On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last time I blogged was Friday night and Alex's sodium was coming down... we had a little bit of a roller coaster ride while in the hospital but Alex finally started drinking his nectar consistency of gatorade and has been doing great with that!  I didn't think we would be out of the hospital until Wednesday this week but Alex showed out and really wanted to get out of there and go home so he began to drink up and it worked.  They took him off of the fluids on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday afternoon his numbers were still good and with the promise from Alex that he would continue to drink up.... they would release him.  Sunday night we were home in time to watch some TRUE BLOOD, lol!  We arrived home about 8:40pm and I can assure you that I was stir crazy from being in a 4X4 room for a week when I thought all we were going to do was get him a couple bags of fluid in his system and then be home last Monday night.  We always take the long road home, lol.

Alex did get some physical therapy while in the hospital.... still determined and ready to give it a go... here is a little clip of where he is now:

Today has been a nice transition to being home and Brooks even put on a show for Alex..... taking on Alex's video antics ... He had us cracking up.... even Alex was chuckling and smiling.... a rare sight as it isn't very often we see emotions from Alex so anytime we get any sort of a crooked grin it is always welcomed!

We enjoyed a girls night out at my girlfriend Theresa's with her daughters, Carly, Heidi, Randi and I... we watched the Bachelorette, drank shirley temples and ate birthday cake for Randi!  She was surprised...THANK YOU Heidie and Theresa for putting that together.... glad we have Monday nights that I now have a little getaway to look forward to!  LONG OVERDUE!

Randi leaves tomorrow afternoon.... sad to see her go and looking forward to the next visit ALREADY, lol.  Kristen will be coming in soon and tagging in to help out with Alex's schooling this summer so we can get him caught up and in August ready to go back to school as a SENIOR... THANK GOD!  Looking forward to some more quality sister time with the next oldest baby sister :0)  Hopefully she doesn't have to stay in any hospitals, lol!

Alex and I have a SUMMER PROJECT request from our many followers out there that will be vacationing this summer.  As we won't be able to take any vacations this summer... we have a simple request that will be a big part of our scrapbook and the best pics will be part of my book, so I'm really excited to see what we get.  Steve started the journey with Alex when he travelled to Europe and took pictures various places of Alex's bracelets in front of historical sites.  We thought it would be a cool way to vacation with you if we had pictures of his "pray for Alex Ross" bracelets at certain destinations on your vacation.  Ms. Kati from Brooks Rehab Day Therapy program just got back from Alaska and shared Alex's story with people as she traveled across the world.  What an awesome story to share... the MIRACLE of Alex Ross and how God is working in our lives!  Here is what Kati shared with us:


These are from Europe from Steve Grant that I posted in an earlier blog :0)

Thank you Kati and Steve for sharing your journey with us and for thinking of Alex while you were trapsing across the world!  xoxo

So now that you know what we are looking for... I am hoping you will take on the challenge and share Alex's story while on your vacations and take pictures of his bracelet in some of your favorite vacation spots :0)  SOMETHING WE HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO since we won't be taking any vacations this summer.  If you don't have a bracelet and would like one, please get with me and we will somehow work it out so that you get one!

Glad to be back home.. family put back together once more... Alex is determined not to end up back in the hospital so I think we are back on track to SUPERMAN SPEED RECOVERY!!  I haven't had many emails lately so I am hoping  I still have readers out there that will take on our vacation project this summer.  Thanks to my prayer warriors on Facebook.... Your encouragement and prayers are working and you send me messages and uplifting messages when I need it the most ... so a big thank you with hugs from me!

SIGNING OFF.... will keep you posted... hoping to take Alex to the pool tomorrow with Randi before we head to the airport and may have new pics and/or videos.

PS... you will all be happy to know that we have totally lost the spray bottle and spit cup since he is hydrated he has not asked for them one time!  I imagine he was so dehydrated he was like a man lost in the desert obsessed with quenching his thirst!!  Now that he is hydrated he is like a WHOLE NEW ALEX and ready to get back in the routine of things with therapy... THANK GOD!!!