On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23 (11:00 pm)


Alex has slept most of the morning off and on and his heart rate at a great steady relaxed rate all of today! Dax, his best bud that has been coming every day, open till close... came and gave him a Baloo and Mowgli stuffed animal set ... I LOVE IT! For those of you new to our world... Alex's nick name is MOWGLI from the Jungle Book because he looks just like him lol! Alex loved it too!

He has really been alert today and we moved from the Goonies..to Cat in the Hat (3 times) and now he fell asleep to Austin Powers, lol! He had several visitors tonight and gave his sissy Heather a thumbs up when asked if he loved her and it made her night! He has a special name for her husband Jon and when asked if he thought he was still the special name... He gave a thumbs up again! Dax, Terry and Big Mac came in again later tonight to see him and he was giving them all kinds of mess! For those of you who live in Jacksonville... he threw up the WESTSIDE sign... and I am not kidding! CRAZY! And then right after that... he shot them the middle finger (sorry) but he did, lol! That tells me right there that Alex is BACK! His sense of humor is still in there he just can't talk right now... but he WILL!

MY ALEX IS COMING BACK and you better believe... IT'S ANOTHER MIRACLE of GOD... because I was told he probably would not be the same person he was as he was before this happened! His gestures and attitude tell me different.... HE IS VERY MUCH the same witty lil firecracker that he was before this happened to him!

God is healing him from the tip of his head to the bottom of his feet... don't be surprised if he comes out of this REMEMBERING and SPEAKING of what happened and sharing his testimony with everyone he comes in contact with! GOD YOU ARE AWESOME... you are showing me things that are only explainable by you! Thank you God for giving me one more day with my handsome boy! He is looking better by the hour and his healing is just incredible and at an incredible rate. God... we are on your time table and I'm loving every minute of our progress together.

I will be telling Alex's story on the radio, Friday morning the 29th with Childrens Miracle Network here at Shands... 99.9 Gator Country (how ironic.. Gator Country) station... not sure the time yet... but stay tuned so you can hear his story on the radio! I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE RADIO....thanks Alex, lol! Would have preferred it because of another reason.. maybe American Idol Finalist or Swimsuit Model... but I'll take it! I tell my friends... I always knew Alex would be my poster child... I was just hoping it would be for Abercrombie... not Childrens Miracle Network, lol! :0)

I finally feel like I can breath again... it was up and down for so many days there... WOW.. 17 days later... he still breaths! INCREDIBLE... THANK YOU GOD! We still have so much to conquer... please continue to pray for healing, swelling to go down with no infections and no more complications, also trach to come out sooner than later and that he continues to improve so we can get over to Brooks Rehab and back on the road to recovery!

The community with their love and support... my friends... my many many new friends (thanks to Alex)... you are all amazing! People that know people that know me or know Alex... the out reach, it's just... just soooo incredible at the love that you guys have for us. Thank You seems so inadequate... I cant seem to find a word gracious enough to explain what I feel inside or explain how deeply I am moved and touched by your words and actions. YOU ALL AMAZE ME and I am truly blessed as well as Alex to have touched so many lives! I am absolutely thrilled at the thought of having a BIG HUGE ALL OF JACKSONVILLE WELCOME HOME PARTY for Alex like at the stadium or landing.... it's gotta be a big place because there are sooooo many out there that want to meet him!

I could rattle on all night... as you can tell I am estatic tonight by Alex's progress and I am just in awe at how at ease he was with his friends tonight and it was like he was just hanging out shooting the bull only he couldn't talk.

Chad is spending the night with me and I am anxious to spend some time with him as we don't get much these days and I am missing him and Brooks as well.... I am signing off for now, stay tuned for GREAT RESULTS.... they are coming sooner than you think! Me, Alex and J.C. - WE GOT THIS!