On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well.... after last nights episode of Alex falling out of the bed at 1:00am... yes,  I said FELL OUT OF BED and lack of sleep.... I decided today we would stay home for a day of rest!  The bedrail that we have set up for Alex apparently doesn't hold 117 pounds.... not the way I wanted to find out but he is OK... just freaked him out a little.  He was trying to roll on his side... to bang on the wall to get our attention and the bed rail gave way.  Needless to say.... my new place of rest is now right beside Alex....atleast for a little while until his fear subsides of falling out of the bed!  GREAT! :0/

Since I had 2 hours of sleep from the night before surgery... last night I took half of tylenol pm... got up with Alex at 1 then finally got him back to sleep at 2 and we slept till 10 with a couple of wake ups between to fix his leg on a pillow.  He rested today.... we did not, lol.  If you remember I said that we just moved in the house in November so there is still lots of unpacking to do.... well we finished in his room today... sorted through his drawers and Brooks' drawers to condense clothing and get it all put away.  Alex accumulated alot of stuff while in the hospital for almost 3 months!  Miss Bonnie brought us a 5 course amazing dinner tonight...THANK YOU!  You will never know how much we appreciate that and how much of a blessing that is to me as I do NOT have the time nor the energy to cook right now!  Heidi thank you for the spaghetti Monday night... it was faaaaaaaaaantastic!!  It's the little things in life that mean the most right now!  Kinlin came over and she and Randi went to town on putting a TV console table together so we can unpack all of our dvd's that some of you bought Alex in the hospital and the ones we already had that are all still in boxes sitting in my living room... driving me nuts!  THANK YOU GIRLS!

Alex has been laying around all day.... eating chicken noodle soup and brownies, lol.  Saying he only trusts that food not to hurt his throat ...however....He did attempt to eat Miss Bonnie's dinner tonight!  He watched "The Other Sister" and loves to repeat all the lines of the movie... over and over and over... aaaaaaaahhhh!  If you have been around him lately you know what I am talking about when I say he repeats himself constantly and sometimes I feel like I am dealing with "RAINMAN" lol!  He will sit there and have a conversation with us and ask question after question after question.... and go from A-Z! EXAMPLE:  "What is your favorite color?" "Why is that your favorite color?" "When did that become your favorite color?" "You don't have that many shirts that color, so why is that your favorite color?" "Your car isn't that color?... Why didn't you get a car that is your favorite color?" "Why isn't your favorite color the color of your car?"  "Why did you pick that car?"  "I thought you were looking at a different kind of car?"  " Did you know the sales lady at the car place before you went there?" " Didn't she say she has kids?"  "Does she have 3 boys like you?" "Do you think she drives a Nissan too?"  "Why don't you know what she drives? Didn't she tell you while you were there buying the car from her?"  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!  Try sitting there in a conversation with him for 5 minutes.... you will be pulling your hair out, lol!  THE BRAIN IS A QUIRKY LITTLE THING!  He used to do it to his nurses at Brooks everytime they would come in to give him medicine... sometimes I would have to tell them to just WALK AWAY FROM THE CHILD or he would have them standing there forever hopping from question to question, lol!  He will have you answering EVERYTHING!  I was laying with him tonight before he went to sleep... I had to walk away from the child!  He's so stinking cute... you want to kiss him one minute and get away from him the next.  He is like a sponge soaking up every little thing around him!  When he starts that... we call him Curious George... that's his other personality when not Alex or Alexander, lol! He told his cognitive therapist the other day..." I think I'm smarter now than I was before because I remember everything so much easier now".  You know what's funny.... I THINK SO TOO, LOL!  Maybe he just pays better attention now than he did before, ha!  NOW he wants to know everything... before he could probably care less!  You know how we are able to drown out noises in the background... example... you could be on the phone with TV on in the background... well.. Alex can't filter that... so what he hears is EVERYTHING all jumbled together... so if he is in living room having conversation and I am on my phone talking or someone else is having conversation... he is like BIONIC MAN and can hear it all and wants to be in everyone's conversation at the same time... asking who, what, when where and why!  THE BRAIN... quirky!  Maybe he can be like a spy or something now?  He might be too smart for CSI, lol!

The surgery seems to be a success... I feel like not as much mucus and junk are in his trach canula when I clean it.... he hasn't coughed up any blood... his throat is just a sore and he drinks a TON of water and is peeing A LOT! ha.  He is having some anxiety about his upcoming surgery .... asking a million questions... please pray for some peace of mind for him.... this will be the last surgery and he will finally be ALL PUT BACK TOGETHER!!  One week from today.... we will be at Shands.... our last step to full recovery!  THANK YOU GOD FOR CONTINUING TO BLESS ME ON A DAILY BASIS WITH ALEX MICHAEL ROSS..... ALIVE AND WITTED!  He is a trip.... and there are peaks and valleys with him... but never doubt how grateful that I am that he was given a second chance!  I may cry and vent and get extremely aggravated... but it's all part of the healing process with him and his stages.... I will take it all....good days and bad... to have Alex Michael ALIVE!  Baby steps... one day at a time.... WE GOT THIS!