On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SHOP TILL WE DROP! Great day with Alex today!

We had some shopping to get done today so we headed to the Avenues with Carly to find birthday presents for Chad, May 8th and some mother's day presents, May 9th for moi! :0)

No Alexander in site today.... AWESOME!  We really enjoyed our shopping spree today with him and he was on his best behavior and it seemed to come natural and not forced or having to try!  Maybe, just maybe... we are over that whole stage... PLEASE...KNOCK ON WOOD, LOL.

He loves going out and gets a kick out of when people recognize him and realize just how great he is doing once they see him.  We have "pray for Alex Ross" bracelets and always end up giving ours that we wear away as anyone who comes in contact with us and recognizes him... he gives them a bracelet to share his story with others!  WHAT A GREAT TESTIMONY and way to touch peoples lives and restore their faith!  He was really really sweet today with the two different women he came in contact with... one at Dillards who was on her lunch break and told him it was a bonus for her to be able to meet him on her lunch break and couldn't wait to tell everyone that she met him in person.  The other was a group of 4 older ladies drinking coffee by starbucks and naturally he introduces himself and with no filter just blurts out..."I was shot in the head"... it kinda tends to freak people out, lol!  Then their eyes really light up as he takes his hat off and you see all the stitching... CRAZY!  Anywho... when they learned WHO he was... they just couldn't believe their eyes and just kept saying... "oh my... Oh my... you are a miracle... we pray for you all the time".... AMAZING!  To those of you who continue to pray for my miracle boy and we have not come in contact with you or had the chance to meet you.... THANK YOU!  We met Martin today at the sports memorabilia place by Sears, Palm Beach Autographs in the Avenues Mall...he knew of Alex... AWESOME GUY... thank you so much for taking the time with Alex today... giving him the time of day and making him feel special! YOU made his day today!  I am sorry we did not have a bracelet for you... we will have to come back with one as Alex had already given mine and his away today.  It's hard to fatham just how many of you are out there praying... we meet people everyday that tell us they have been praying for us and we cannot thank you enough!  If you have not joined the blog... please do... I know I am at 391 I think... but I really really think there are sooo many many more of you out there!  Im not sure how this blog thing works.... I am wanting to write a book and maybe if they see just how many followers I have... they will submit it for me to a publisher?  Does anyone know how that works?  I have so much to add to my book... more details if you will... so much to say... so little time to write, lol... imagine that, ha!  I want to write a book for any other parents who end up in my situation... to give them a ray of hope... some inspiration if you will... maybe get them thru the first two weeks of a traumatic brain injury.  I wish there had been a ME at the hospital the first week I was there... someone I could relate to and guide me thru that first storm.  If I can take anyone's anguish and turn it into hope... spread a little sunshine on a rainy day... Lord knows I will!  Alex has asked me to start him up a blog page as well... he will also have input in my book.. as well as the doctors and nurses.... all points of perspective from Alex's ordeal from beginning to end.  Once I get his page up and running... I will give you all his website so that you can read what he has to say... and it will probably be great reading since he has NO FILTER, LOL!

Tomorrow we have appt with Dr. Beck ... our post op from the throat surgery..  fingers crossed that silly trach will come out in the next 4 weeks... PLEASE GOD!  Let it be so! I'll let ya'll know tomorrow night when I blog.

TIM MCGRAW CONCERT THURSDAY ... Alex is excited... we are hoping he makes it thru the entire show... we have earplugs too, just incase too noisey and loud for him, but he really wants to attempt it!  Brooks can't go ... sad... he has a ballgame... so Alex offered Brooks' ticket to Carly and he asked her if he gets ready to leave at any point, if it's too noisey or he gets tired... will she bring him home so that we can stay and enjoy the concert?.... HOW SWEET!  Hoping for Carly's sake... she gets to see the whole show, lol!

Miss Bonnie... thank you so much for preparing dinner and bringing to us once a week... The chicken and rice was fantastic tonight....YOU ARE A DOLL!  I can't tell you how much we really really appreciate your cooking, bringing it to us and for making Alex his brownies... WE LOVE YOU!

Signing off for now... gma is still in hospital... keep those prayers coming for her, Randi and family.  Alex is asleep... so I need to be as well!  He still is NOT sleeping thru the night.... waking 3-4 times a night for various reasons.... maybe you could say a prayer for that... FOR ME, lol!  My newborn days are long gone but I feel like I am right back in it with Mr. Alex!