On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, September 13, 2010



WAY TO GO JAGS.... WHAT A CRAZY DAY!  IT WAS SOOOOOO HOT TODAY AT THE GAME~  I paid $10.00 X 4 for us to have these "Frosty Towels" so that we could survive the blazing blazing heat!  Temp with heat index was 105 today...NICE, NOT!   A special thank you to Ryan Robinson for taking care of us today.... YOU ARE THE BEST... we love ya!  This is Just the sorta place that Alex loves to be with thousands of people to tell his story too, lol!  To the sweet Ladies who came up and introduced yourselves to Alex today and at Target last night... THANK YOU!  He loves loves loves to meet random people that have been praying for him when we are out and about.  He has probably shared his story atleast 25-35 times this weekend and giving thanks to God each time!  I must share with you a cute story from Friday at therapy where Alex met a new friend... Leonard.  Leonard is a 54 year old man who survived a brain aneurism and basically has no short term memory... kinda like the movie "50 first dates" if you get my drift.  He is Alex's perfect friend!!!  He got to tell him his story over and over and get that "WHOA" reaction he is always looking for, lol.  Here's somewhat of how it went:

Alex:  Hi, are you here for therapy
Leonard:  Yes
Alex:  Me too
Alex:  Do you mind if I ask what happened to you?
Leonard:  I don't know...(he then asks his wife what happened)
Leonard:  P-Nut (his wife) what happened to me?
she answers.... Brain aneurism back in February.. I think the 13th if I;m not mistaken
Alex:  Oh... well you look good.  Do you want to hear my story?
Leonard:  Yes
Alex:  I was shot in the head in January and they gave me 3 hours to live
Leonard:  They shooted you in the head?
Alex: yes
Leonard:  PRICELESS.... "with a buuuuulllleeeeeetttt"?
Alex: SMILING.... yes
Leonard:  Whoooaaaaaaah

they talk for about 5 minutes ... Alex asking him about stuff.... then Alex looks at him again and says

Alex:  Leonard... do you remember what happened to me
Leonard: No
Alex:  I was shot in the head
Leonard:  AGAIN ... PRICELESS...  "They blowed your brains out?"... "whooooooahhhhhh"
Alex:  HUGE SMILE.... yep

Alex could have played that game all day with him.... his wife and I were laughing... it's not funny but it is... the no filter thing like Alex... crazy....  and Alex was getting a kick out of hearing his reaction every time... every time was like the first lol.  YOU HAD TO BE THERE... it was hilarious.

So we go to therapy and an hour later we come out... Leonard still there... Alex goes right up to him and says:

Alex:  Leonard... do you remember what happened to me.
Leonard:.. with the most serious face .... " BANG" and he makes the gun with his fingers... Alex laughs and smiles and said something like he couldn't believe he remembered.
His wife looks at me, eyes wide, mouth open.... first time he had remembered something especially an hour later.  CHILL BUMPS.... all down my arms... tears swelling in my eyes... it's one of those miracle moments .... and we were a part of it!  I am still very touched by Leonard and his remarkable recovery.  I have known three people in my life that have had brain aneurisms... all have passed away..... and at very young ages.  I told Leonard I was honored to meet him and that he was doing great.  He responded with a "thank you" .....in conversation, He couldn't remember how old he was or how old his children were.... he struggles with remembering the slightest things from one minute to another.... but I am honored to have met him and even more so to witness the small miracle of him remembering Alex's story.  Alex's has touched so many lives... and probably a lot more so than I know of!  Leonard lives in Daytona and won't be going back to Brooks Rehab but I have his wife's email and phone number and I intend to stay in touch and follow HIS story :0)  I also told her I would like Leonard as a play date for Alex, lol... can  you imagine how entertained Alex would be... he could get the reaction he wants every time lol!!

Tomorrow we are visiting Jocelyn's parents and Jocelyn hopefully with her parents consent.  Alex has been wanting to go ever since it happened... wanting to give her parents some hope and inspiration.... never give up... keep on praying....give it to God... HE IS CAPABLE OF MIRACLES.  I think this will be good for him... plus he gets to share his story again :0)  I was lucky to have a couple families visit me within those first two weeks and I couldn't have gotten thru it without them!  THE LLOYD FAMILY.... and LISA LEON... thank you!  You gave ME hope and inspiration that he could survive something traumatic.  Your stories are what kept me hanging in there when I was living second to second and minute by minute.  I can still feel those feelings sitting here typing... HOW DID I EVER GET THRU THAT?  My heart is jumping just thinking about it now.  Well that's what I am hoping to do for this family tomorrow!  I have been in their shoes and I needed someone like ME, ha!  If I can help someone get thru one of the most trying times in their lives... I AM THERE!  Inspiration, guidance, input, prayer... I'M THERE!  I hope that I can bring peace of mind and the presence of God with me so please put us in your prayers that we can deliver the goods!!!

Signing off for now... will post tomorrow of my journey with Alex!