On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 3rd (10:00 pm) ONE MONTH TODAY - 4 WEEKS! WOW!


YIPPIEEEEE KIIIIII YAY!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU....GOD... THANK YOU!  As I said on my first day of good news here... Today is a Big Mac day,lol!

I should of had a dang notebook and pen in hand today as many things have taken place!  First Alex got his helmet on today....yes that is what I am modeling, lol... I had to show it off!  Alex will be wearing this helmet 24-7 until we get back here after Rehab for his last surgery to repair the missing piece of skull.  Physical therapy came and helped him out of bed.  I think he scared them because he was so eager to get out of bed!!  His leg was going 90 to nothing wanting to reach the ground and stand up.  He had awesome upper body control and was holding on to the bed rail to balance himself... AMAZING to watch how strong and determined he was to get out of that bed!!  He stood up, with their help of course and then moved from bed to chair.... YOU KIDDING ME?  UMMM...nope I am not kidding you!  TEAM ALEX IS IN DA HOUSE!  He sat in the chair for most of the day, hanging out, chillin.... then all of a sudden he starts SIGNING!  What the heck?  Where did that come from?  I'm talking really using sign language... Carly noticed it first and thank goodness she knows it because I thought he was just being spastic lol!  How cool is that??  Sign Language... really??  Seriously... CRAZY!  On top of that, he was also mouthing everything.  Rhonda Smith bought him some Spiderman Flash cards and he was holding them in his hand, reading the problem and mouthing the answer.  Example of one he did: 11 X 8 = 88   We were like.... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Amazing Miracle of GOD!  I swear the Holy Spirit like took over his body because I had no idea my own kid could sign!  I mean, I knew he knew some... but he like carried on conversation and junk!  I think I am still in awe and just in disbelief at the strength, determination and will power Alex has.  About 4pm, it was time to get Alex, bathed and back in bed because that took alot out of him today.  Once Nurse Alisa had him back in bed and smelling all spring fresh, she called me back to the room.  When I came in she said that Alex had another surprise for me and called me over to the bed.  Alex mouthed to me "I go to rehab tomorrow at 3".  OMG... he remembered that like all together in a complete sentence without her saying each word... word by word!  Alex Michael you never cease to amaze me!  God..... you continue to surprise me!!  We talk about the girlies that come in to visit him and there have been quite a few, lol.  I asked Alex today who his girlfriend was and he said "YOU"!  Aweee, I love him!  Sorry girlies...he's taken for awhile :0)

Children's Miracle Network and Eden (Gator Country 99.9) came by for a visit today and presented Alex with a special Build A Bear Gator... his name... MIRACLE!  THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH.... yes, I cried, lol!  Our new BFF's at Children's Miracle Network also brought us lunch from Firehouse Subs today and we really enjoyed hanging out with you beautiful ladies and getting to know you!

BIG STEP TODAY:  Alex wanted to see himself!  I asked him if he wanted to see a picture or did he want me to get a mirror.  He opted for the mirror.  Let me back up a second because he DOES know what happened to him.  He does know he was shot in the head.  Now... how he knows is something we have NOT asked.  We asked if he knew why he was here, he said yes.  I said were you in a car wreck, he said no.  I said were you shot, he said yes.  End of conversation.  Anywho... I got the hand mirror out, brought it to him so he could look.  He stared.  I said... you are still handsome as ever... he said "No".  I said "YES, YOU ARE"!!  I said..."are you scared" ... he said "yes".  Talk about heart wrenching.... I can't imagine what has been going thru his mind as every day he gets closer to remembering his life that used to be.  I assured him  that he had no reason to be scared, that I was right here by his side every step of  the way and that together he and I would get thru this.  That tomorrow was a huge step in us getting back home ... back to our life... back to watching CSI in momma's bed on a Monday night!!

Right now he is actually chewing on some ice chips... HE LOVES IT!  He has been asking for water all day and Dr. Garcia just gave the OK for the ice chips!

Tomorrow is going to be a HUGE DAY for us... bitter sweet!  The staff here... both doctors and nurses are amazing and Alex and I have both bonded treasured friendships here and we hate to go.  To all of you at Shands... *****Dr. Garcia, Dr. Tepas, Dr. Vitarbo, Physician Asst. Amanda, Jessica, Ray -Cute Little Nurses - Alisa, Michelle, Melissa, Lori, Carol, Amber, Tracy, Joanne, Kim, Jeannie, Diane, Christina, Nurses Asst - Nicole, Rosa, Doneisha, Suzanne, Physical Therapist - Rachel, Occupational Therapist - Whitney, Theresa **** THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!  You are an awesome staff with a wonderful beside manner and we couldn't have gotten thru this first stage of recovery with out each and every one of you!  It takes special people to work in a pediatric ICU unit and you are truly top notch and a  very compassionate group.  Thank you for treating Alex like a King and I like a princess!  I have sooo many great memories from being here for 4 weeks and I am so glad that you all were a part of my miracle boy's journey.  What a great story to be a part of!  Thank you for jumping when I say jump, thank you for going that extra mile when you didn't have to, thank you for crying with me, thank you for being excited with me, thank you for the countless times of encouragement when I would freak out about little things, thank you for loving Alex almost as much as I do, thank you for making me coffee every morning, thank you for making me laugh when I didn't want to, thank you for turning the air on and off many many many times and most of all thank you ALL for believing in miracles and turning a negative into a positive!  I AM FOREVER TIED TO YOU ALL FOR SAVING MY BOY!  It's going to be hard to walk out those doors, away from my new friends here... however I can't wait until the day that Alex and I walk back in those doors and you meet the real Alex Michael Ross!!  You love him now....but you will fall in love all over again!  I love you and I thank you for walking me thru the worst nightmare of my life!  God Bless you and keep you all under his wing... keep up the great work, you all deserve a set of wings because you really are angels and I thank you for what you do!