On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We went to the doctor today for his post op appt in regards to his throat surgery and to see if the surgery improved his airway around his vocal chords.  The surgery was a success and his airway has very much improved and is still in the process of healing.  Today we capped it... no more passimuir valve... it will be capped during the day as long as he is not in bed.  This is the trial run before pulling it out all together.  By capping the trach, he is breathing from his nose and mouth once again and no longer depending on the airway from the trach.  This will be capped for two weeks and we go back on the 19th to hopefully pull that sucker out all together if he is able to stand it being capped.... of which today we have had no problems!  Thank you God... one step closer to a full recovery!

 I forgot to tell you all yesterday that I ran into someone who OBVIOUSLY doesn't read my blog because when I went to once again take Alex to the bathroom....guess who was in the handicapped stall with about 7 other stalls open???...Please please please people.... there is NO WAY I can get him into a regular stall... NO WAY POSSIBLE.... however... I kept quiet and simply killed her with kindness and smiled... "Have a great day"... lol.  All I ask is that you think twice before taking the ONE stall that we have to use when there are 8 other stalls to choose from... I wish I had the choice and will gladly trade places with you in a heartbeat... no doubt!

Anywho... We had another big day today... more shopping, visiting Brooks...therapists.... and his new friend Anelise whom he met at Shands and she is now there in rehab. We then made it to Brooks game and with the rain... we had to watch it from the car so that Alex wouldn't get drenched. I could only imagine.... getting him out... all set up and then WHAM.... thunderstorm... no thank you.. I'll pass on that!   And we finished our evening with dinner at "The Brick"... our favorite spot!

We are really excited about the whole capping of the trach and know that bigger things are in store for us.  Tomorrow we are doing a follow up story with First Coast News... they are coming out to the house to do a follow up piece on Alex now that he is out of the hospital so look for that tomorrow night! :0)

TIM MCGRAW tomorrow night... Lord, Please let Alex make it thru the whole show!  We are really excited for him... his first big outing since our world changed.... I'M REALLY EXCITED for him... just praying it isn't too much for him.  That's why we have Carly with us on standby and they already have a plan if he needs to leave so that Chad and I can stay and enjoy the show!  We went looking for him a cowboy hat today but when he tried them on....they were all sitting right where the staples and stitches are... he wasn't having that ... soooo no cowboy hat :0(

He just fell asleep so I am signing off... he had me up like 6 times last night.... I can't handle it... I need some sleep... atleast 3-4 hours in a row and it's just not happening right now so I am outta here....



Ps.  I saw a sign on church board today:

"Peace starts with a smile.... TRY IT!  "

I like that, lol!  Have a great day!