On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well we got the garage all cleaned out yesterday!  We busted butt from 9 till 5... yes I had that much stuff in my garage.  You see, we just had our house built and moved in on Nov 19th of last year so I had not finished moving in my house yet.  I basically had taken all my christmas decorations out of boxes and put up and figured I would do the rest after the new year..... then our world drastically changed and my christmas decorations just came down a couple days before I got home thanks to mom!  Soooo yesterday good ole mom came back, along with nephew Aaron, Randi, Brooks and Kinlin....  we got the garage squared away and a trailer FULL OF STUFF to sell for Alex's therapy :0)  YAY!  We will have a yard sale at Mr. Meyers house on the corner of Crystal Springs and Hammond where we used to have all of our baseball fundraising yard sales probably in the next couple of weeks.... depending on Alex's schedule with surgeries and all.  If anyone has any stuff they don't want or need and you would like to donate to Alex's yard sale please let me know and I'll keep you posted as to the date and you can drop it off.

A BIG THANK YOU to Jessica, Mason and all the car washers who helped out yesterday for the car wash that was done at the beaches on Alex's behalf!  YOU are awesome and we can't thank you enough!  You raised enough to pay for one day of therapy and that is another day closer to walking.... GOD BLESS YOU!  This community is amazing and I still can't get over how much love and support has been showered over my family.  The kindness and generosity of people that we don't even know is simply incredible and out of this world!  Thank you to all who continue to pray, write emails, send cards in the mail, donate on the website or otherwise and especially to those of you who contact me and want to fundraise on his behalf and bust your butt to make it happen and spend your spare time and efforts for his cause.  YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION and it is wonderful to know that there are so many wonderful caring people still left in this world.  You watch the news at night and think .... what is this world coming to?  But our community here is a great one and it is awesome to see how everyone pulls together in the midst of such a tragic event.  I am still planning a homecoming party for Alex.... I am just waiting till after his next surgery on April 22nd,  to see how he recovers from that.  I would like him to be walking so that he can walk around and meet everyone of his "fans" but I will just have to assess how he is doing before I pick a date.  He does have outpatient surgery this wednesday so please say a quick prayer that all goes as planned and the surgery proves successful so that trach can come out hopefully at the end of this month when cranioplasty is done.  THANK YOU!

Last night we had an outing at Okinawa for Carson's birthday and Alex with his no filter self really enjoyed himself.  He sat at the table with all the kids and it was great again to see some sort of normalcy in his life.  Of course there were a couple of times I had to look at Aaron and say... what's he saying... trying to monitor his every conversation because you never know what you are going to get!  He says exactly what's on his mind, NO FILTER, and God forbid you don't have a sense of humor he could really hurt your feelings, make you feel uncomfortable or piss you off!  Soooo if you ever come in contact with us and he says something you don't approve of... please remember we are dealing with a brain injury and not Alex at the moment.  There will be a day... hopefully soon that all that subsides and I can relax when we are out in public, lol.

Today we are unloading boxes brought in from the garage... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Maybe at some point I will be able to sneak away up to the pool and relax for an hour or two.... prob not, who am I kidding, lol!  Enjoy your last day of the weekend today... HAVE A GREAT DAY.... and again... THANK YOU!