On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, July 5, 2010


We arrived at Blue Springs on Saturday morning around 11:30am.  Alex was ready as soon as we got here to get into his boat and head down the springs to the river!  The park was very accomodating and came to our camp site to pick him up and take him down to the river.  We loaded him up on the golf cart and headed down to the beach area where we had his chariot (boat) awaiting him to head out on our excursion.  We got him in the boat and 5 minutes in the water he was ready to get out, hahahaha!  So I ended up in the boat with him and we headed down the springs and up to where the springs run into the Santa Fe River and then we floated back down with the help of Meredith and Aaron pulling us and guiding us!  That was about a 45 minute excursion... fantastic for Alex!  Once we got back to the shore, we headed back to the RV and the boys sat with him and watched movies while mom got some relaxation in the sun :0)  Later on that night we hung out around the RV and were outside eating when Brooks noticed someone with a "TEAM ALEX" shirt go by.  I said.. go get em and bring them back here... they probably don't know that we are here and may want to meet Alex.  Brooks goes off to find him and brings back one of Alex's biggest fans...he goes by the name...Peanut :0)

How cool is it that we come to another place...1.5 hours away from Jacksonville and have an admirer here!  God works in mysterious ways! 

Yesterday we woke up and decided to go canoeing and actually got Alex in one of the canoes and made him his own special seat, lol.

He was a trooper  and lasted the whole 2 hour canoe trip up the Santa Fe to Poe Springs and then down the river to Ginny Springs and then back to our Blue Springs.  Alex has touched hearts here at the Springs and we have made several new friends... tears have been shed and God's miracle has been witnessed by many!  He has shared his story with many and given out bracelets in hopes that they will share his story with others.  Our neighbors had a golf cart thingy and I walked over to see if they would be so kind as to give Alex a ride down to the springs. They were BIG GATOR FANS.... so naturally....  OF COURSE... NO PROBLEM... ABSOLUTELY.... they were so generous and helped us get him onto the cart, the whole way Alex telling his story.... his trip to Pro Day with TEBOW and how awesome that was for him.  I explained how we were given 3 hours and now we are in June... how we were told he would probably be paralyzed, but he is NOT.  Alex then turned to me and told me to give the lady that was driving a bracelet.  She was so touched that she began to cry.... which in turn brought tears to my eyes..... THE MIRACLE OF ALEX ROSS... God's work is not finished and we are still touching many hearts and making believers out of those who do not!  One man, I believe his name is Jimmy (please forgive me if I am wrong)... even gave Alex his stuffed gator that he has taken to EVERY Florida game for good luck as he has season tickets.  He autographed it with "GOOD LUCK" written and passed onto Alex.   This has certainly been an awesome adventure this weekend and a much needed getaway for my family!  Here are some pics of our adventures:



alex giving thumbs up :0)



Looking at Manatees

it started to rain as we waited for golf cart to come get him from beach area so we gave him umbrella, lol
My vaca bracelet pics, lol

BLUE SPRINGS leading to Santa Fe River

Getting ready to jump off the dock

There goes my BOO

The cousins hanging out in the Springs.... beautiful clear water!

Chad and Maggie searching for little itty bitty shells

Maggie and Me playing peek a boo with Chad

Our road :0)

We are home safe and sound with a great weekend behind us!  Special thanks to GiGi and Pa for taking the RV and planning this trip for Alex!  WE LOVE YA'LL and appreciate all you have done to make it an awesome adventure for all of us! 

Kristen will be here soon, she is gracing us today with her awesomeness for 5 weeks!! She will also be helping Alex get caught up on his 1/2 credit in English he needs to complete in order to be a Senior by the time school starts.  I need to get off of this thing and get my house squared away.  Randi shared a pic yesterday from the 4th with the flag in the background... her Alex vaca pic, crossing the George Washington Bridge coming from Long Island, NY..... lol :0)

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend as much as we did!