On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, May 7, 2010


What a great night!  I must say that Alex was waaaaaaaaaaaaay over stimulated which made him very anxious, agitated and almost RAINMAN like!  NO ATTENTION span... irratic... all over the place... repetitive... WOW!  NO ALEXANDER...thank God... but just all over the place mentally!  He did make it thru the whole concert but poor Carly spent her whole night in the lobby snack area as Alex ate the entire menu, lol!  I think they got to see one song of Tim's... the rest of the night he wanted to stay in the lobby and eat everything in sight!  I don't know how many pizza's and Reeses cups he had... but I think the overstimulation was a big part of the eating last night!

We met sooooo many many new faces last night...THANK YOU ALL for coming up and introducing yourselves.... he loves meeting people who have been following his story.  Most of all... thank you for your support and prayers!  He is in awe that he is an inspiration to so many.... I don't think he can really comprehend it all just yet, but he definitley loves the attention (as he did before all this happened, lol)  Just in case you aren't a facebook friend of mine... I will post a few pics below from our night.

A new face... Lindsay she is also a brain injury patient at Brooks who is inspired by Alex as she faces her challenges everyday... she thinks of him and all he has been thru to keep her going!

Yes... standing to take the pic with Sarah

The shirt says it all... our new motto!

Carly Boo... Thank you for being his date last night... We love you and thank you immensely!

Michael a new face.... he has been writing me and following Alex since day one!  Thank you Michael for your prayers and support!



We got home and in bed around 1am... Alex woke up at 8am bright and early wanted to get out of bed and onto the sofa... soooo I gave him his wish as much as I wanted to sleep!  Got up, gave him his meds, made coffee... got him squared away... put TV on, drank a cup of coffee... HE FELL BACK ASLEEP!  Little turkey!  So I was wide awake, no going back to sleep for me... he sleeps, it is now 12:20 and he is STILL SLEEPING!  Story of my life, lol!  We have neuro opthamology appt today to evaluate his vision at 3:00pm... a bit nervous for what they might tell me as I know he has no peripheal vision out of his left side, and other difficulites with small print and distance.... and worried that it might not be fixable therefore not sure if he will ever be able to drive again.  I feel selfish because I have been given so much of him and his functionality already, but please please pray for all of his vision abilities to be restored as this will crush him and take away alot of his independance that he is trying so hard to gain back.  I can tell him all day long to just be happy and thankful he is alive but know that he is still just a teenage boy.... and this is one of the worst things, in his mind.... to have to come to terms with.  Just as walking is his big priority at the moment... so is driving!  SO BIG PRAYERS TODAY.... hoping and praying that whatever is wrong is correctable in time! :0)

I will keep you updated... hopefully be able to blog results... we have dinner plans tonight at Viki's and I am not sure if I will have time.. but will do my best to give you the 411 if I get any today!