On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Handsome Boy is doing great!

So today I got alot accomplished .... well I feel like I did anyway lol.  Randi and I dropped Alex off this morning at 9am sharp... on time I might add... and started our day!  First we went to tax collector to get Alex's handicap parking pass and I will ONLY use it when he is in the car!! :0)  From there we headed to WalMart to find the grips that you put on the bottom of the bathtubs but they only had these shell looking things that don't exactly match my motif so tomorrow we will be on a hunt for a variety, lol.  I guess I shouldn't be so picky but I want what I want.. ha!  We were also looking for what they call a "husband pillow" but WalMart didn't have that either...thanks to Carly who called today from Bed, Bath & Beyond... she found it!  This works great for Alex to be able to sit up and support both left and right sides while on couch or in bed.  It's the little things in life that mean the most, ha!  From there we went to Coggin Nissan of the Avenues to find a car that Alex can get into and out of with just me as Randi will be leaving at the end of April.  My Mazda 3i isn't exactly wheelchair friendly / no trunk space to fit it or leg room for Alex in back seat and while I am driving Chad's Jeep Liberty right now and it is wheelchair friendly...However... it is NOT Alex friendly and it takes both Randi and I to lift him and get him in the back seat.  I should probably video it and put on you tube because it is quite amusing, lol.  Soooo, I thought I would need some type of a smaller SUV because it has to be good on gas as well. We may have found a perfect fit with the Nissan Ultima.... I know.. not an SUV, but the SUV's tend to be a little bit higher up and create a little difficulty with Alex being able to get in and out with just me!  Soooo, they were kind enough to let us take the car home, we got to pick Alex up and WOW what a difference!  It was easy as pie and he was sooo excited that he could actually almost do it all by himself... INDEPENDENCE if you will!  I questioned it at first thinking the trunk wouldn't be big enough and being wheelchair friendly... that sucker has a ton of space!  I am not quite sure if I am sold on it.... I want to check out other options before just taking the first thing I look at but atleast I know that this car will work and I won't have to drive a minivan, lol!  I am past the minivan days... no offense, I would just rather have a car as I have no babies on board... well per say... it depends on which day it is and if I am driving Alexander around or Alex hahahahaha!

We came straight home today as we had an awesome visit with some pretty awesome gentlemen... Bill Wilson, Executive Director,  Chris Simons, Pastor, Senior Project Manager and Mr. West Westmoreland of Builders Care, builderscare.org , what an amazing organization and wonderful group of people.  Mr. Bill... don't forget to send me the pictures ya'll took, if you are reading this!  Especially the funny one!  We hung out, they ate brownies with Alex, drank coffee and discussed how they could make this house more accessible for Alex.  My main concern is the nightmare with his bathroom situation with lack of space and mobility and bathing/showering...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Well Mr. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilson, as Alex the Menace calls him, and his team are going to get together and make it happen for Mr. Alex!  INCREDIBLE!  I swear I have a direct link with God right now because Alex and I just keep getting blessing after blessing after blessing and sometimes it is a little overwhelming at how much things just seem to fall into place.  For instance... remember the other day I said we went to Joe's Crabshack?  Well I can't remember if I mentioned or not about the two ladies that approached him, at different times?  The first lady came up to the table, crouched down beside him and told him how proud she was of him and to keep up the hard work and went and sat back down with her husband as they finished up their meals and left before I could get to thank them.  As she walked away... Alex says... "Mom... she slid in, slid me some money and slid out" and smiled.  Before I knew it .. they were gone and I never got to thank them.  Well TODAY... Mr. Bill tells me that he had a board meeting yesterday and he brought Alex's story to the table and this gentlemen says " oh yeah... we got to see him at Joe's Crabshack and we gave him some birthday money".....  "yes I am on board!"  He is President of ICI Builders and is a major player in donations for Builders Care cause..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Seriously... what are the chances of that?  First of all... we were leaving the beach because Alex didn't feel good and was done!  As we are loading up... he realizes Joe's is across the street and insists we go there to eat lunch... "on him" as he put it, lol.  What are the chances that we sat 5 feet away, that his wife came and met Alex and blessed him with birthday money AND that he is a major contributor to Builders Care!  GOD IS GOOD I TELL YOU!  BLESSING AFTER BLESSING AFTER BLESSING!  Let Go and Let God really works!  FOR REAL!  If you ever doubted... I am here to tell you, speaking from experience... it really really works!  Just like the other day when we had to go and pick up Alex's brace for his leg to be able to walk on his left leg.  The brace was too wide for the shoes he has and I was going to have to go to Footlocker when I left there and get a pair of running shoes that the brace would fit into.... NOPE.... Alex was blessed with a new pair of tennis shoes, right there and then!!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  I'm sure I could think of plenty other things that have just gone our way.... and I will mention them as soon as I can think of them... my brain is shutting down...sleepy time :0)

Alex had a great day at therapy today.... today was his first day of physical therapy and he walked with the quad cane with assistance from therapist and hopefully it will get easier in time.  He has been having A LOT of muscle spasms lately where his leg or arm just shake uncontrollably and it hurts quite a bit.  Hopefully once he begins using that left arm and leg a bit more frequently at therapy that will subside.  It seems to have gotten stronger since we came home :0(  He has been sleeping for longer periods of time thru the night... still not a full 5-6 hours but atleast he is not waking up every 2-3 hours.  Please continue to pray for Alex's strength to fight thru the pain to get the most out of his therapy.  He really loves the people there and has been in great moods the past two days that I have picked him up.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ALEX!  You will be walking around in no time!

I will be making another phone call to his ENT tomorrow to see when we can begin treatment on the scar tissue and get that trach capped and hopefully removed with his cranioplasty on April 22nd.  Pray that all pans out as planned.... another step closer to a full recovery!  Not to mention... once the trach is out... we can do some swimming pool therapy to work on those muscle spasms! YAY!

Tomorrow is a new day... Positive thinking over here...Alex will have another great day and I will find a car that is perfect for me and Alex to meet all of his needs.  HAVE AN AWESOME DAY... wishing you all rainbows and sunshine.  Smile at someone today.... you will start a chain reaction and what a wonderful one at that!