM'S DAY EVER!  THANK YOU GOD FOR MY MANY MANY BLESSINGS and for all you continue to do in our lives. 

2 prayer requests for my prayer warriors

Randi and Kristen's gma - she is out of hospital and in a rehab facility.... however she is 96-97ish and Im sure not an easy thing for her.

Michelle Pappas - a very special friend that we met while at Brooks' and was discharged right after us.  She is in ICU in South Florida, it seems to be one thing after another and she can't seem to get a break.  Please lift her and her family up in prayer so that she can be healed and on her road to recovery like Alex.  Her family is precious to ours and I pray for peace, comfort and strength for her as well as the family.

Alex will not be in the day treatment program this week... taking it easy... healing from surgeries so he can be back in full swing come Monday the 10th and get to walking! 

Randi... we are missing you more than you can possibly imagine!  Love you kiddo! xoxo