On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Today we had a post op visit with Dr. Vitarbo and got a BIG THUMBS UP!!  The cat scan looked great... everything as she expected.... of course, not normal.. but what she totally expected.  The shunt is doing it's job... she felt all around and gave us a big smile and said "see ya in 3 months"!  HECK YEAH!!   Alex cracked us up as of course he did his little showboating for Miss Michelle, Dr. Vitarbo's assistant... he had to show off his walking and doing what he calls his handicapable version of the"stanky leg" and then trying to "drop it like it's hot", lol.  All while he has his arm around me to hold him up!  He is a ham!  He wasn't as OCD today as he has been with the water/spitting deal... seems that if we can distract him long enough... he forgets for awhile, but his latest fixation is squirting water on his face!  He was taking his water bottle and basically just throwing the water all over his face... by the time I got him out the car today... his shirt was totally soaked!  Soooo, on the way home from Dr Vitarbo's office, I had this bright idea of a water squirt bottle so he could "MIST" his face.  He still isn't really drinking liquids... I have tried gatorade, kool aid, coke, flavored water... he just doesn't want any of it... anyway ... he tells me his mouth is constantly dry and he always feels like there is something in his throat so that's why he always wants water in his mouth or cold rag on head.  I thought I had this bright idea of the water misting bottle that way he wouldn't drench his clothes with throwing water out of his drinking water bottle... WRONG, lol.  My handsome boy takes the mist bottle and squirts the water 500 times UNTIL he is drenched, lol.  Now not only does he squirt his face but he squirts it into his mouth and then wants to spit as well.  I HAVE CREATED A MONSTER!  What I think will make it easier and lessen the water obsession has just created another fixation..... I just can't win!  I figured that I could show him he could do SMALL squirts into his mouth, and swallow that to where he wouldn't have to spit!  It will work if I can actually get him to do this on a regular basis.  He does it for like 3 squirts and then goes bazerk with the squirting like a derranged mad man!  I will have to video him and post on here so you can see a little of what we get each day :0)

Ms. Amy from Dr. Becks office called today to check on Alex and let me know that she ordered a vitalstim test (http://www.vitalstim.com/what_is_vitalstim/detail.aspx?id=88) for the speech therapist to do while at rehab.  He should be starting this tomorrow.  She said that this should improve his swallow faster so we can get back on track and also his voice as he can only whisper at this point.  Keep those prayers coming.... we still got along way to go but he is getting better with his throat... just still no appetite and not really drinking any liquids.  Applesauce is about all I can get him to eat and even that isn't a whole lot when he does.  Amy suggested 3 meals a day and 2 snacks... starting on that ... wish us luck!

We did get good news in regards to his schooling.  He is only 1/2 credit away from being a Senior and promoted to the 12th grade sooooooo, he can take the 2nd half of English III and get the .5 credit he needs online this summer!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  So much better than I anticipated and thinking he will be ready to begin school come August!  He is looking forward to starting school... I just hope his brain is prepared as much as he is!

Poppa Dillard is getting married this weekend to Miss Jeanne so it will be a busy busy weekend for us.  Tomorrow is Alex's therapy in the morning.....tomorrow night ....the rehearsal, dinner and then I am putting my flourist talents in order and preparing the bouquets for Miss Jeanne.  Saturday is the wedding and I am the photographer so I have lots to do this weekend so if you don't see any blogs... I will catch you all up on Sunday as to what we have been doing.  Praying to God that Alex will last thru all of this and enjoy himself.... without the water, lol!

He is now fast asleep so I am signing off.  Wishing you all a great weekend.....I am looking forward to ours.   Wishing all the father's out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.... spend it with your children... even if it's doing something they want to do.  You are more likely to enjoy yourself if they are enjoying themselves... you know how that goes!  Soak up every second of it.... the laughter, the smiles... ENJOY your time with your children.... make the time..... you won't regret it.  Always remember... a phone call could change your life.... count your blessings... and then count them again!