On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


WOW!  What a great get away day/night we had yesterday!  We had the privelege of being invited to Erin and Rio Robinson's wedding and I can't thank you two enough for having us witness such a match made in heaven celebrate their new beginning as husband and wife.  You two are truly one of the most compassionate and endearing couples that we have grown to love more and more each time we all get to hang out.  Chad and I wish you all the best life has to offer with many blessings headed your way..... God Bless your marriage... put HIM first and you will be blessed beyond measures.  Thank you so very much for giving ME a reason to get away and have some down time.... away from my real world!  WE LOVE YOU TWO AND ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU AS YOU BEGIN YOUR NEW JOURNEY AS HUSBAND AND WIFE! Chad thought I wouldn't make it to I-10 before turning around, lol.  Honestly... I thought of a million different reasons as to why I SHOULDN'T go.... but in the end... i more so did this for Chad and some married time for once since January 6th.  It actually took me about 10 minutes before I called to remind Randi of something else I thought of, haha. Chad said he told her I wouldn't make it out of the neighborhood before I called... PROVED HIM WRONG, HA!  I made it to about 9:00pm before I actually broke down, called Randi crying.... missing Alex... feeling like I should be here, not there....feeling guilty because I left.... she gave me a quick pick me up and told me not to worry, he was fine...go have fun... enjoy myself.. so I hung up and took myself to the dance floor, ha!  Anyone who knows me... I like to dance... my happy place if you will :0)  Our night lingered till about 3am, Erin and Rio invited us out after the wedding....not used to that and fading fast tonight! 

A BIG THANK YOU to Randi, Carly and Rhonda who tried to keep Alex entertained while we were away so that Chad and I could go and spend the night on the Amelia Island Plantation with some of the wedding party after the blessed event.  YOU GIRLS ARE AWESOME and Chad and I can't thank you enough for taking on that challenge as I know it wasn't an easy one.  Alex tried them ... of course... why would I think he wouldn't???  He got them to give him ANOTHER shower... and trust me when I tell you this... that IS NOT an easy task!  You get drenched... it takes about 30-45 minutes and it can wear you out!  He began his beating on the wall again last night when he was told that word he loves so much..."NO"... this is where he turns into Alexander... or the equivalent of a "terrible 2-year old".  Sooooo, ladies... thank you...I know how much it takes out of you... I know the challenges....I know the patience you have to sustain in order not to beat him, lol!  THANK YOU... I owe ya one!

Tomorrow we have another cat scan scheduled for 8:15 am as Alex's head seems swollen this week and I just want to make sure everything is fine before we go into the surgery on Thursday.  I forsee Alexander coming out this week as he has A LOT of anxiety going on in regards to Thursday.  He wanted to call Dr. Vitarbo today to ask her questions about the surgery.  It took all I had to convince him that she didn't work weekends and that we would talk to her this week.  Please say some quick prayers that everything in that brain of his is ok.... that the surgery will go fantastic and that we will be on our way to full recovery with this last surgery out of our way!  So tomorrow... cat scan... then day treatment....Randi and I are going to try to sneak to the beach after we drop him off because this week is going to be stressful and we better jump on it while we can!

I will keep you posted on what the cat scan says... if they tell me, lol.  Sometimes no news is good news and if surgery is still a go for thursday then I will know everything is ok!