On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Got to our appt on time this morning and the cat scan out of the way..... Dr. Vitarbo reviewed it and said everything looks OK so surgery is still a GO for THURSDAY!  THANK YOU GOD!  One step closer to putting all the pieces of the puzzle back together to make Alex whole again!  NO MORE HELMET....YAY!  Even though he hates it... he knows that it is his signature hat that people recognize him wherever we go and come up and talk to him and give him encouragement!  He thinks it's cool the way people come up and tell him how proud of him they are and tell him what a Miracle he is!  He'll say... "Mom... who was that?".... and 99.9% of the time... I have no idea!  It's awesome to know that there are  sooo many good, caring and compassionate people still left in this world and that we live in an awesome community!

Today was a great day for both Alex and I!  Randi and I got alot of boxes unpacked today and things put away as the weather was NOT permitting for the beach... we came back home and got to work!  Alex on the other hand.... busted butt today at therapy and was all smiles when we picked him up today!  He was soooo excited that in occupational therapy today he got to wear some type of an "air cast" that allowed him to keep his elbow steady and he could move that left arm up and down and side to side with NO assistance!  He was beaming from ear to ear and so excited to tell us of his accomplishments today.  He also walked around today in physical therapy with the therapist helping.  So all in all... we all got alot accomplished today!

Tomorrow Randi and I will be spending the day with him at the day treatment program..... there is a special speaker coming... "the jogger in Central Park"... not sure if you have heard of her... you can GOOGLE her as Alex would say.  She actually heard Alex's story when we first got to Brooks Rehab from Shands and mailed him a card there.... IMPRESSIVE!  So, tomorrow she is giving a motivational speaking and his day treatment group is going and Randi and I are tagging along as well... might motivate me as well right?!!!  I can always use a pep talk, lol!  We also will be meeting with the psychologist of which I cannot wait, ha!  We gotta get a grip on Mr. Alexander and get him gone!  Looking forward to our chat and notes that Randi has been taking of certain attitudes he displays and at what times.... WE GOT THIS, lol!

Alex has been in an awesome mood today... I feel like maybe today was a booster for him as well and that helps with the attitude.  I think he saw some progress today and started to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and have a little confidence that he will be able to walk again and do things for himself!  We have been laughing and cutting up all afternoon with him.... nice to have him smiling again.  I still can't wait till that day when I have my ole Alex back.... and I know Brooks can't wait either!  However... until then.... with lots of love, encouragement and the word of God.... we ARE and WILL beat this battle!  Alex is still tenacious and he won't stay down for long!  Thank you for the continued prayers for this week.... hoping and praying that anxiety doesn't set in too much with him and that Alexander stays under control.  Looking forward to Thursday's surgery.... Nick is coming home for a couple of days as well.... sisters... Darlene and Sherry coming back in on Saturday.....  GOING TO BE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD!!

Wishing you all sunshine and rainbows this week.... even though the weather says the skies will be grey!  Keep your chins up.... count your blessings twice.... look for the positives and don't sweat the small stuff!