On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So today started out good.... my usual routine I gave you yesterday.... actually headed out early this morning because Alex wanted a gravy biscuit from Hardee's.  So we are outta the house and on the road at 7:40am.... plenty of time to get to Hardee's, eat and get to Dr. Vitarbo's office for 9:15am appointment to get stitches removed.  Get to Hardee's, get the food, get Alex set up in car to eat... gotta get out to get the bib out of trunk... realize bathroom necessities that he needs for day therapy... NOT IN CAR... have to drive allllll the way back home... about 15 minutes back tracking.  Head home, get to the house... AC is not working, it's like 77 degrees in the house...... talk to Mr. Mike, the superintendant out here... he makes a quick call... he will let me know what's up once he speaks with AC company.  Get in the house, grab his goods.... back in the car... head out the neighborhood... get almost out and "Mom, I have to pee".  Back up... turn around... drive down one of the roads with no houses... grab his goods (basically a urinal bottle... the pee jug as he has named it), jump out the car, grab it out of the trunk... open his door... "Mom... I think I have to poop"... OMG... SERIOUSLY!  Now the time is 8:45.... we have a 9:15am appt at Shands.... back in the car... down the street to the house... run in the house, drive the electric wheelchair out to car.... get him in it... up and in the house, bedside potty.... does his business... get him back in wheelchair... clean the bedside bucket potty.....down the ramp, up and out of the chair... slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... get him in the car.....leave electric wheelchair in garage, lol... out the neighborhood onto our appt FINALLY... it's now 9:08am, I think we will be late!  We arrive at Shands...  get the wheelchair out of the trunk, put the arm trough on, put the leg rests on, put the pad to the chair in... get him in, wheel him in the building... check in at 9:25.... not too bad if I say so myself for all that I had been thru to get to this point, lol!  Now I guess because we were late... other people were pushed in front of us???? We had to wait a good hour before being seen and didn't get out of doctor's office until about 11-11:30.....but it was worth the wait!

As we were leaving today... Alex says... "Now I am whole again... all in one piece"!!  Superman speed recovery back on track!

He was exhausted today from our morning of craziness and he didn't make it back to day therapy today... he just wanted to get back home and rest so tomorrow we will start our morning craziness once again. first thing he wanted to do was TAKE A SHOWER... he hasn't been able to take one since we got home from Shands because of the stitches and staples!  HE LOVED IT!  We got all the dried blood and guck off of his head... squeaky clean!  Got him all dried off and he said... "Look mom, my hair looks like a fluffy chick"....TOO CUTE!! Yes my 17 year old just said that, lol.  DID I MENTION.... When we got home .....the AC was still NOT WORKING and we had to sit in the house that was BLAZING hot 85 degrees until 5:30pm when the AC company finally was able to make it to us and repair it.  Not a comfortable day at home... with Alex complaining how hot he was all day and wanting to go somewhere else.. anywhere but here.  We survived... AC is now working... Thank you to Mr. Mike Johnson, the superintendent out here, who was on the ball and got the AC company out here pronto.  When I called the company, I was told they couldn't get here until Thursday afternoon... ummmm, that wasn't gonna fly around here!!!  Life around here is already unbearable at times without having to deal with 85 degrees madness on top of it all!  Sooo.. a big thank you... to you Mike.... Alex said..." Mr. Mike is so nice... he works for us for free and fixes all of our stuff... for free!" hahahahaha!

Off to bed... Alex has been asleep for about 30 minutes so I need to get to bed.  Glad my boy has taken another step towards a full recovery... no more stitches and staples in his body!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!