On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dr visit good on base... all is good to go for BOTOX injections!

Today was one of those days!  Always planning to be at my destination on time... never happens!  Got everyone loaded in the car... Nick also had dr appt on base for his knee.  His appt at 9:45... Alex 10:00... we got there at 10:00... not what I had envisioned but as close as I was going to get.  Nick called to let them know we were running late and that he and Alex were on their way.  About 10 minutes goes by and I get a phone call from someone ... some case manager on the base... telling me I should not be calling the central appt line to make Alex's appts that I should be calling this other number so that he would be seen by a doctor and not a nurse practicioner....would have been nice to have been notified prior... I have a million things going on in my life with doctor appts every week with different doctors for different things going on... I can't keep my life straight to save me!  She was just trying to help but none the less... set my day in motion for meltdown.... which seems to be happening more frequent these days, lol.

Get to the base, they are awesome, know us when we walk in.. get us squared away.. Nick goes to his appt, I take Alex to his.  Doc comes in we look over the sheets to be filled out for pre surgery sedation for the Botox injections...he will be put to sleep as it will be like 20 shots in his left arm and leg and he is hyper sensitive to touch.  He has been put to sleep ummmm I don't know how many times now for different surgeries so I am not quite sure as to why we are having to do this.... but Ok I will follow orders and do what we need to do so Alex can have this procedure.  I didn't want a day off anyways right... I love taking Alex to the doctor, it's become part of our weekly routine, lol.  I ask him to look over Alex's left ankle as it seems more swollen since he has been walking every day.  Long story short... we went down to get xray... "can I have your ID"... (he was wanting Alex's military ID)... well.. I have no idea where it is.. haven't seen it since this happened.  So I reply " We don't have it"... "Alex was shot in the head in January and I haven't seen it since this happened"... hold please ... as he walks away to converse with someone else about my situation.... "Mam, you will have to go upstairs to Tricare and get an eligibility form or we won't be able to xray him"... are u kidding meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?  Down the hall we go, around the corner, up the elevator to the Tricare office we go....which by the way is NOT wheelchair friendly.  Oh wait... we have to take a number and sit and wait to be called... SERIOUSLY!  10 minutes in a 3 X 5 room with Alex is not fun for meeeeee, trust me.  so we wait... finally called to room 2... "Xray sent us up here to get a Tricare Eligibility form so that they can xray Alex"... "Mam, can I have his ID card?"...."We don't have an ID card that's why we are up here".... " Ooooh, I am sorry they shouldn't have sent you here, you should have gone to the business office"....... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.... get me outta here!!!  I thought I was really going to meltdown in her office but was able to refrain for the time being. Count to 10... breathe.  I felt like every which way I was turning today... I was getting kicked in the face. Then just as you think this world has noone but mean people in it.... this sweet angel of a lady helped me out.  Once I explained what was going on, she was EXTREMELY nice and went way out of her way to help this crazy lady in front of her in distress, lol.  She called back down to xray and said " I have Alex Ross up here, he doesn't have his ID card but can't he just give you the sponsor number, date of birth and other pertinent information?"....blah blah blah... chat chat chat....  "Miss Dillard, you can go downstairs now, speak to so and so.... you should be fine"..... Basically that was a wasted trip, right?!  Really....we just wasted 30 minutes of our precious time... and yes I said precious time, because every second of our time is precious these days!  Back downstairs, round the corner... xray.  You think they got what they needed on the first try of xrays ?  With the foot that he is hypersensitive to touch????? NOOOOOOOT!  Here we go.. let's try this again... using sand bags and suck to prop his foot this way and that way....with him asking a million questions of what is going on and what are those things and these things and can we leave  now.... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, finally now we can goooooooooooooooo.  We aren't waiting for results, been here long enough.... we left my number... call us when the doc gets a peek at em.  We leave there, head to the exchange to get something to eat and then to look around.  Didn't even get off of the base before I got a phone call regarding the paperwork that I had left for the doctor to fill out EFMP... EMFP something like that.  I have been going round and round with these people telling me that Alex does not qualify.... Raymond says that he does ... one end doesn't know what the other end knows... I just want all these people to get on the right page!  ALL I WANT IS FOR US TO BE ABLE TO GET ME SOME ASSISTANCE IN THIS HOUSE WITH ALEX!  Meltdown began!  Alex has to qualify for EFMP to get a grade?.... The grade qualifies him for some type of assistance?  I don't know all the logistics.... I don't want to know... i just want someone to help me get someone here to help me during the week so that I don't go coo coo for coa coa puffs!  I am stretching myself very very thin and Alex won't let JUST anyone bath him or take him to the bathroom.  It has to be a nurse or nursing assistant... understood ... he doesn't want someone that he is going to see on a regular basis... at his weakest and in the buff.  I get that!  Soooooooo, it makes it hard for me because there is only one me.  I can't afford to pay someone to come in so we need to get this paperwork filled out and off to qualify for Tricare to cover this for me!  The doctor didn't want to fill it out if we don't qualify... OMG!  Of course the lady we need to talk to is ON VACATION till Tuesday... let's see how long this takes for us to  get the paperwork in and how long till I get someone approved to come and help... HECK HE WILL BE WALKING BY THEN!  Anyway... I lost it on the way home.. of which I hate because I don't want Alex to see me cry, nor do I want Nick to see me cry.... I am the mom... I gotta stay strong and positive.... well today the straw broke and I hated that it was in front of my boys.    At one point Alex was asking me 500 questions in a row, when I was on the phone with the lady telling me we didn't qualify and I answered him with a NO... which always leads to another question "why?".... I turned around and screamed like the freaking exorcists, lol...." BECAUSE I'M THE MOM THAT'S WHY AND I NEED YOU TO QUIT ASKING ME QUESTIONS RIGHT NOW!"  Tears streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaming down my face, boo hooing.... he looks at me and says in the sweetest, lowest voice.... "Ok mom,I'm sorry.... just please don't ever freak out on me like that again"... hahahahahahaha... I lost it and thought I really went crazy for a second.... tears streaming and cracking up, laughing harder than I have laughed in a looooooooong time, lol!  He then looks at me and says... "Why is that funny?".... that just made me laugh harder hahahaha.   Soooo my meltdown had a happy ending.... thanks to Alex, lol!

Our overall visit today was to get clearance for the botox injections, to get xray of ankle - which by the way is ok... no fracture, just sprain.... paperwork filled out for EFMP, not sure what will happen with that - over it..... Nick had his knee looked at, he got a knee brace which is what he wanted.  Long day on base... glad the weekend is here with no dr appts... just rest and relaxation! 

Taking myself back to day one today and thanking God that I have the frustrations I have because that means I have ALEX MICHAEL ROSS ... ALIVE!  And I wouldn't want it any other way!  Sooo, THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY! 


for those travelling this weekend... buckle up, drive safe... enjoy your long weekend!  spend some quality time with your family... you can't get back today once it is gone! :0)