On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So the alarm goes off at 5:30am, I make the coffee, get my clothes out and then wake Brooks up at 5:45... jump in the shower, get dressed and am on my way to wake Alex up when I realize that Chad is in there.  Apparently Alex woke up and was calling for Brooks or Chad because he had to pee.  Weeeellllll.... they didn't make it in time and Alex peed 5 gallons, or so it seemed lol... all over him, the bed, the comforter.... and on his new MEMORY FOAM... aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.  Sooooooo, Brooks finished getting ready so I can take him to the bus stop, I am cleaning Alex up, changing clothes, transfer him to his wheelchair to take him to Brooks' bed, get him in the bed situated, go back to his room to get all the bedding to wash, throw it in the washer, go back to his room and take off the memory foam to clean, put that in garage, go back to his room to scrub the mattress... Brooks is hollering to go... I jump in the car to take him to the bus stop... we get there... NO ONE... we missed the bus.  I now have to drive him to Baldwin to school, get there at 6:30 have to wait because he can't get in school till about 6:50ish.... sit there and wait... I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE like that, lol... so I get Brooks off to school, drive back to my house, get Alex up, transfer to the wheelchair, take him in the living room to get dressed, make me some coffee that I never got to drink, get his shoes on, take him to the bathroom to brush his teeth, get a hot wash cloth to wash his face that he insists only the bath water will be hot enough, not from the sink..... back to the kitchen to take the 5 meds that he is on now... wait... where is his military dependant ID that I need to get on base today for his 3:20pm appt?... dig here and there... his room, my room, his wallet, my other purses... we just moved in this house in November... I still have boxes to go thru... WHO KNOWS WHERE IT IS???... No more time to look.....time to go....open the door to put him in the car... it's too cold, he wants a jacket.. another 10 minutes to get that put on... transfer from wheelchair to the car, load his bags, brace, tennis shoes and wheelchair.... WE ARE OFF TO START THE DAY and had every intention of leaving the house by 8am.... not happening it's now 8:30am..... get on I-10 hit 8am traffic... get to about McDuff... HE HAS TO GO NUMBER 2.... OMG...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  "Mom, I can't hold it... I'm about to go, it's coming out"... I am thinking... NOT IN MY NEW CAR... not to mention he had 5 Oats N Honey nature grain bars at Brooks game the night before... I can only imagine what is about to come out!  HOLD IT... PLEASE.... I manage to get over to McDuff, exit.... SPEEDRACER to find somewhere to take my handicap child to the restroom... pull over at some jiffy mart, park, run in... "My son is in a wheelchair... is your bathroom big enough for that?"... NO... OMG... running back to the car like an Olympic Runner... Randi is about to get the wheelchair out, I'm yelling..."no bathroom, get in the car!"... Alex's response..."Are you shitting me?"...was that pun intended or not? lol.... NO FILTER... he wasn't trying to be funny he just needed to go lol... so I see Burger King sign... "Alex... will you go in here?"... "yes, as long as you clean the bathroom, I ain't sitting on no dirty toilet".... SERIOUSLY??????  ok... the wheelchair has been possessed and we can barely open and close it lately... so Randi looks at me and says "I'll go clean the toilet... you get the wheelchair"... OK.. FINE BY ME, LOL!  I'd much rather fight the wheelchair than clean BK toilet anyday, hahahahaha!  Soooo, I fight the wheelchair, while Alex is screaming to hurry it's coming out... I sling him in the chair, race up the ramp... hollering for Randi to open the bathroom door... scoot him up, love Randi... she has toilet papered the seat so he doesn't have to sit on the toilet....get him in and on in the nick of time!  NOW THAT MY FRIENDS... IS TEAMWORK!  And thank you God because it was like liquid honey and oats bar!  THAT IS HOW MY DAY STARTED OUT.... can we say... MELT DOWN... STRESSED OUT????  CRY AT THE DROP OF A HAT????  You betcha!!!  Well.... from there we finally roll up to his day treatment at 9:25 of which starts at 9... but it's better late than never.. right?  I kiss Alex bye... have a great day... turn the corner.. look at Randi and say .... RUUUUUUUUUUUN, lol!  We laughed... and ran, lol!

Now... get in the car, call the base to see if I HAVE to have ID to get on base because I do have a legal guardian card that I got to be able to get on base without him if need be for prescrips..... I have a pass that I got for my car to stick in windshield when I go on base.... OH WAIT... I got a new car!  BUT...yes, as long as you have car registered in your name and insurance sure... ummmm,. problem... it's in Chad's name... better interest rate,lol... AAAAAAAAAHHHHH..."here is the number to the security desk, call to see if they will make an exception for you today under the circumstances"... after what I have been thru this morning already.. I am thinking I can only imagine what she will say, ha! So I call... lady was very nice and it's not a problem ... they can give me a day pass to get on... just not a permanent one like I had before where I don't have to get out and sign in to get on base every time.... I'LL TAKE THAT! Soooo now off  to Walgreens to drop off prescriptions that I will need for after tomorrow's surgery... they'll be ready in 30 min.. ok fine, we'll go run more errands...be back later.  TEXT MESSAGE.... "Lisa... how about lunch with Alex tomorrow at the stadium with some of the players"... THAT WOULD BE AWESOME... but we have surgery tomorrow.... BUT " How about today after I pick him up from therapy and before his appt on base?"... YES!  Ok... now we are on a mission to get all our tasks done that have to get done before surgery tomorrow because who knows when I will be able to get away again!  Onto postal store, bank, gas up, car wash, vacuum and Sams for peroxide that I didn't get the 3 times before when I was there!  Find 9 other things I DON'T really need... never finding peroxide.  Find store personnel... we go look.. ooooooh.. it's being discontinued let me see if we have any in stock somewhere... FOUND IT... it's on a pallet, it will have to be brought down... now mind you, I think I am getting a CASE of peroxide.  They finally get it down and here comes a gentleman with 2 bigger bottles of peroxide for me because we were already in line.  Is that it?  "Well mam, I took these out, he will be bringing the rest in a minute if you need more"... ok forget that... I'll get more another time... maybe if I don't forget again!  I looked at Randi and said... "I am not letting the Devil win today"!!  HE TRIED... he gave me breaks in between but he kept on knocking!  From Sams... back to Walgreens to pick up prescrips,   Get to Alex, load him up and we are on our way to the Stadium!!!  THANK YOU RYAN....YOU ARE AWESOME!  Exactly what IIIIIIIIIIIIII needed today... a break from the real world that I live in!

Ryan took us ALL OVER!  What an amazing visit today was!  Alex got to roll out the tunnel onto the field...
Rolling out the tunnel

Ryan and Alex

WOW!  WAY COOL!  He would go up to anyone and everyone and say..."hey.. what's your name"... stick out his hand and say..."HI, I am Alex Ross"... shake firm.."Alex Ross"...another firm handshake "Alex Michael Ross"... hahahahahaha... He wanted to make sure they all KNEW WHO HE WAS... and what's crazy... is he remembered EVERYONE'S NAME!  Like a little parrot!  We were amazed... I am truly amazed because I couldn't tell you half of who I met today... and I don't have a brain injury!!!

MR. ROSS with MR. WEAVER :0)
He told Mr. Weaver today to "DRAFT TIM TEBOW!" 
Alex acts like he is just one of the guys shooting the bull with him, lol!


He got the grand tour from Ryan and felt like he was a superstar himself today!  Ryan... thank you so very much because with tomorrow's surgery coming up...it has certainly created A LOT of anxiety and this is just what we needed to get his mind off of both of his upcoming surgeries!  He got to meet the physical therapist, Mike I believe his name is??? Please be the right name, lol... Alex is asleep or I would ask him!  We got to meet the trainers... I know one of them is Luke... Alex got his full name and we were told his wife was an olympic medalist.  Of course, Alex asks... "Where is she"... he said she is probably picking up the kids right about now... Alex says... :" you make the money while she picks up the kids!"... NO FILTER... gotta love it!  
The best part of Alex's trip was probably when Reggie Nelson gave him his game jersey and signed it!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!  Ryan took him into the locker room with the guys... who Alex came out later and told us were pretty much all in the buff so it was a good thing we didn't go in, lol!  We sent Ryan in with Rhonda's camera to capture anything we might miss!

I can only imagine what Alex is saying here... and I probably don't want to know, lol!  REGGIE... if you are reading this... THAT KID LOVES THE HECK OUT OF YOU!!  Thank you a million times over for what you continue to do for Alex and for the big heart that you share with him!

The ROAR locker room where Alex said... "Dang... there isn't anything in here!  I was hoping to find a scrunchie or something in here!" hahahahahahha!

Well... We got a full two hours in and it was AMAZING... everyone was awesome.. Alex got Reggie's jersey and an official NFL ball... WOW!  Thank you to RYAN for making it possible... and a big thank you to all whom we met today.. especially "Cub"... thank you for taking the time to personally introduce yourself, meet me, share some of who you are and just give encouragement... it meant alot to me today so thank you!  We certainly felt right at home and of course.. Alex is already asking when can he go back and use the jacuzzi, lol!  THANKS RYAN, lol! 

We packed up... loaded Alex up, the wheelchair... turned the car on and ALEXANDER CAME OUT!!!!  What the french toast????  Off to the base and so it goes.... I couldn't get him home and outta the car fast enough!!  Well... I am not even going to ruin the rest of my amazing day by sharing what the devil trys to do to tear me down....... so I will end this on a good note tonight... TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE A GREAT POSITIVE SURGERY DAY!  

I have to be up at 4am... Alex up by 4:30.... this will make for an interesting day!  PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR US... FOR ALEX... FOR GOD TO GUIDE THE DOCTORS HANDS DURING SURGERY....  Pray that when he gets in there... God has somehow miraculously made it al ot better than they thought and they can downsize trach and begin the process for eliminating it all together!