On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sorry it's been forever since I have been on here..... alot on my plate right now with Brooks, Alex and myself out of commission.  A little more than I bargained for.... for sure!

YES... ALEX TRICKED EM!   His famous move, lol!

We had an awesome weekend starting Thursday downtown for the Fla/Ga football weekend... THE LARGEST COCKTAIL PARTY ever... with crazies everywhere and an awesome place to people watch!  Alex had a blast and yes he did dress up in his banana suit and cruise RV city where he got lots of attention... especially from the pretty girls.  He made many many new friends and you know he was in heaven with all the kisses and attention he was getting!

The banana suit was a hit for sure.... he cracks me up!    It was a funfilled 4 day weekend and much needed for all of us.  We got back sunday night after the city championship game and ER visit with Brooks... Alex wanted to trick or treat.. imagine that ha!  We met new neighbors and of course Alex got to introduce himself and share his story.  The neighbors across the street have 2 daughters one 17 and one 19.  The 19 year old was outside with her dad giving out candy and Alex began to turn on the charm!  He was steady winking and blowing her kisses... OMG.... WHO IS THIS KID,LOL!  The old Alex would NEVER be sooo aggressive and outright flirty like that!  Especially in front of her dad, lol.  As we were leaving he told her.... "If you ever need anything... like eggs, milk, flour... a boyfriend.... you know where I'm at!"  CRAZY KID...hahahahaha.  Aaron dressed up as a redneck, walked around barefooted and pushed Alex while we walked around the hood trick or treating.  There was one house that left a bowl outside... what do you think Alex was trying to do???  DUMP THE ENTIRE BOWL IN HIS BAG!  Good thing I caught him or he would have pulled it off!

The neighbors were all very very generous to Alex and after about 5-6 houses... his bag was practically full, lol.  Brooks was a trooper and even though he was in pain with his fractured collar bone... he wanted to enjoy the moment with Alex as we all did.  Sooo thankful to have him here and who cares if he is 17 wanting to trick or treat.... YOU GO BOY!  More power to ya!  He got his phone taken away on the way home from the hospital because he was in RARE form and using profanity left and right .... of course most of it was because he was trying to make Brittany, Brooks and Aaron to laugh.   Sometimes it's hard NOT to laugh but I can't have him going around outside of our world talking like that and thinking it's ok.  So he continued to laugh at me after I took his phone and was whispering the word in the backseat saying... "hahahahahaha, I said Dick and she heard me"...hahahahahaha that shit is funny"..... hhahahaha... I SAID.... "YES SHE DID AND SHE STILL CAN HEAR YOU"!  So he begins to crack up even harder and pulls his hat over his eyes and says..." she might hear me but she can't see me"... SERIOUSLY!  hahahahaha!  He was full of it when I tell you he kept the jokes coming and he was cracking himself up.  I think thats what was the funniest part of all was watching him crack himself up, hahaha.  Brooks and Aaron were dying laughing in the backseat and were trying their best not to laugh but sometimes that makes you laugh even more when you know you aren't supposed to be! 

 Alex started cognitive therapy this week on Monday.... Carly took him for me to his therapies on Monday as I was under the weather.  She said he was in rare form and I figured he would be because for one I wasn't there and secondly.... it was something new added to the schedule and out of the norm.  Hopefully he will settle in next week and we will start to see some FILTER changes with the benefit from the cognitive therapy.  He will learn how to fit back into society WITH A FILTER and learn what he can and CAN NOT say!  WE HOPE, LOL.

Tomorrow we have an appt at Wolfson's at 12pm  Alex has botox injections but has no clue! WHAT HE DOESN'T KNOW....WON'T HURT HIM :0)  I am saving myself from the anxiety that will overcome him if I tell him so I have opted to tell him on the way to the hospital tomorrow.  He thinks we are going for a routine check up.... he will be sedated and put under anesthesia so I ask that you all keep him in your prayers as tomorrow will be another big day for him and stressful for me.  Any time he is put to sleep it makes me nervous!  

Going to close for now.... before he asks me to read the blog to him and he finds out!  Will post tomorrow and let you all know how the procedure goes!  BIG PRAYERS PLEASE!