On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Whew... what a whirlwind of a morning today!  Hard to get back into the swing of things since last week all Alex did was lay around and sleep!  Up at 5:45 aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... hard on me especially since I don't get to bed once Alex goes down till about 11:30 and then he is up during the middle of the night to go to the bathroom!  I get up at 5:45am.. wake Brooks up... jump in the shower, put the coffee pot on....drive Brooks to bus stop, get back.... brush teeth, get dressed, hair, make up... 7am...wake Alex up, get him dressed, brush teeth, wash face.....onto living room, transfer Alex to sofa....clean trach, give meds, take a sip of my coffee, lol....put socks and shoes on Alex, wait... get leg brace and tennis shoes today he will probably have physical therapy, pack the bag, get his journal, pack meds, pack other bag with bathroom necessities and nature valley honey oat bar snacks.. oh wait.. water bottles too from the garage.... load bags in car, transfer Alex to wheelchair, "Mom, I'm cold can you find me a jacket please".... run to his room, grab a jacket.. .naturally not the one he wants but it will have to do.....out to garage, down the ramp, open the door, up he goes out of wheelchair... steady, right foot.. left foot... scoot a little more... almost there.. sit, hold his left arm, grab his left foot, Alex hold onto the roof handle slide around a little more... almost there, in goes the left foot, scoot butt around... here is the seat belt.. " Alex...click it"... " I can't find it"... ok, I'll click it...CLICK.. ok you're in... "Mom, get my pillows please"... get the pillows, open the car door, place one pillow between the door and his left knee, and one behind his head, makes ride easier with bumps ...."Mom...I'm still cold can you go get my blue sheet"... back in the house, grab the sheet...open the door, here you go... "Mom, do you know where my phone is?"... OMG... seriously... back in the house... find the phone.... jump in the car....oh wait.... load up the wheel chair....take off the foot rests.... take off the arm trough, take off the cushion seat... fold it up, lock the wheels.... heave hoooo up and into the trunk.... I should have sweet tone arms by now all the lifting I do, lol..... ok so jump back in the car "Mom can you hand me my phone".... "Mom, I'm thirsty did you bring a water bottle in the car?"....Mom, can we stop at McDonald's and I'll buy some breakfast".... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Like 5-6 statements and questions back to back to back... not giving me a chance to answer before he gets the next one in!  WHEW....I AM EXHAUSTED and we haven't even left the neighborhood yet, lol!  Sooooooo.... day therapy has its good points and bad points....good for Alex ......but stressing me out in the morning to get all I need to get outta here on time!!

After therapy he had a doctor's appt with physical medicine rehab doctor, Dr. Spierre, and Alex will be getting BOTOX... dang can I have some! The procedure will be done at Wolfson Childrens Hospital...He will be heavily sedated and have about 12-15 injections in his left arm and leg....apparently this will relax those muscles that are so tight and tense and will last about 3 mos and hopefully give him the jump start that he needs to get those limbs working normally again.  He is just so stiff and has so much tone that it prevents his flexibility without pain to be able to function properly.  Maybe I can slide my face in there...I just need a couple of injections... here and there, lol!  Shet told him she was impressed with his cognitive awareness and how "in control" he seems with himself .... we all know...better defined as God's little MIRACLE :0)

Tomorrow morning we have post op appt with Dr. Vitarbo to remove stitches from head..... and the staples from his stomach....YAY... Alex gets to take a shower tomorrow instead of a sponge bath....excited for him... and me, lol!  A shower is much easier for me than a sponge bath.... not to mention alot more enjoyable for Alex.  He said he can't wait to just spray the HOT water on him... it's the little things in life that make us happy huh?

Alex is asleep... I'm outta here peeps... will update ya on our dr visit tomorrow!