On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3rd (10:30 am) 4 WEEKS TODAY!! CRAZY!

WOW... 4 weeks today doesn't even seem possible!  It still feels like it happened just yesterday and I can still feel all of the emotions that I was going thru that very fateful day on January 6th! 

I sit here this morning and am looking back on the roller coaster that we have been riding and GOD.... YOU AMAZE ME!    Talking to my sister last night.. I started crying... how lucky am I?  Again I go back to the 2 year old that didn't survive the brain injury last week and the 17 year old that was shot over the weekend that didn't survive and I say.... THANK YOU GOD!  How lucky am I that you gave MY precious boy a 2nd chance at life!  I want to ask why.... why us, why did we get a second chance and not those others?  Everything seems so surreal at times... like I am on the outside looking in... like it isn't really happening to me!  I am sooooo truly blessed that HE did give MY ALEX a second chance and that I am not just another statistic!  This is how I know that God has had a plan for us allll along!  We are one of the chosen ones to do his work.... to show people what he is capable of!  He knew that we could influence and shine his light maybe more so than others because we are people persons.... Alex and I are both very outgoing and know no strangers!  I always knew I had alot of friends and for that I am grateful beyond words... but to actually see it and feel it is UNBELIEVABLE!  My friends at WSS got me a birthday card one year and I will never forget it... I still have it and it will forever be one of my most cherished!  On the inside it says... "You are like our morning cup of coffee"... I LOVE IT!  To know that I can brighten one person's day with a smile is huge... but to know that I can brighten my WHOLE departments day.... FANTASTIC!!   To all my friends... old and new.... THANK YOU!  You have all been amazing and words just can't express how great it feels on the inside to know that I have touched so many people in more ways than one.  Whether it goes back to the ball park days when I lived there 24-7 or whether it's in the present by writing my blog.... it warms my heart and makes me cry just sitting here thinking that I did that!  SO THANK YOU.... Thank you to my sisters that are playing tag team in staying here with me and making sure I am taken care of... Thank you to Kinlin who has been here everyday.... my rock and handled the countless tasks that I didn't want to deal, with the first two weeks and still ... Thank you again to Chad, Nick and Brooks, my boyz for being patient, loving and understanding, YOU ARE MY HEART AND SOUL.... soon we will be back to normal.... Thank you to Viki, Brandon, Shelley, Sarah, Theresa, Heidi, Rhonda, Carly, Lynn, Deneice, Miss Jeanne, Pa, Mom, Jerry, Amy, Tracy for coming everyday and if not everyday... every free chance you can get away and get here!  Thank you to Alex's faithful BFF.. DAX... you are amazing kid and I thank you for being here everyday..EVERY day... whether you get to see him or not... you are faithful and I love you like my own!  Thank you to the Farrinas girls... Kimmie, Kristen, Anna and Vanessa... you are awesome... thank you for coming everyday whether you get to see him or not... for making shirts and fundraising!  THANK YOU TO RONNIE AND ANGIE BRANNAN.... Brooks' home away from home... thank you for loving my kids as your own...for taking Brooks in your home since this happened and taking care of him with your own houseful of children!  Thank you both for fundraising like crazy with bracelets, money jars, t-shirts and the big BBQ dinner sale coming up.... I love you both and I can't thank you enough or express in words how grateful I am that my kids have you as well as me!    To Brian Caroll, one of Alex's BFF's... I hate what you are going thru... I truly believe that by applying pressure to Alex's head... YOU had a huge part in saving his life..THANK YOU!  Thank you to William Morgan and Joe Moore... my two biggest prayer warriors... I LOVE YOU!  Thank you to everyone wanting to fundraise, bringing me lunches and dinners, friendship support, monetary donations and helping out ....there are so many of you and I promise I will give you the rightful thank you that you all deserve once I get all my ducks in a row and go thru the notebook that is full of names that have been doing for us!

I am forever grateful to ALL of you.. and if I left someone out.. please let me know as I got a call from the Social Security office for benefits for Alex while I was writing this and may have left someone out!  I just wanted to take a minute and THANK you all and let you know just how really grateful I am to all of you and most of all GOD!  GOD THE MOST... FOR GIVING ALEX THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!!!  AMEN!

Still no mention of results from scan... stay tuned... I promise to come back and fill you in!



ps.  Again please forgive me if I left your name out in thanking you....