On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, February 8, 2010

WHO DAT?!!! (11:40 PM)

Thank you to all my little prayer warriors who prayed for Josh this morning.... you will be happy to know that he was released today from the hospital with some tissue damage in the neck and a neck brace!  GOD YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME.. SERIOUSLY!  Standing there, hit by a car, thrown in the air, land on the ground.... WALK AWAY???  THANK U GOD!

3 hours to 32 days......THANK YOU GOD!  Alex stayed in bed till 12 then we got him up, got him all dressed in his Saints gear... ready for our superbowl party here at 2:30pm.  Had some visitors, we did the blanket fundraiser drawing of which Alex pulled the winning tickets.  Congratulations to STAR TOOMBS who won the FSU Blanket....and LINDY SLIMAN who won the Gator Blanket!  Thank you bunches to Susan, Juanita and Angie for selling the raffle tickets and putting it together!  You ladies rock and we can't thank you enough for your thoughtful gesture and contribution!!  Soooooo at 2:30 we head downstairs for our big tailgate party and we get down there and Alex starts to sign something.  He signs L E V E... we are like Love?  Leave?  he says yes to the LEAVE... and there are other people down there so we are like... who do you want to leave?  and he points to himself, hahahahaha!  He had enough on the ride down and was ready to go back and get the helmet off and get back in his bed!  Soooo we packed up and came back upstairs, got him in his bed and he was hurting and pointing to his head.  Pain level from 1-5 and he said 4 so we got the nurse to give him some pain med and he slept most of the afternoon off and on. Sarah, Shelley, Rhonda, Bailee and Kristi stopped by to give him kisses and hugs AND a special gift from Sarah and Shelley.... a new pair of Jordans (Fusion 8's ?)!  He replied that they were "sweet"... too cute!  We were talking about Sarah going to Alabama and Shelley shared that at her cheer competition yesterday... some UF peeps were interested in her because of her size.  All of a sudden Alex decides he is going to start signing... OMG.... we had about 15 people around his bed trying to decipher what he was saying because he starts out with "my babysitter".  Well we all know he doesn't have a babysitter so we were a little confused lol.  All of a sudden I realize that he is saying his babysitter used to cheer at UF.  Mimi Ty... if you are out there... he remembers you, lol!  He was referring to when he was like 2-3 years old she babysat him!  It took us about 15 long excruciating minutes of trying to decipher his sign language on pain meds, lol.... not an easy task!  He still amazes me at some of the things he comes up with!  He tells me he's the boss... I say ok and who is the boss when we leave here... he points to me, lol.... LOVE IT!  He tuckered out before the superbowl came on and fell asleep but he did wake up in the end to see the SAINTS WIN!  YAY!  Alex and I are winners today!  It wasn't long and he was saying his head hurt this time pain level 5 so he got his meds and was once again fast asleep.

Tomorrow, well rather this week is going to be a challenge for us both!  Please keep him in your prayers and ask God to ease the headache or pain he is having to go away so that he can concentrate on the therapy sessions.  I am not sure if it is from wearing the helmet or just moving from bed to chair and dealing with all the movement and stimulation he is getting more of these days.  I know he will get frustrated, pray for a positive attitude... he has had it so far and we need to continue on that path.  He is a trooper and strong willed so I don't doubt for one second that he is going to give it his all and give me a thumbs up!  SWALLOW TEST is tomorrow... we hope.... pray results are in his favor so he can EAT!  I can't bare him asking for water or food and me having to say no.  Breaks my heart!

He is handsome as ever and I could just eat him up he is so stinkin sweet!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!    Nick.. Momma loves you... come home soon it's been too long!  Brooks... thank you for spending the weekend/nights with Randi and I here at the hospital... I have missed you.  Chad... thank you for picking me up at Shands last night so that I could be where I felt I needed to be... I love you!  Randi.... you are my saving grace and I love having you here with me and helping me thru the sign language barrier!  Your patience and love is abundant and we are so lucky to have you here.  I am learning sign language tomorrow... I promise! You know as soon as I do, he will be able to talk.. hahahahaha!

We will carry a notebook around tomorrow so we can report all of his new little tricks... I hate the end of the day when I have forgotten stuff and I know I wanted to share it earlier!  START OUT YOUR WEEK WITH POSITIVE ATTITUDE.... WE ARE!  Be thankful you have a job, be thankful you have a roof over your head, be thankful you have kiddies running around screaming ( you know I wish mine was!)  God Bless you and keep you all safe.... I will blog at lunch time when morning sessions are over and I can report!