On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, January 17, 2011


OMG...... Can you believe that this day finally came! WOW!  I got the text this morning to come in at 3pm that there was GOOD NEWS!  I would say it was GREAT news, lol!  We headed out today at 12 with Kinlin, Brooks and Rhonda (Alex's personal Photographer) of course, lol!  This was a day for PICTURES AND VIDEO fo show!!  Thank you God for making today possible.....I know I was impatient however I know that all this is to be in your time line...not mine.  I am still learning this, lol. We've been through a lot and it's been rough learning that all this is in God's plan and on his time, not ours.  Patience is not a virtue of mine.... but honestly most of us are that way.  We want things when we want it... a fast paced world we live in.... we want things johnny on the spot.  I am so thankful that I serve an Awesome God who knows me inside and out.... who has been right by my side through this whole ordeal.... picking me up when I am down.... giving me that inner strength to fight past those days when I think I can't take anymore..... He shows me people... he puts people in my life either at the doctors office or rehab that makes me understand and see through a different pair of eyes that someone always has it worse than me!  I can't say it enough to you ..... BE THANKFUL for the little things in your life.... take it day by day... count your blessings and then count them again.  LIVE FOR TODAY....that is sooooo important.... LIVE FOR TODAY!  Hug those babies tight.... look at their faces.... kiss and hug them... express your love to your loved ones.... say I LOVE YOU everyday... 100 times a day!  I hate that Nick is so far away.... I always worry about him... especially since all this has happened.  So for those of you who have your children close..... hug them for me, lol!  I can't hug Nick every day... I'll text him sending hugs and kisses... but its not the same.  So do me a favor and savor every moment with your children while you can.... because one day...they will be grown and gone and you will be wishing they were tugging at your pant leg or screaming your name to spend time with them... I know that I sure do!  I thought today would never get here and that we would be heading back to Atlanta for another surgery for sure.... another scenic route!  I now feel like we are FINALLY get past the past and moving on to the future with no more distractions in our way..... well besides the whole teacher thing.  Hopefully that will be resolved this week and we can get back on track with everything SUPERMAN SPEED.... or as Alex would say... "GOD SPEED AUSTIN"... some quote from a movie, lol! 

Below is one of his video's from therapy today... I have more to download but it's taking forever and I want to get this published.  You can see how hard he is trying.... I AM SO PROUD... TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!


 Thank you for all the prayers, love and support... I know you are all beaming with joy and celebrating with us today that the trach FINALLY came out!  THANK YOU JESUS!

I will try to download more therapy sessions tomorrow..... it just takes awhile to download and post. :0)