On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We said another goodbye to Randi last night.... we left with tears streaming down our faces and laughter in our hearts... we always say we are not going to cry and as soon as we hug goodbye the tears start falling and then we start laughing because we said we wouldn't cry lol.  It wasn't the visit I had anticipated for her.... I wanted more of the beach and fun in the sun with a visit to Blue Springs and Ichatucknee... instead she had to bargain for the homefront and hospital!  On the flip side of the coin... WE HAD GREAT SISTA TIME and shared another recovery phase with the dehydration and eratic behavior we encounterd together once again.  Can't wait till she visits again hopefully in the next two months and Alex should be alot farther along with his walking and botox that is scheduled for July 22nd which is actually Brooks' birthday!

We are at out patient therapy today back on track and the physical therapist just came out and said he had a FANTASTIC DAY today with his walking and effort!  YAY... ALEX GETS AN A+ FOR THE DAY.... I feel like a new mom with his first day in school and he gets a green card for the day,lol!  She just came out with Alex and he has like 5 stickers all over his shirt with ones that say WOW and VERY EFFORT and THANK YOU, lol!  She said he told her "PUSH ME... I want to run on the field September 12th for the first Jaguar game"... " I WILL BE RUNNING ON THAT FIELD!".... "Just keep pushing me!"...
HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!?  I could cry I am so happy to hear that!  Soooo Ryan...  be ready... he is set to be your ball boy for the first game!!  Won't TEBOW be surprised to see that as he is standing on the Denver Bronco's sideline!!!  Superman Speed Recovery... HERE WE GOOOOOO!

Below are some pics from Randi's departure at the airport last night:  WE MISS YOU TONS AND TONS ALREADY RANDI!!!

Randi, Me and Carly... Carly is actually going up to NJ and will be seeing Randi on her birthday July 8th!!

Alex playing with Randi... tusseling her hair... love the facial expressions Randi, lol!

Signing off for today... Alex is having his VitalStim testing as I write and I want to pay attention, lol!