On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


We had a super busy Friday thru today with Chad's dads wedding....

In picture:
Randi, Chad, Nick, Me, Brooks, Aaron our nephew and Alex

We couldn't be more happier for you both and love you dearly!

Friday Alex had physical therapy however because he showed his butt and was unfocused and uncooperative, they pretty much washed their hands of him and brought him to me 20 minutes before his session ended and said we would try again on Monday.  GREAT!  Of course after he sat there for 10 minutes and I wouldn't give him any water he decided (on his own) that he should go and apologize and maybe get the last 10 minutes in... nice try but no cigars, lol.  So we sat there until 11am for his speech therapy session where he was going to get his vitalstim test that I wrote about earlier in the week but because he was so erratic she decided it best we try something else for behavioral instead.  She had him draw 5 triangles on a piece of paper, had him write down three rules for the following hour that he had to follow, gave him a sheet of stickers and told him that if he got all 5 triangles filled with stickers then he could have his water at the end of the session.  POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT....WORKED as it always does with him... he responds much better to positive than negative as do most of us without traumatic brain injuries.  Maybe we can try that at physical therapy and get some progress there.  We had it scheduled for tomorrow howerver I realized a schedule conflict for Alex as he has a very important eye exam tomorrow at 9:15 am therefore we have no therapies tomorrow.  

The eye test is called the GOLDMAN FIELD TEST http://www.jomtonline.com/jomt/articles/volumes/2/2/VisualFields.pdf

After reading this... my morning will be quite interesting with Mr. OCD himself!!!  Please pray for us... and then pray again.  This test is very important and will tell them if Alex can reenter the school system with his disabilities and if he will ever regain his peripheral vision again.  This test tomorrow is for the school system, we have another one in August to better reassess the diagnosis of permanent damage.

Saturday before the wedding we decided to take Alex for a swim... HE LOVED IT!  We will be trying this lots more now that I know he won't go crazy on me in the water, lol.  Here are some pics from our water adventure :0)

He found the unlimited water supply and was in heaven!

Mr. GQ with his hair growing back! Handsome!

Yes he is swimming with his slippers on... he insisted!

Walking and exercising in the pool!

I have some great ones of him and Chad but have to download from a camera... these were on my iphone so I will share those hopefully tomorrow!

Wishing all the Fathers out there a wonderful Father's Day.... hoping you Thank God for blessing you with these wonderful creatures we call children and are basking in quality Family Time today no matter their age! SOAK IT UP..... enjoy... they grow so fast and we can't ever get back today.... it will be gone tomorrow.

Alex is calling... imagine that... no literally... calling me from his phone lol .... he needs me in the living room!  Hoping to get some good quality writing time tomorrow!