On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sooo we just watched the MTV True Life story of some people who have traumatic brain injuries.


WOW!  I can sit here all day and write and tell you how good he is doing compared to those people... but honestly... seeing is believing!  I can't wait for all of you to meet and greet with him at his homecoming party.  You will truly be amazed at what God has done with my boy!  I had the social security office call me today... they keep checking on him to see if he will need disability and she always asks me... how is his speech?... there is nothing WRONG with his speech.... NOTHING wrong with his thought process...MINOR memory loss from parts of that day.... but for the most part, NO MEMORY LOSS... remembers crazy quotes people used to say and things they did as kids.... there are  just quirky things that are minor.... like... having to repeat certain things 3 times in a row.... or having to kiss me 9 times all in a row before he lets me go.... no essence of time, 2 minutes is like 30 minutes to him..... if he asks you a question, for instance..."mom, can you get me a water?" - he HAS to hear me answer!  I can't just walk and get the water and hand it to him... it will drive him nuts even if I hand him the water... I still have to answer "yes, Alex".  Watching these boys tonight on TV.... I am truly blessed with all the functionality that Alex has and with half the brain that they have!  AMAZING.... THANK YOU GOD!  Thinking about Sunday... Mother's Day... you can bet this will be the best Mother's Day ever for me!  Nick will be home from college for the summer... Brooks is getting baptized .... Alex Michael is alive and getting better everyday!  I can't tell you or even begin to explain what I feel inside and how very thankful I am for the many many positive blessings in my life.  I could, we all could... sit here and look at all the things gone wrong and dwell... but what good is that going to do?  We can't turn back time... I can't go back and change that day as much as I would love to... I can't snap my fingers and make Alex walk again.... BUT I CAN FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES!  I can choose to make lemonade out of lemons!  I can turn something horrible into something unbelievably incredible!  Alex has already touched so many lives and turned alot of people's faith around in a flash.  INCREDIBLE!  I am very fortunate to have been given a 2nd chance with Alex.  I have always lived for my children... today is no different... I am not doing anything different than any of you wouldn't do for your own children if put in my situation.  I have always been a positive person... and maybe that's why God bestowed that upon me... to prepare me for today's current situation?  Who know's?  The email that I received today about the Ultimate Mom?  I thank you... I am in awe that someone who only knows me from my writings would submit my name... the Ultimate Mom.  I give all the credit to Jesus Christ himself.... he made me what I am today.... if I am the Ultimate Mom... it's because of him.  And honestly... win or lose... in MY KIDS mind.. I am the Ultimate Mom, so I have already won!  I have a wonderful husband and 3 awesome boys.... heck.. we are the Ultimate Family, lol!  We have come so far... and I know we have a long road ahead of us... with Alex's recovery... but we have had amazing patience, love and understanding present among us with Alex and I can tell you... it's God, with his arms wrapped tightly around us because it's not an easy thing day after day.  There are stresses.... money, jobs, time, sleep, laundry, cleaning.....Chad, Nick and Brooks.... thank you!  I am his mom... it's comes easy to me, it's what Moms do.... but you have really been right there by me... doing the unexpected and I love and appreciate you all for helping me in every way... with little things like getting him a water... to sitting with him and occupying his time.  TIME IS PRECIOUS... if I have taught you all anything... TIME IS PRECIOUS....do not sweat the small stuff.  Sometimes that is easier said than done, but small stuff isn't worth the worry or hassle when you look at the big picture.  Count your blessings...and then count them again..... the glass is always half full..... turn your frowns upside down.... smile at someone you don't know... pay it forward really works, trust me I know!  Thank you God for one more day with my handsome boy.... and handsome he is!  I just want to squeeze his face and kiss him all day long... soooooo very thankful and even more so after watching MTV tonight!  Took myself back to day one....I AM ONE LUCKY MOM.... on all 3 accounts... Nick, Alex and Brooks!  MOMMA LOVES YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! 



ps.. prayer warriors... Randi and Kristen's gma is being taken back to the hospital tonight... bloodpressure not so good.... please lift the family up in prayer right now..... I know the unknown can be very difficult to deal with.  Lord knows I have had my share in the past 4 months... but your prayers helped and my sister's and family could use your gifts once again.  THANK YOU!